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Practice Opening-RowanRat

The eradication of polio will be difficult but not impossible. Smallpox, for example, was eradicated and not a case has been seen since. However, humans, such as those in Nigeria, cannot resist denying that polio can be eradicated. Nigerian citizens … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- Christianity19

To Completely eradicate Polio, we need to work together as nations to combat this serious viral illness. Also, to complete get rid of it we need to make people aware about it and its side effects and find a vaccine … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—KobeBryant

Practice Opening Eradicate. The word eradicate means to get destroy completely; put an end to. I feel like eradicating polio isn’t something that will be done anytime soon (at least in my lifetime). Putting an end to this disease would … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – Capched

Practice Opening – Capched Polio is a disease that has been around since 1894. Due to the outbreak in 1952, tens of thousands of people had died from it. It became an epidemic and a vaccine has been found. Scientists … Continue reading

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Practice opening – Johnwick66

On the brink of extinction, One man pushes to strip Polio from one of its last strongholds. Polio, a disease that has left millions of children paralyzed, is on the verge of facing its extinction. However there are still a … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—compiistudent

How would eradication of something work? To me this is such an interesting concept because I have not heard of something being eradicated in my lifetime. However we have to acknowledge that it has happened before. Small pox ravaged the … Continue reading

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The Practice opening- Icedcoffeeislife

Polio is an aggressive, frightening disease that has been walking the Earth since the early part of the 20th century. To be able to eradicate polio, we are going to have to start by helping the world as a whole. … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – mrmba1

The anticipated eradication of poliovirus is postponed both by the decrease in attentiveness towards it as well as the arrival of Covid-19. As attention paid towards the polio vaccine has decreased recently in place of attempting to compete and distribute … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – iwantpopsicle

When it comes to deadly diseases, one single case can quickly become millions in just a couple days. This has been continuously evident with the Polio virus and the many times it has made its resurgence. Nigeria remains one of … Continue reading

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Practice Opening-person345

To completely eradicate Polio, every country in the world must be willing to cooperate in receiving the necessary vaccinations to achieve immunity. The country of Nigeria is not following up on immunizations in the country. This is because the Nigerian … Continue reading

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