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Biliography: J.S. Raglin, W.P. Morgan, P.J. Conner Behavioral Sciences Changes in Mood States during Training in Female and Male College Swimmers 1991 Link: Summary: This study tested the changes in moods during physical training for collegiate swimmers, both across … Continue reading

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In 2009, it was Hovda who delivered the Pentagon the recommendation that because multiple concussions could cause serious long-term injury, concussions need time to heal. A fight ensued. Hovda says some of the Army’s best doctors implied that if soldiers … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Icedcoffeeislife

What is Money’s Value? Stone money is an interesting concept that may be confusing at first. When we were first learning about it,  I was taken aback by the concept that money now has a real value. We only give … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- icedcoffeeislife

Anxiety and depression in sports Anxiety and depression in athletes Effects of mental illness on athletes Intense amounts of pressure leads to athletes having anxiety and/or depression.  Athletes dealing with the pressure of their sports leads to a high chance … Continue reading

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Summary 1, The surprising sciences of happiness: It seems counterintuitive that when a person makes a decision that they are going to be unhappy with the decision that they make. Throughout a person’s life they have to make decisions. Some … Continue reading

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Polio is an aggressive, frightening disease that has been walking the Earth since the early part of the 20th century. To be able to eradicate polio, we are going to have to start by helping the world as a whole. … Continue reading

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The Universe – icedcoffeeislife

The universe exists because it just does. There are so many explanations that one can look at, but they all come from the same ending. That things exist because they just do for some insane reason. With the universe existing … Continue reading

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