Definition/Categorical Argument Tcarter101

Students today are facing many more challenges than ever before. With them having to adapt in order to succeed. However it’s not just the academic challenges the restrictions on the social meetings and gatherings many people are missing the social aspects of college. The lifetime friendships and bonds that you form while meeting new people has been taken away. While college is about furthering your education  it is also about the fun times you have with friends as well as rowing for a person and getting life experience you can only have while meeting new people. The time away from our homes young adults become more independent and develop more life skills to become fully functioning adults.  

Not only are people’s stress levels rising due to the shut down. But their social lives are taking a hit as well. Before the shutdown we could  easily go out and interact with each other and build friendships that last a lifetime. It ‘s crucial for our overall social health. Currently  we don’t get the necessary amount of human interaction that we need in a day. It keeps us regulated and much more healthy mentaly.The everyday social interaction with friends you meet on campus helps you keep stress levels down.Many Sources say that since the pandemic has started that students are their happiest while they are able to  interact within a social network and it helps them improve. 

An article from Ball State University states that colleges are trying to push for more in person classes because they believe that it will lower the levels of stress and confusion from virtual learning. They conducted a survey using the experience sampling method to find out opinions on the virtual learning experience.”The investigators analyzed 963 experience sampling forms from 21 college students.(college student happiness)” This proves many students miss living on campus and goin go to class along with the opportunity to make new friends.

  • The friendships and memories made in college are value to a person’s development 
  • Without the social interaction of college people are missing the true college experience 
  • We need our college experience to have a balance of both social interaction and academics.  
  • In order to having a healthy functioning student body you need have an environment where there’s is not a lot of stress 
  • The social aspect of college holds an equal benefit to the academic 
  • The shutdown robs us of the true college experience.


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