How to Write a Good Ransom Note

This is more like it, full of specific details and bold claims, it makes its purpose known and identifies the consequences for failure to follow its excellent advice.

Reply below how this comparison of two Ransom Notes helps you understand the value of very specific claims and illustrative language.

29 Responses to How to Write a Good Ransom Note

  1. runnerd4 says:

    This displayed the importance of the illustrative language with very specific claims. We want the reader to know exactly what point we are trying to get across. We need to get right to the point and be concise.


  2. clementine102 says:

    The first ransom note is horrible like you said because it is vague and not specific. It fails to communicate what instructions to follow. It is hard to follow and know exactly what he or she wants. The second ransom note is VERY specific and clear with instructions. It talks about the situation and the terms of the arrangement. It is important to understand specific claims so that our readers can understand what we are talking about! They do not have to guess what we are implying but they should KNOW what we are trying to make them understand.


  3. oaktree1234 says:

    The first ransom note is extremely vague and leaves a lot up in the air. This causes confusion for the reader and the writer fails to convey their message. The second is very clear and concise, allowing for the message to be to be interpreted.


  4. thecommoncase says:

    The second note tells the reader exactly what it wants from them and exactly what will happen if the reader doesn’t follow the ransom note’s instructions. If you use specific claims and use illustrative language, the reader will not have to read between the lines to know what you mean by certain claims.


  5. Nancet says:

    These two ransom notes helps me understand the specific claims. The first not was a ok ransom notes. The note didn’t really provide the details. The second note had provide all the details. They told the wife what she wanted to hear for her to get her husband back. The second ransom note would be more efficient.


  6. cfriery says:

    Very specific claims are needed in a “good” ransom note. If you don’t come off as serious and provide specific, illustrative, demands then not only will the person being ransomed be confused, but they will also not feel as threatened.


  7. cardinal7218 says:

    The reader has to do a lot of work themselves when reading the first random note. The reader has to assume not to talk to the police and the reader has to assume a joint bank account might be involved. The reader shouldn’t have to assume anything. This example showed me that you have to be specific in order to effectively get your claims across, otherwise the reader won’t concretely understand what you want them to understand.


  8. rowanstudent24 says:

    The first ransom note seems like it kind of dances around the main point and is very vague. The second one is straight to the point and specific on what they will do to the Mr. Robinson if Mrs. Robinson doesn’t comply. It’s also very specific on what Mrs. Robinson has to do unlike the first one.


  9. Nimadhury says:

    This comparison of two ransom has allowed me to see the profound impact slight adjustments in specific details and claims can do to writing. In both cases the content is for the most part, very similar— a note addressed to the wife of a kidnapped man demanding ransom. However, the tweaks in the second ransom note that jump to the point illustrate the points of the note better. The first note seems to only vaguely allude to facts while the second note provides specific facts.
    This exercise has made me think about the way I write and how I can improve it moving forward with what I learned here.


  10. shadowswife says:

    These two ransom notes helpful in understanding the value of very specific claims and illustrative language because it demonstrates how such blunt details can not only helps you understand what someone is saying but it can also bring out certain emotions from the reader. If you come off as vague, you won’t be able to get your point across to the reader and nothing will be taken seriously.


  11. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    In a situation that you need to convince the reader quickly and be precise in your requests (although for a ransom not it should be a demand). The first note is just confusing and doesn’t establish what is expected of the reader and establishes no consequence for any misaction.
    The second provides the clear consequence of a failure to respond, follow instructions, or involve the police. It states exactly what is expected and what to do with the demands.


  12. This displayed how important of the illustrating language with certain points . Leaving the person who is reading to understand the purpose and context they are trying to convey to others. Using direct language to get your point noticed quickly is very important.


  13. This shows how essential illustrating pictures can be very special and readable. Allowing the person who is reading to know what purpose and context they have. However, getting straight to the point is always better in writing and reading.


  14. dayzur says:

    The first note doesn’t really give any info on what needs to be done or what is really happening. Whereas, the second note gives direct information on what is important and needs to be done.
    The second notes reads much better than the first as well and doesn’t have you asking questions at any point.


  15. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    The differences between the two ransom notes help me to better understand how being specific can change a whole argument. The first note isn’t clear in its demands at all and therefor isn’t as powerful as the second note. The second note makes someone want to get involved and keep reading as where the second has no specific so its a dead end in itself.


  16. BabyGoat says:

    The first ransom note is confusing and doesn’t seem to fully fulfill the purpose. It seems like it was just generic. But the second one got into more detail to make seem more serious and cause more worry.


  17. l8tersk8ter says:

    The comparison of the two notes shows how words can be extremely useless. It is important to provide specifics or the reader will be lost from unclear instructions. The illustrative language, although some used as threats, is effective in making the reader the have an emotional response. There is more emotion behind the threat of the husbands finger getting cut off than there is in simply saying that they have him.


  18. corinnebuck1219 says:

    This compared the importance of having clear claims. In the first note, it was scary but never demonstrated the writer’s intentions. The second one packed more of a punch especially with things like sending his ring finger.


  19. tcarter101 says:

    the difference between these two notes is significant because you need to quickly convince the reader and be exact about what you are saying. the first is very vague and doesn’t give much detail while the second is much more in-depth


  20. mhmokaysure says:

    The ransom note exercise showed exactly why a vague and dragging introduction fails to portray the message intended. With specific claims, and straight to the point writing, the author better grabs the attention of the reader, enticing them to follow through with the purpose of the writing. Whether it’s a ransome note or a research paper, the writing is intended to have the reader do something, which fails to occur when the writing is vague.


  21. 612119d says:

    In this case there our two ransom notes with one being more effective then the other. The first note wasnt very clear and didnt get straight to the point. The second was clear and what the consequences would be if failure to respond, it made clear what is expected on them.


  22. comicdub says:

    The comparison of the two ransom notes really clearly shows the importance of specific claims and illustrative writing. The first ransom note is so vague that you can’t even tell that easily that it is a ransom note. On the other hand, the second note is laid out the same way as the first but is more descriptive and makes clearer claims that it even starts off saying that it is a ransom note so right off the bat you know what it is.


  23. sonnypetro29 says:

    The first Ransom note was very poorly written it had no clues of where the husband was and left no instructions for the wife. The second Ransom note was well written it gave clear details on what the wife had to do to get her husband back. It gave her places to go and what she needed to do.


  24. gooferious says:

    Illustrative language is really important when talking about claims. It clearly describes to readers the situation and helps them understand what they are going to be reading about. You cannot come off as vague as this can only draw away your readers attention from your topic.


  25. sunshine2818 says:

    The difference in the notes states the importance of not waisting language. It is imperative to be specific with your words and word usage. Without proper communication the reader will be unable to understand the message you are trying to convey to them.


  26. akidfromakron says:

    The first ransom note does not do a very good job at illustrating what the person who wrote it wants. It is vague and does not give any direct demands of what the reader should do. However, the second note shows the importance of painting a picture for the reader, as now they can be aware of how serious the kidnappers are. With this, they can be taken more seriously and can also effectively get their ransom.


  27. corinnebuck1219 says:

    This example demonstrated the difference between using clear claims. The first was scary but never showed the reader his intentions. The second one though packed more of a punch when he said things like “send his ring finger”.


  28. aquarela says:

    The first note gives us some hints, but doesn’t say anything specific about what happened. For instance, in the first note it says ”My colleagues have asked me to write this note”, and in the second note it says ”We have abducted your husband.” We still don’t know who has abducted him, but we know that she is in contact with the direct person. It also gives a time and address, so she would be able to send the money they are asking for.


  29. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    The first note is hard to understand and uses too many unnecessary phrases. Overall, it’s hard to understand the intent of the ransom letter. The second one is more clear in regards to the intent that the writer wanted the person reading to feel some type of way. This is a useful demonstration on the importance of clear and illustrative language.


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