How to Write a Good Ransom Note



This is more like it, a clear thesis (Proposal Argument: deliver money or lose your husband.), full of specific details and bold claims, it makes its purpose known and identifies the consequences for failure to follow its excellent advice.

Reply below how this comparison of two Ransom Notes helps you understand the value of very specific claims and illustrative language.

13 Responses to How to Write a Good Ransom Note

  1. honeysucklelilac says:

    the comparison of these two notes has shown me the distinct difference between “dancing around the subject” and being direct and straight to the point. It is important to not do what I learned in high school which was to just fill the page with fluff until I reach the word count.


  2. justheretopass says:

    The second ransom notes got right to the point unlike the first note. The second one had specific details on everything they wanted to happen unlike the first note.


  3. compiistudent says:

    Being vague is no way to get your point across. The first ransom note is extremely vague and doesn’t offer any dire details of the situation. The second note is much more straightforward and gives the wife specific details on the consequences should she fail to meet the requirements. This proves much more effective for whoever is writing the text.


  4. The first ransom note has a purpose, but it isn’t very clear, and neither are any of the details. The second ransom note has a very strong purpose, with direct and bold claims/details that get the point across in a very convincing fashion. This makes me understand how valuable it is to make clear and specific claims because it is extremely hard to convince your audience of anything at all if you are being entirely vague.


  5. carsonwentz1186 says:

    The use of specific claims is way more effective in making something crystal clear and adding more emphasis on what you want to get across to the reader. The use of these details allows the reader to picture in his or her mind what you are claiming and may effect the way they respond to your writing.
    *I will definitely be using more bold and specific claims in my writing to emphasize my points much more than I do now.


  6. icedcoffeeislife says:

    The two ransom notes make it clear what they want to get in exchange for giving back the hostage. This helps writing a claim, because if you are not clear of what you are writing, then it could be taken another way by the reader. Being too vague makes sit easier for the remaining of the note to be overlooked.


  7. imgoingswimming says:

    The second note is much more clear. This tells step by step what to do and what they will do if she is not to complete the task. The first letter is vague and says they will make him uncomfortable which does not seem very threatening like they are trying to sound.


  8. johnwick66 says:

    It helps me understand the value of very specific claims because in the first note they kind of beated around the bush, where they didn’t stat exactly what their intentions were so it was kinda up for interpretation. While the second one was straight to the point. So their weren’t any questions to be asked in regards to what the guy wanted and what was going to happen if Mrs. Robinson didn’t do what the man wanted.


  9. christianity19 says:

    The comparison between the two notes is that one has its own way of doing things and the other one is more serious of what it wants


  10. thecommoncase says:

    The comparison of the two ransom notes shows how important it is to have a clear sense of direction with where you are going with your writing and to avoid being vague as much as possible. The first ransom note is very unorganized while the other is very clear.


  11. person345 says:

    The first Ransom note didn’t give so much as a clear argument. It did not include any claims. The Second note, is a much clearer argument because it says to deliver money or lose your husband. Right off the bat, the second ransom note gets directly to the point.


  12. rowanrat says:

    The first wasn’t very direct while the second one was. You want to be precise and to the point. This is a perfect example of how you want your work to be clear and concise.


  13. capched says:

    In the second note it gave a clear understanding of the situation. The lack of details in the first note was confusing to understand what was going on. It helps me understand that someone may have details, but it mostly matters how you present that information.


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