03 Class TUE SEP 08

Here is a lesson in creative writing.

First rule: Do not use semicolons.

They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college.

—Kurt Vonnegut Jr., A Man Without a Country

Warm Up




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  1. davidbdale says:

    Semicolons are used to separate an independent and dependent clauses

    Actually, semicolons separate complete sentences or INDEPENDENT clauses. I should have corrected the student who said otherwise instead of being impressed that he knew and shared about clauses.

  2. Jessicariccio says:

    People of color seem to always be referred to as african-americans when in reality it is not about skin color it refers to country of origin.

    All types of writing is an argument by creating a serious of claims even if not intentionally, by having an impact on the reader and changing their point if view.

    A purposeful summary is a summary that covers only important and selective aspects of the material and leaving out irrelevant details. It also does not have to discuss the authors original intention but must remain true to the original context. A purposeful summary in fact may discuss very little information from the original material.

    Based on who the author is intentionally writing for changes the argument of the text.

  3. crazystevefromdrakeandjosh says:

    The class started off with discussing a quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. saying semicolons are not useful, even though they very much are. They separate the dependent clauses from the independent clauses.

    We went over the chart of people who did or didn’t complete all the tasks we have to do, like emailing you and texting you and accepting your WordPress invitation. (Which I admittedly did not accept the invitation until the very beginning of class)

    What’s an Argument and What’s Not
    Creative writing and storytelling are in fact an argument, as well as poetry, an epitaph on a grave, and a stop sign. And to my (non-existent) surprise, summaries are also an argument, because you could argue what is or isn’t important to summarise in a piece.

    Purposeful Summaries
    Purposeful summaries choose to pick the best information from a piece of writing that would fit your argument or whatever you’re trying to communicate. But you shouldn’t take a quote out of context, because that can be traced back and bite you in the butt.

    Three-Parent Baby
    The basis of this is that rich people in Europe just want to create perfect babies, which is kind of weird, but you know, to each their own. But I mean hey, if you want to risk the health of your own child for the chance that they ay come out a “superior” baby, then that’s on you.

    Should African-Americans Screen for Measles?
    Africans are a little bit afraid of American immigrants, clearly shown by the immense amount of procedures they have them go through to make sure they don’t have this disease that they are deathly afraid of. It is kind of weird that we as a country forcibly immunize immigrants from countries that already have high immunization rates for a certain disease, yet we aren’t afraid of the anti-vaxxers in our country enough as we should be.

    Summary Stuff
    Never, ever, ever, ever, ever in your summary say, “In the article…” because that sucks. Also, never say, “…talks about…” because that also sucks. Stay focused an only what you are trying to convey, and try to persuade your reader.

  4. cardinal7218 says:

    -Note-taking is important! It will be the way attendance is taken.
    -Bad notes don’t get to the point of what we were actually discussing. Taking note of “we talked about Denzel Washington and Charlize Theron” vs “we used a riddle to discuss the peculiarity of how we identify race by country of origin”
    -writing good notes is like writing good anything. Say what’s important and get to the point
    -All writing is argument. Even creative writing is a proposal argument, it’s arguing that a story did or didn’t happen and it’s arguing how people might act in certain situations. Poetry too, it persuades you to feel a certain way about something. Stop signs are arguments because no one actually does what they say. Everyone argues with them. These are unconventional types of argument, but you can still maintain a case for them being arguments.
    -if it’s a disputable claim, it’s an argument.
    -Summaries are arguments about what’s important to summarize
    -purposeful summary: you have to decide what’s important
    -the reason we summarize source materials is to make use of the material. We have a reason for including the material. We summarize what suits our argument
    -when you summarize, you don’t have to have the same claim or purpose as the author, but you can’t misrepresent what the author was saying. Don’t take things out of context. Don’t pretend you and the author agree if you don’t agree
    -assignment: write summaries that highlight the counterintuitivity in the source material
    -the audience is important to the purpose of a piece of writing. Whether Anne Frank wrote for herself or for a future audience changes the purpose
    -In our summaries, the argument is that something is counterintuitive. Find something counterintuitive in the article and express it
    -make sure you tag your posts with both the assignment category and your name category
    -we have a week to write a hypothesis, we can look at past hypotheses, and starting early can only help you so you can start rewriting sooner
    -first drafts are junk, should be shredded, and you should just get them out of the way
    -a hypothesis should evolve. As you research, you’ll discover you can’t prove your original hypothesis but based on research you create a new hypothesis that is easier to defend

  5. oaktree1234 says:

    Semicolon’s- great when used correctly
    *exceptional notes can earn extra credit*
    riddle takeaway: skin color doesn’t necessarily define someone’s origins

    -all writing is argument? story telling- proposal argument, everything I say is trying to convince you of something (stop sign is technically proposal argument)
    poetry makes claims through language, either changes your mind or doesn’t
    summary is an argument of what’s important

    -purposeful summary vs. regular summary- the reason we summarize is to make use of the material were summarize, WE decide what’s important
    your use of the info is not the same of the original author’s
    taking quote out of text is unethical- must be faithful to original
    MUST write with purpose

    -counterintuitives- in vitro fertilization advancement- 3rd party’s mitochondria DNA combined with the DNA of other parent
    Africans should screen Americans for measles- relates to Nigerians abstaining from polio vaccine

    Diary of Anne Frank- summary or argument? wrote for others not just herself therefore its an argument

    take home assignment: purpose of summary is to find the counterintuitivities (3)
    hypothesis assignment- look at 2019 for inspiration, hypothesis should evolve throughout semester

  6. thecommoncase says:

    Taking Notes
    -Taking notes is the key ingredient to passing a class
    -Writing good notes is writing practice

    All Writing is Argument
    -All writing is supposed to say something that will have an effect on it’s reader
    -Any disputable claim is argumentative writing
    -A diary is an argument with yourself

    Summary is an Argument
    -it’s an argument on what’s important to summarize
    -It’s supposed to outline all key aspects of the writing
    -Purposeful summary: to make use of the material we’re summarizing, proving that there is importance to the material we use
    -Indicate to the audience what our use of the material will be (this is an argument)
    -DO NOT take material completely out of context to use in your writing (unethical)
    -Expose counterintuitivity in writing
    -Convince your reader that what you’re talking about is peculiar

    • davidbdale says:

      These sound like Notes that will be practical for you, thecommoncase.
      I like: Any disputable claim is argumentative writing.
      [something that will have an effect on ITS reader] No apostrophe here.
      it’s = it is

  7. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    My Notes –
    Riddle: Talked about the concept of African Americans. Does someone who’s parents and themselves are “white” and lived in Africa not an African American if they moved to the US. What is the dividing line? Simple skin color? (important side note) Canada just calls “African Canadians,” Canadians.

    Class discussion: Everything is an argument (With a little stretch). Every piece of literature and evidence of writing is an argument. Poetry, summaries (what is important), fiction/storytelling (If this fictional world was real this might be what happens ), stop signs (dispute the purpose of coming to a full stop/necessity of it), epitaphs (what is said might be exaggerated (“devout father”)).

    Purpose of a summary: To cover the important parts of the [literature]’s writing while maintaining the correct topic and theme. It is possible to prove the opposite of the author’s point.

    • davidbdale says:

      I like watching you “work with” the material of the class, SmilingDogTheProfWants.
      [someone WHOSE parents]
      who’s = who is
      (And thank you for the username and adorable avatar.)

  8. cfriery says:

    Tuesday September 8th

    Semicolons are the transvestites of grammar. ; where period= stop and comma means keep going.
    Read Vonnegut.
    Riddle me this, what kind of classification even is “African-American” anyway? Not all black people are from Africa.
    *Take lots of notes*
    All writing is an argument. Ex: Stop sign, and a story.
    Argument about what’s important to summarize i.e. purposeful summary.
    ^ to make use of material summarized because it suits our argument.
    Make it clear your opinion/POV is your own.
    Re-read purposeful summary examples
    Counterintuitivities section
    – Find some good ones to read
    Read Purposeful Summary examples:
    – electric cars
    – Oh yes they do

    Read comment on Practice Opening + re-write.
    Purposeful summary due 9/9 midnight
    My hypothesis + testing due 9/14 midnight

  9. clementine102 says:

    My Notes:
    Riddle: Find the African-American
    Denzel Washington is considered African-American, but wasn’t born in Africa. Charlize Theron was born in Africa and is also American.
    -All writing is an argument, even if it is writing on a stop sign.
    – Authors have an opinion on what is important in a writing piece. Summaries are arguements of what is important to summarize.
    — Purposeful Summary—
    – When we summarize material, our writing has a different purpose than the original author.
    – We don’t want to mischaracterize the original authors intent of their piece when we summarize it.
    —Ethics of a Three Parent Baby—
    – Having a baby that has DNA from three parents is very counterintuitive because usually a baby has DNA only from two parents.
    —Africa Should Screen Americans for Measles—
    – Africans having more fear from American visitors is counterintuitive because Americans are always fearing about other countries affecting them.
    —Is the Photo Ethical—
    – Sending photographers into scenes of grave danger is counterintuitive because we believe that they should have helped the people in grave danger while they were there instead of doing there job.

    • davidbdale says:

      I should have said it this way, clementine: “– When we summarize material, our writing has a different purpose than the original author.”
      The way you said it.

  10. rowanstudent24 says:

    9/8 Notes:
    – Bad notes, you get 1 point and good notes get 3 and if they’re great notes then you can even earn up to 4 points.
    – All writing is argumentative. Ex. A stop sign is a proposal argument because your proposing that someone comes to a complete stop but not everyone stops at every single stop sign.
    – Purposeful Summary: summarize the portion of the book that is important to us. We are arguing that the information we summarize is what the author intended for us to get out of their writing. Try to point out the counterintuitivy of the text and make it very clear. No more than 3 paragraphs long. Examples of purposeful summaries are linked in the class agenda.
    – Counterintuitivities are located on the right side bar of the class blog website. Choose 3 of them to write summaries about as the take home task for today’s class.
    – Finding the counterintuitivity of the text and expressing it is the whole purpose of writing and purposeful summary.
    – Check categories for each post you do on the blog. Make sure your username is checked off as well as Tasks 2020.
    – Your hypothesis should evolve throughout the semester as you do your research.

    • davidbdale says:

      Well, not EVERY purposeful summary, rowanstudent24, but I see that your Notes are very practical and class-specific, so YES, for this assignment, “– Finding the counterintuitivity of the text and expressing it is the whole purpose of writing and purposeful summary.”

      No need to check the Tasks 2020 box. Just check the Task itself, in this case, Summaries or Purposeful Summaries BELOW the Tasks 2020 box.

      Good practical specific Notes.

  11. runnerd4 says:

    Started with Kurt Vonnegut quote about semicolons. Although he made it seem that semicolons are useless, we know that they are actually important and. very useful.

    The riddle about African Americans reviewed how Denzel Washington and Charlize Theron are both technically African Americans, depending on which way you view the phrase “African American”

    We next went through the checklist and I saw that my work was completed

    Every type of writing is an argument, even storytelling, poetry, diaries, and stop signs.
    Summary: an argument about what info from the text is important to include. We decide what is important by choosing the pieces that fit our narrative.

    Purposeful Summary: conveys to the audience what our use of the text will be, not summarizing what the author said, without distorting the original narrative of the text. You can prove the opposite of what the author was saying. The examples of purposeful summaries that we went over in class pointed out the counterintuitive aspects of each article. We should watch the video on the 3 parent babies.

    For the homework, we have to choose three of the articles under the counterintuitives header and write a purposeful summary for each, pointing out/convincing the audience of the counterintuitive aspect of each of the articles.

    When we post to the blog we need to make sure that we put our work under the category of our username and the topic of the writing.

    Begin coming up with a hypothesis to test, due Tuesday the 14th. It is better to start early so we can adjust as we do research.

    • davidbdale says:

      Good practical Notes, runnerd4.
      This is particularly good: “Denzel Washington and Charlize Theron are both technically African Americans, depending on which way you view the phrase ‘African American.'”

  12. goldin92 says:

    My notes for 9/8/2020:
    We discussed theories about African Americans and artists that are classified as African American or American.
    We discussed how to keep in check with all the class material, do a post on every class agenda, 3 points total, its possible to get 4 points as well.
    Summarizing Material is important when taking notes, as taking all notes will keep you disengaged and confused
    Summaries and Arguments are the most important to differentiate for the author when writing a piece.
    Either the essay is an argument or it’s explaining a situation.
    Summary due midnight

    • davidbdale says:

      You’ve committed the mortal sin, Goldin92, probably on purpose to tweak me. Good notes are never records of what was “talked about.” Naming the topics doesn’t help the note-taker, or readers of the notes, learn what of importance was said. Did the traffic cop “talk about the percentage chance that a fast-moving vehicle might contact a pedestrian.” Yes, she did. But the Note is: “Slow down before you kill someone!”

  13. cucumberlemonadee says:

    Kurt Vonnegut Jr. said semicolons are not useful however they are an important tool for many authors in certain types of writing

    – Find the African-American
    Denzel Washington was born in American while Charlie Theron was born in South Africa and is a citizen of America

    Purposeful Summary
    -Should be about a paragraph in length
    -Put as much important information as you can in easy to understand sentences
    -Use as many sources as you can
    -Make personal arguments

    -Children with 3 parents is possible but will probably only be achievable by rich people

    Should Africa screen Americans for Measles
    -Africa is afraid Americans will cause an outbreak by bringing over measles, so is it ethical to screen Americans for measles ?

    Is this photo ethical ?
    – Journalists go into bad situations where people are hurt or dying and take some possibly controversial photos. While it is their job is that ethical?

    -Take an articles and write a purposeful summary

    • davidbdale says:

      Not sure I would understand Purposeful Summary from your explanation, cucumberlemonadee (why is there an extra e at the end of that name?)

      I don’t expect perfect punctuation in Notes, cl, but since the topic is semicolons, I want to show you how these are done:

      Kurt Vonnegut Jr. said semicolons are not useful; however, they are an important tool for many authors in certain types of writing.


  14. shadowswife says:

    Riddle: Find The African American
    – Charlize Theron is the African-American because of how she was born in South Africa and is a citizen of both South Africa and the U.S.

    – It is meant to be used in between two independent clauses.
    * Or continue a sentence that was meant to be closed off with a period.

    – Was asked about whether something can be an argument:
    * All writing can be an argument:
    + Story telling: a proposal argument where people can have an agreement that the story is made
    up where its purpose was to be give impressions on how people would react in different
    scenarios and try to convince the audience of something
    + Poetry: it can make a series of claims that can make an impression on what were you thinking
    + Summary: can be an argument on what is important to summarize

    Purposeful Summary:
    – purposeful summary: a summary that can make the material useful
    – It is supposed to be like the original article and prove the opposite of what the author has intended.
    * However, the summary still remains true to the original, despite having counterintuitive themes.
    * It indicates to our audience what our use of the material will be.
    + The content can provide support for the argument we are making.
    – You should be able to give credit to the author.
    – When starting these summaries, it’s best to start with “It seems counterintuitive that”

    Ethics of Three-Parent Baby:
    – It is counterintuitive for human life to have two parents’ DNA, but in the UK, vitro fertilization can cause human life to have three parents’ DNA by using a second woman’s egg that can contribute in replacing any defective DNA in the first woman’s egg.

    My Hypothesis:
    – It is advised to put your post into two categories where it has both the title and your username.

    • davidbdale says:

      Good strong responsive Notes, shadowswife.

      About the semicolons, BOTH observations are true. Semicolons are used between independent clauses to continue a sentence that could have ended with a period.


  15. 612119d says:

    -Semi-colons are important in writing
    -Daily Riddle of the day: Who is the African American Charlize Theron was born in South Africa and is an American citizen while Denzel Washington is a born American but happens to be black so we assumed he was the african American.
    Note are very important in this class; We will be scored 1-3 and could get up to 4 if they are really good.
    Purposeful Summary-Portion of the book that is important to us and our work. We argue that the information we get is what the author intended for us to get out of their work.
    Africa Should Screen Americans for Measles since its making a comeback and americas do more harm then good.
    A Nigerian writer mocks US disease concern of ebola.

    • davidbdale says:

      Demonstrates your attentive presence, 612119d.
      This is not true: We argue that the information we get is what the author intended for us to get out of their work.

  16. mhmokaysure says:

    Notes 9/8/2020
    Discussed that while we typically associate the term African-American with someone of dark skin, that is not always the case. As shown with the riddle depicting Denzel Washington and Charlize Theron, the term is usually associated with skin color, wherein this case Denzel Washington was born in the United States, along with both of his parents, whereas Charlize Theron was born in South Africa, making her an “African-American” as well.
    -Writing is an argument
    Everything that we write serves a purpose.
    All writing is argumentative and is meant to have an effect on its reader.
    Room number on the door convinces people that this is room 201.
    Three digits of text that make a claim that this room is defined as such.
    Diary is an argument
    – A 10-page summary is meant to cover the entire book.
    – A 1-page summary goes less in-depth but still covers what is covered in the book.
    – A 1 paragraph summary is meant to best support our point, using the author’s argument to best suit ours, respecting the original idea and not changing the point of view.
    -Purposeful Summary
    Every Summary has a purpose
    Shape the material you have to improve your own view.
    Begin with “It seems counterintuitive that”
    *Our purpose is to point out the counterintuitive nature of the situation for this assignment.
    Way more than just describing what is in a piece of writing.
    Counterintuitivities located under the list of authors on the right scroll bar.

  17. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -semi colons only show you’ve been to college
    -riddle: race does not represent country of origin
    – Writing is a argument
    – purposeful summary: stay true to authors writing
    3 parents baby: a baby with 3 parents is counterintuitive since a normal baby has 2 parents
    – africa should screen americans before visiting the country (counterintuitive)
    – Obama giving hug was huge
    -americans always fear other countries
    -Diary of Anne Frank: wrote for others, therefor a argument
    -purposeful summary : due 9/9 @ midnight
    -hypothesis : 9/14 @ midnight

  18. sonnypetro29 says:

    9/8 notes:
    – Riddle where we compared Denzel Washington and Charlize Theron, Denzel Washington has African decendents but was not born there. Charlize Theron was born in Africa and is also and American citizen therefore she is African American.

    – read over example notes and Professor Hodges explained what he was looking for in our notes

    – We have to respect the other when we our writing and try not to change the others point of view

    – Summarizing is more the describing and article

    – understanding the reasoning behind purposeful summaries

  19. sunshine2818 says:

    9/8 notes
    Each day, notes are taken and graded
    – earn a possible of 3 points
    – making notes show presence to class
    Riddle- who is the African Americans?
    – race is correlated to origin, which makes makes an argument
    The purpose of summarizing
    – what ever our purpose to summarize, is our purpose to summarize
    – we do have a responsibility to respect the integrity of the author and not represent what the author meant
    Ethics of a third party parents
    – first women has defective mitochondrion DNA
    – therefore the second women steps in
    Goal is to point out the counterintuitive point in the arguments
    – can shape the parts that go together to make your own argument
    Journalists go into situations not to help but to report
    – seams counterintuitive to send them into situation ask for what it was like, but then criticize the author
    Difference in argument versus
    – shaping the point trying to be displayed is considered an argument
    – even a diary is considered an argument
    – every time we write, we are making an argument
    Purposely summary
    – find what is counterintuitive

  20. l8tersk8ter says:

    be careful with language, ex. African-American does not always mean what we stereotypically envision
    summaries are arguments, incorporate enough of a subject matter so an outside reader can understand, 10 pg summary is entire thing, 1 pg summary is important things, 1 paragraph is whatever contributes most to our own argument instead of communicating authors original purpose of book, puts their work to use for our purpose, don’t misrepresent author
    Purposeful Summary- trying to create our own arguments & make use of arguments that assist us, can be fair to what author is saying w/o agreeing with them, shape parts that go together to improve what you’re arguing as long as it’s true to the text, extremely selective in details used to suit your purpose
    start summaries for HW w/ “It seems counterintuitive that…,” find counterintuitivity articles in the side bar
    only purpose of the summary of the “Three-Parent Baby” was to show counterintuitive nature of situation
    what you write is an argument towards your point, as soon as you start to eliminate details we rid of what could be useful to someone else and their argument, shaping our conclusions organize material to convince of our POV, ex. room number makes an argument, could swap room numbers, placement of numbers defines/categorizes room
    diary – honest in that moment, not thinking about reading ahead of time vs. shaping impression of self for future self to read, Anne Frank – who was she writing for? just for her? for publishing? if she is writing for other people it is not an honest glimpse into her life in the attic
    purpose of class – gathering evidence and writing for the purpose of influencing others
    HW- begin hypothesis, summaries

  21. dayzur says:

    -Purposeful summary – incorporating enough subject matter that the reader understands the context
    -All writing is argument.
    -Purpose of a ten page summary – summarize entire book
    -Purpose of a one paragraph summary – don’t summarize the book, identify authors point of view
    -“Illustrations are always superior to explanations”
    -Produce three summaries by Thursday beginning with “It seems counterintuitive that”
    -Purpose of the summaries is to point out the counterintuitiveness of the writing
    -Can shape parts of paragraph, article, or book to improve evidence and make own argument
    -Every time we shape material we are revising the material to convince someone of our point of view
    -Purpose of a diary: argument, get thoughts on paper
    -Audience of a diary: yourself, maybe future self
    -Writing is in a way that is as honest the day it was written, without a person in mind
    -Could also be written with an audience in mind
    -Anne Frank’s diary for example, written for herself then changed for others
    -Purpose changes when audience changes

  22. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes 9/8
    Semi colons are often used incorrectly. They separate the dependent clauses from the independent clauses.
    Riddle- talked about African Americans and how people should be classified due to where they are from vs skin color. As an example, Denzel Washington is classified as African American, yet he doesn’t actually have any close ties to Africa.
    Note Taking- Helps show who is coming to class and being present. Note taking helps show what’s important. Our class notes will be graded every class session out of 3 possible points. Can always receive bonus points for amazing notes.
    Summaries are arguments.
    Purposeful summaries- many examples are listed on the blog. Doesn’t have to give example of the whole piece just the most important pieces you are focused on. Start the summary by saying “It seems counterintuitive that”.
    Example of a purposeful summary- 3 parent baby
    • Counterintuitive nature = main point
    • Shapes material for own purpose
    Everything we write has a purpose.
    Write to convince others of something.
    Anne Frank’s diary was an argument. She wrote with raw emotions.
    Diary’s in general are writing to yourself as an audience, either current or future. Allows you to place thoughts on paper and recognize your current thinking and possibly recall it in the future.
    We are always writing to influence other at the end of the day even if we don’t recognize it.
    Homework – Purposeful summaries… choose 3 and write paragraphs for each. Figure out what’s counterintuitive and make that my topic.
    Also start to formulate a hypothesis. Don’t worry that it might change.

    • davidbdale says:

      Really good. Sooo close to amazing.

      I didn’t make this clear enough. [Semi colons are often used incorrectly. They separate the dependent clauses from the independent clauses.]
      My mistake. Semicolons separate independent clauses that could both stand alone.

  23. comicdub says:

    -Note taking is how attendance is taken
    -During the riddle I learned Charlize Theron was rumored to have attended school off a scholarship for African-Americans
    -Incorporate enough material in our notes so people who didn’t attend class would be able to understand what happened during class
    -When writing our 3,000 word paper, for example you won’t write a summary of a whole book, you will write about one paragraph in which you’ll shape into your own words the main idea from that book that is purposeful to your paper.
    -Write 3 purposeful summaries starting with “it seems counterintuitive that”
    -We talked about the ethics of a three parent baby to point out the counterintuitive nature of the subject
    -Only purpose of summary is to illustrate counterintuitive nature of the scenario
    -You can shape material into your own words as long as you are faithful to the original to make your own argument
    -Africans should be more afraid of americans going to treat them than americans should be of africans coming to america because Americans could spread the measles virus to them
    -It is counterintuitive to criticize photographers for showing what we asked for
    -Writing is argument
    -Everything we write serves a purpose
    -Diary is written for future self or to get thoughts down on paper
    -Purpose changes when audience changes

  24. sunshine2818 says:

    Notes will be graded at the end of every class period
    – can get a possible 3 points per note
    Warm up – who is the African American?
    – being African Americans should not correlated race but to origin
    Counterintuitive arguments
    Example: having three parents
    – situation happening in London, cause issue of playing god as well as socio economical issues
    Purpose of summarization
    – the author purpose to summarize, it is the authors purpose to summarize
    – but the summarize has a responsibility to not constitute the ideas of the author
    Journalists job is not to help but to tell the story
    It seams counterintuitive to ask the journalists what was it like there, but then criticize him for showing the picture
    Is writing alway an argument?
    Yes, Whenever you write you are pulling aspects shaping your argument
    – even a diary is considered an argument
    Assignment purposeful summary due Thursday
    – find what is counterintuitive and write about it begin with: it seams counterintuitive that…

  25. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    Class Notes 9/8
    Riddle- African Americans- don’t just say we discussed African Americans.
    Incorrect summary- “we talked about African Americans”
    Appropriate summary- “we discussed the technicality of the term ‘African American’ and we use the term to describe people of color” While Denzel Washington is a man of color, he is technically not African American because he isn’t a citizen in any part of Africa. However, Charlize Theron, a woman who seems like she would Caucasian, but she truly is African American because she has citizenship in both Africa and America.
    *I found this interesting because I never did think of African American in terms nationality*

    -We don’t care about the purpose or what the author had in mind when writing the book. We can simply acknowledge their point of views and it can help our argument.

    *Make bold claims in notes to get that four*

    -Summaries are arguments
    -Ethics of a Three-Parent Baby
    The UK has allowed vitro fertilization of female eggs that includes contributions from a second woman’s healthy
    African Should Screen Americans for Measles
    -Is this Photo Ethical
    We ask journalists and photographers to capture moments that we want to see, but they are harshly criticized for sensationalizing these awful events around the world.
    -We need three summaries that start with “It seems counterintuitive that…”

    -To point out counterintuitive nature of certain claims that are generally accepted by society

    -Synthesize the material to what you will benefit you, use points made that would help your argument, to convince someone of your point of view.
    Summarizing is about being extremely selective in the points made and
    -makes a claim
    -placement of certain sources
    Purpose of a diary- audience is most likely yourself
    if you are writing for your present self, you get your thoughts on paper
    if you are writing for your future self, you want to look back and reflect
    purpose changes when your audience changes , writing to influence others

  26. hailthegreat8 says:

    -you need to take notes it will help you
    -Writing notes could be good practice for you
    -We went over African Americans that are identified as Americans or African Americans
    -You also discussed the point system for these assignments you can get 3/3 or if you put in more work you can get a 4
    -You explained that these post can help your grade, for example, you have a C+ doing these assignments you have a chance of getting your grade to a B-
    -In writing semicolons are major
    -Homework- Create a hypothesis, purposeful summaries, create a topic
    -Writing indicates an understanding of the counterintuitive nature of the topic

  27. tcarter101 says:

    Three parent baby
    It seems counterintuitive that the UK allowing the use of two female eggs for artificial insemination is a battle of ethics. The procedure is still experimental; it is still a major stride in medical science. The use of two women’s eggs to make sure the child receives the best possible chance to not have any disabilities or defects due to a family trait or gene. This is a good start to make a world where cancer is a much less hereditary trait as well as many other things. This process allows them to use the healthy mitochondrial DNA. while people might hate the idea of “playing God” while many people worry only the rich will be able to afford it. While most likely the procedure will be very expensive and it will take some time for the price to come down. Eventually, it will come down and people will be able to afford it. This will result in a much lower overall birth defect rate this will also allow same-sex couples to have children with these benefits as well. This is the progression of science and the future of humanity.

    2) Measles
    It seems counterintuitive that Americans were not required to have vaccinations for a serious problem for their country but there were standards and serious regulations for them however there were few for Americans. There was also complete neglect for the major issue measles was for their country. Which is very unfair and a huge double standard. While I do agree with the testing and making sure everyone is safe and prevents the further spread of the virus.
    I also find it ironic because most countries in the world are not allowing Americans without proper testing and meet safety regulations. This is a very unfortunate circumstance and some people would probably say deserved consequence. Countries like Australia have very strict policies to protect themselves from the spread of coronavirus and it has had a major effect on their case numbers have dropped dramatically. This situation provides a lot of perspective on how the fear of something can cause very drastic decisions to be made.

    3) Ethics
    It seems counter-intuitive that reporters who were sent specifically to document the events happening in Haiti. To be specific an earthquake took place in Haiti and along with the massive toll that it took a young girl named Fabienne Cherisma was shot and killed by the police when there were lootings. She was a symbol of all the issues of things going besides her own death. The condition the people were in, the massive injustice acted out by police officers when she was wrongly murdered, the mothers carrying injured children in tears.
    Even the photos of her own mother in tears over the loss of her daughter when she was experiencing the worst pain a mother could possibly feel. These photos were to show the injustice and massive amount of pain and suffering that were taking place. While yes graphic and horrible they do help to gain a perspective as to what the people of Haiti were experiencing.

  28. Nimadhury says:

    Semicolon ;
    – “I could stop here, but I am going to keep going”

    Riddle: Find the African American
    – What makes us assume an African American equates to someone who is Black?

    Taking Good Notes
    – “We talked about African Americans”
    ○ Too broad be more specific

    Summaries Are Arguments
    – All Writing is Argument
    ○ Storytelling? You have to take my word
    ○ Poetry? I say so…
    – Stop Sign?
    ○ A call to action
    ○ Do we always completely stop?
    Purposeful Summary
    – Argument of what’s important to summarize
    ○ Decide what suits our needs
    – A purposeful summary uses info that suits our claim

  29. goldin92 says:

    It’s very counterintuitive that other countries such as Portugal have all drugs legalized in order to protect the communities safe from the spread of it. The fact that its legal shows that people who overuse it will pay the price and the people who underuse it will respect its policy. People sell drugs illegally and have problems with drug trafficking all over the world, as when portugal legalized all the drugs they had a decrease in death and use caused by drugs. Its very counterintuitive that these things that are supposed to be harmful and bad for you are doing less harm when the rules are lenient to no rules at all.

    It seems counterintuitive to memorize facts, but it is the most important thing in the world to do. This is helpful in almost everything, especially in success in Math, Science, Politics, and many other different subjects and forms of life to recognize the truth from the false. Always remembering the truth from the wrong is the most important in life, although it might seem like a huge hassle to view life in that enclosed way. Doing it right away makes it so that you know right from wrong right when it happens, giving you the first advantage to life compared to everyone else who either learns wrong from right, or doesn’t learn anything at all throughout their entire life.

    It may seem counterintuitive, especially if you don’t have much money but buying a new car could save you money in interest. People always choose to do the option where it saves them the most money possible, as buying a car instead of leasing or paying little by little monthly might be choosing to spend more money than needed, you will be saving money in the long run through the interest that you would have paid. It may seem like your about to spend all your money on this one car, but if you chose to spend money every month rather all at once, you would have been paying more each time you pay, concluding that technically you lost money in your goal to spend the least money possible.

  30. Nancet says:

    Warm up

    -Access checklist
    -White paper technique quiz
    -Class participation: take good notes

    -Lecture/Demonstration: Purposeful Summaries
    -My hypothesis
    -Resource: Informal In-Text citation (APA Style)

    -Purpose Summary
    -Due MIDNIGHT Wed. Sept 9
    -Task: My hypothesis
    -Due MIDNIGHT Mon. Sept 14

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