Visual Rewrite- Nina

The Coworker #That’s Harassment


The focus fades from black , we are now introduced to a new room. The camera is shaky and moves as though we are viewing the scene from outside. Most likely because of the window on the other side of the room shows that it is night time and we are not supposed to see what is going on after hours. The lights are also on which indicates lighting had to be used because it was too dark. Looking at the walls we are dealing with some type of restaurant or bar. Wine bottles and other forms of alcohol are on the shelves alongside some wine glasses underneath it.

There are lemons and limes on the brown counter top along side a squeezer, possibly for the drinks that are up on the wall or preparing for the next time these fruits will be used. Looking at the wall, there are wooden tiles and brown, most likely a country setting or somewhere in the town.

There are two coworkers, one a man, the other a woman. They both look like they can be around the ages of thirty or the late twenties. Both can possibly be single. The man has on a plaid shirt with a hat and happens to be washing dishes. The woman has red hair, is wearing a blue shirt and is squeezing the limes and the lemons.


Both the man and the woman are engaging in conversation with one another. The man says something and the red headed woman laughs as she lifts her hand to show that she is still squeezing lemons and limes for the next day of work. She is tipping the juice from from the lime into a tall clear container with a top off to the side. Most likely saving it for future usage.

While she continues to laugh and he continues to speak, he begins to smile at her from the short distance that they stand between one another. He looks at her face and realizes that she finds him comical. Maybe, for this thought, he may continue to make jokes to impress her. This could show that he is interested in the woman he works with. Both characters are attractive enough for dating or being a relationship so it could be a possibility.


The coworkers continue to talk and he continues to make the red headed woman laugh. The camera is still moving a little and showing us that we are viewing this event from outside. The audience can see that cut out of the window . This is possibly an event occurs after work, casual conversation between workers possibly discussing how their day went, customers they’ve encountered, and highs and lows of their shift for the day just as a lot of coworkers do at the end of their day. It seems as though the man may have asked a question or suggested something. She laughs and may have said no or just laughed it off.

After he views her reaction, he continues to talk. He then turns his head and looks at her for the second time and she’s only looked at him once. He may be more interested in her than she is in him. He continues to look at her the second time, but not only at her face. He evaluates her body in a way, looking up and down at her and continues the conversation. Possibly admiring her shape and shows he is relatively interested in her looks and body.


The screen fades to black. In white letters the captions states “Based on a real incident.” This shows that what is about to happen next may be a bad result due to the word “incident”. Incidents, meaning that someone was hurt or something cause someone to hurt others. The text can also imply that this can happen in many settings and our audiences setting is in a restaurant. We may get a visual representation of this “incident” that occurs .


The screen remains black for about two more seconds and fades back to the original setting. The camera moves slightly to the right We may be introduced to a new situation due to the message given to us by the captions. At this point, the male coworker has shifted his place in the area. He is now closer to the woman but on the opposite side (her left). She continues to work and squeeze the fruits into juice. The man is still talking but is pointing to an area off camera and looking off into that direction, suggesting she goes back there with her by his hand gestures. Her back is still turned to him, showing that she isn’t interested in what he is saying or just wants work.


The man now turns back around. He rolls up his sleeves and he is still trying to make direct contact with the woman although she continues to work regardless of what he says.


Now we see why the male coworker proceeded to talk to the woman. He moves completely behind the woman and this time he touches her hair. Pushing it behind her ear as if her were going to tell her a secret of some sort. At this point the woman still has yet to react to him touching her hair because she continues to work around his chatting and movement.


After pushing her hair fully behind her ear, he leans in towards her ear and whispers to her. She is still smiling and laughing and mouths the word “what”. Perhaps she didn’t react because she was unable to understand what he had said or just surprised at what he said but cannot comprehend why he would say something of that sort. This is also the first time we see the woman stop working to take time and actually listen directly to what he is saying. Also after the man leaves his original space, we can see a collection of photos in frames in the back of the shot. Possibly customers or family members of the employees or the manager.


She then puts down the fruits and the squeezer she was using to clearly pay attention to what the man is about to say. He begins to whisper to her again in her ear, possibly what he said before or something slightly different. As he continues he bites on her ear. Her smile quickly wipes off her face, she doesn’t want to take part in anything he wanted her to do. She moves back slightly showing the audience that she in uncomfortable. The camera then fades to black. The camera going black can indicate he continued his actions with the woman, and leaves to audience to guess what happened next.


The screen then has more captions prop up across the screen with the words “#Thats Harassment” . Going back to the first caption we see in the beginning of the video “Based on a real incident”, the audience can conclude that harassment in the work area occurs when no one else is around and women are harassed while working late hours. The build up of his starting small talk, and then the biting of her ear and touching of her hair shows the conversation may have been extremely sexual.


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1 Response to Visual Rewrite- Nina

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is quite good, Nina. An impressive amount of accurate, specific, and nicely-interpreted detail. I had to go back and view the video again to see the man assess his coworker’s body, for example, after you pointed out that it happened. I hadn’t noticed. I’m not sure I agree that his gesture indicates he wants to her to off-screen right with him, but it’s a very intriguing suggestion that you should keep because it’s how you interpret what you were shown.

    When you mentioned the pictures revealed by the man’s movement, I noticed they’re in a space with different lighting, which suggests to me they might be hanging on the wall of a little “office” alongside the bar. That’s where he might want to take her if he’s the boss and wanted more privacy.

    I love the idea that we’re watching from outside the window, eavesdropping on something we’re not supposed to see occurring between people who don’t expect to be observed. You might want to explain why the director made that choice. It seems obvious, but you haven’t actually claimed the observation for yourself.

    One more thing the director had to decide could use your analysis. The man starts out on the woman’s right and moves to her left, but for someone who isn’t watching the video, that’s meaningless. More importantly, he moves from “upstage” to “downstage” in theater terms, or for video, he was positioned farther from the camera and has moved closer to the camera than the woman. What’s the value of having him be in the background early (while she’s in the foreground), and then switching places? There are probably several answers, and I’d love to hear yours, but one of them has to be that if he stayed on her away side, we wouldn’t be able to see him go in for the “secret” and bite her ear.

    One last thought. She seems completely willing to accept the hair move and the “secret.” It’s important to acknowledge that she set her limits clearly, eventually, but that she could have stopped him earlier if she had felt uncomfortable with his closeness and his touching of her hair.

    PERIODS ALWAYS GO INSIDE quotation marks.

    I always appreciate feedback on my feedback, Nina. Keep the conversation going, or let me know if you want me to take another look at further revisions.


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