1 Eikenberry, Steffen E. “To Mask or Not to Mask: Modeling the Potential for Face …” Science Direct, 2020,

To mask or not to mask: Modeling the potential for face mask use by the general public to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic

Background: This article digs deep into mask effectiveness. It talks about how effective a particular brand of mask protects the human body from getting affected by the virus. I claim how masks reduce the odds of getting the virus. 

How I used it: This article backed up my view point on the mask vs no masked issue. I used a few numbers and stats to back up my statements. They had tons of support to back up all their statements. This article helps me break down how effective masks are based on equations.

2 Mask wearing to complement social distancing and save lives during COVID-19

Leung, C. C. “Mask Wearing to Complement Social Distancing and Save …” The Union, 2020, 

Background- This is doctors from the east expressing how and what their countries will do if a mask mandate isn’t listened to. They explained how important it is to wear a mask. They explained how a lockdown would follow in these countries unlike the more western countries.

What I used it for- I used it for evidence to make my mask argument stronger. They expressed how if it wasn’t followed in these countries how a ban was going to be taken place so it would help me set my tone in my research paper.

3 If the world fails to protect the economy, COVID-19 will damage health not just now but also in the future

McKee, Martin. “If the World Fails to Protect the Economy, COVID-19 Will Damage Health Not Just Now but Also in the Future.” Nature Medicine, 2020, 

Background: This article shares some light on past viruses and brings in what followed them. They used the financial crisis and used examples of how the economy did bad in the past when something like this happened. They predict how the next one will hit us after this is all over.

What I used it for- I used it to help predict what would happen with the economy. It was my first tsource when I began thinking of the economical impact and how much deeper than just mask no mask.  It gave me reasons why the economy was so important to protect

4 Haiken, Melanie. “More Than 10,000 Suicides Tied To Economic Crisis, Study Says.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 12 June 2014,

Back ground- This article was about the stress a time of need can put on a family. This article was about the great recession and how many lives were affected due to suiside because of money loss.

How I used it- I used it to basically use their data and compared them to times now and how they’re going to get affected if we do nothing to stop the spread of the virus. I used this as basically a reason to wear the mask as an economic reason vs even a public health reason. Combining that with the fact people are seeing people less and alone more often is not a good combination.

5 Experts worry that suicide rates could increase in CT amid pandemic

Hernandez, Samaia. “Experts Worry That Suicide Rates Could Increase in CT amid Pandemic.”,, 18 Nov. 2020, 

Background- This is diving into the projected stats of covid 19. It expresses what expected feel will happen if the shut down extends or gets more severe.If the lockdown continues what widespread damage might be and how we can prevent it will put a stop to it before it’s too late.

What I used it for- I used this article for observation purposes. I needed to say another group of scientists agreed with my point about suicide rates going up during the pandemic if shutdowns would occur again.This helps me make my mass first No Mess argument lot easier since a lot more lives could be lost then just threw the pandemic itself. 

6 Wearing a mask is not only important, it’s life-saving. | Lincoln, NE

Johnson, Bill. “Wearing a Mask Is Not Only Important, It’s Life-Saving.” Bryan Health, 2020, 

Background-  in this article they talk about why masks are so important and how many lives could potentially be saved if a mask mandate was put in place vs. not put into place. to go into specific numbers and   ended up convincing me to pick their medical opinion.It also gives tips for people to keep himself safe especially with mask safety

How I used it-I use this article to support my point and how important Masl mandate would be,  it shows the rate of transmission for people who don’t wear masks versus who do and now he’s has a mass affected if one person that or the other had a mask. 

7Experts Warn Masks Can Give Some False Sense Of Security, Encourage People To Socially Distance

\Back ground- This article expresses how serious the pandemic is and how even wearing Mask has some risk. It goes into how some studies they have done wearing a mask doesn’t always prevent the virus because sometimes you are getting closer to the  other American since they have a false sense of security and being safe.

How I used it- I basically use this as my claim to come out against because of how wishy-washy his argument.  I attacked most of his points And my rebuttal argument gave me a strong sense that’s where the other side was coming from. I feel like even though I read this article leaving a bag with just benefit me more. 

8 Lazzarino, Antonio. “Covid-19: Important Potential Side Effects of Wearing Face …” The Bjm, 20 Apr. 2020,

Background-This guy is looking at the full picture and even weighing the cost of having a mass mandate and what potential problems could be if this was put in place. The problem he finds his people would be using dirty masks  and social distancing would be forgotten and people would go closer than they were before.

My use- Since I know what potential arguments against me are I can make my argument stronger.  Once I found out why some people were against the mask it could help me change their mind and come to my side.

9 COVID-19 FAQs: Does wearing a mask affect your breathing?

Eikenberry, Steffen E. “To Mask or Not to Mask: Modeling the Potential for Face …” Sciencedirect, 2020, 

Background-I used this article  to research if mask-wearing what’s causing people with breathing issues any harm.   we found out the breathing was yes a little harder but that was the point considering there’s a piece of cloth in front of your face.

How I used it- I use this  as a reason you should wear fast since it doesn’t affect your breathing and doesn’t potentially cause any harm to the person wearing it. it may make it harder to breathe but it won’t hurt you in any way wearing it for periods of time.She brings up statistics saying that oxygen levels don’t drop by any large number so there’s nothing to worry about. 


Nicolaides, Christos. “Handwashing Slows the Virus More Effectively than Face Masks.” CMB Clinical Trials, CMB Clinical Trials, 7 May 2020, 

Background- This article looks at different ways to help slow down the covid-19 virus. it shows how this virus is not going to be taken down with only one precaution everything  needs to be taken seriously. They Put in detail about how important hand-washing is to ending this virus

How I used it-In this article it suggests the best way of stopping at covid-19 virus is through washing your hands. I ended up countering this article in  a way ,  since in mine I was backing the mask, as they don’t feel it is important as I do.

11 How to Properly Wear a Face Mask: Infographic

maragkis, lisa. “How to Properly Wear a Face Mask: Infographic | Johns …” HEALTH INFOGRAPHIC, 2020, 

Background-   This article correctly shows all the proper procedures  to put on a face mask.  They show you all the incorrect things that many people do when putting on a face mask in what the right things are to do so you can prevent covid-19 from getting you sick. 

What I used to for-  I used this article to understand the flaws of the mask program to see if anyone was getting sick from wearing the mask.we concluded then getting a mask is relatively cheap and regularly accessible in a country like America where everyone can wear a fresh mask. What’s the transmission rate drops.

12 Do masks cause lower oxygen levels?

 Parsons, Jonathan. “Do Masks Cause Lower Oxygen Levels?” Ohio State Medical Center, 4 Aug. 2020,

Background-This  is discussing whether a mask can lower oxygen levels, the words just a rumor going around. It starts off by saying scientifically that it doesn’t cost lower oxygen levels then goes into saying Mental effects could change the effectiveness of the original estimate.

What I used it for-I used this article To see if mask-wearing was really safe  as some  experts originally said.  This brings up more the mental side of saying how some people with mental issues are affected with masks.  they come out and say they actually don’t lower oxygen levels or boost CO2 levels so they are safe to wear

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