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Needs a Title Neurological results of emotional abuse are not well recognized by our society. Although it is a life-long damage, a wound that would heal in a week is more recognized than a neurological damage. Yet, researchers that have … Continue reading

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Causal – Mhmokaysure

Why Can’t Young Drivers Drive This danger however stems from a plethora of smaller decisions made leading up to an ultimately dangerous combination. Taking into account that the standard for getting a license is sub par in the United States, … Continue reading

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Authoritarian parents get precisely what they deserve: children who do everything they can to resist the control exerted from above and rebel in various, unpredictable ways, including but not limited to failing all their classes as a deliberate rebuke to … Continue reading

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Causal Essay – BabyGoat

Why Can We Feel Music? Many people listen to different music, and many people listen to music differently. Music enthusiasts may listen to lots of music carefully and enjoy every single element. The casual listener may only listen to music … Continue reading

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Casual Argument The University of Michigan’s Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity chapter recently made news as the chapter entered a legal dispute with the national chapter for admitting women and gender non-binary persons into the organization. The national branch alleges that … Continue reading

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A mandatory Mass program in the United States would have a positive effect on saving human lives while doing great things for the economy. It would  prevent another massive shutdown locally and federally.  Americans’ health should be the primary goal … Continue reading

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Ionizing Threats If an electromagnetic pulse were to detonate over the middle of America, all the population’s means of communication, power, refrigeration, economy, and society would be at full mercy to the ionization of the particles in the air. Similarly, … Continue reading

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 Breeding for looks, not Health.  As a certain standard for breeds become more specific, it is evident that some breeders may abuse their powers to make the perfect dog. In all seriousness, these dogs are far from perfect and suffer … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – clementine

Guilt Trauma And Reluctancy With Abortions             The long process of pregnancy can make a woman go from having a determined abortion to having reluctance on making the decision to have that procedure done. Those women who become reluctant over the … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – l8tersk8ter

Competitive Teamwork Boosts Self-Esteem Requiring teens to participate in activities where they could potentially come out as losers will help boost their self-esteem. This is because competitive events among all ages, but especially among adolescents, have no real losers. If … Continue reading

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