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Saving Lives, One Road At A Time Forcing all cars on the road to be the same size would greatly increase the survival rate of car-to-car collisions. While driving a Toyota Prius, which would be the most rational choice, a … Continue reading

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1. Thomas, P., & Frampton, R. (1999). Large and Small Cars in Real-World Crashes -Patterns of Use, Collision Types and Injury Outcomes. Annual Proceedings / Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 43, 101–118. Background: This article highlights data from … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite-ComicDub

0:00-0:01 The video begins with a low-angle camera shot of a gray SUV parked in the driveway, of what seems to be, an average suburban house because there are trees surrounding the house meaning it is most likely not in … Continue reading

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Grammar Exercise-ComicDub

Original If a primary caretaker has a negative attitude toward their child it increases the risk that they’re child will grow up hostile towards others. And its not just aggression toward others that results from child abuse; a large amount … Continue reading

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The Price Of Saving Driver’s Lives Forcing all cars on roadways to be of the same size would be a very difficult task indeed. In fact, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that this would even be impossible. Nonetheless, forcing … Continue reading

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Enough About You-ComicDub

Original: Money seems to have a big role in our society; you can’t do much or get far if you don’t have any. Money is valuable in different ways, even when you don’t see it physically. In today’s society you … Continue reading

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Robust Verbs-ComicDub

Vancouver currently deals with a huge problem, heroin addicts are committing crimes just to support their habits. The “free heroin for addicts” program relentlessly works towards stopping the addicts, as these addicts struggle getting through their daily lives. Maintaining jobs, … Continue reading

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Causal Argument-ComicDub

What Really Makes Car Accidents So Deadly When German inventor Karl Benz patented his invention of the first ever automobile back in 1886, he most likely never even entertained the idea of car-to-car collisions. Now, over one-hundred years later, according … Continue reading

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Safer Saws-ComicDub

Manufacturers: “SawStop is currently available…to any consumer who chooses to purchase it.” In this quote the power tool manufacturer is making the claim that the SawStop technology is available to anyone who wants it so it should not be made … Continue reading

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Open Strong-ComicDub

Opening 1: Many lives can be saved every year from just one simple roadway regulation, that is to mandate all vehicles be the same size. This idea mainly comes from the extensively researched topic of crash compatibility. Crash compatibility can … Continue reading

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