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Safer Saws- nj908

Manufacture: “less than a thousandth of a second” is a qualitative claim because  the manufacturer is saying that the blade will stop in that amount of time when it senses your finger and the time makes it qualitative. Customer: since … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Argument

0:01- Setting is at a outdoor party seems like it could be a work party or some sort. A man is standing with a glass of alcohol next to a woman without alcohol. Both are smiling like they want to … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis—NJ

police brutality misconception that police get away with brutality police get dealt with accordingly to their action the belief that police get away with brutality when in fact they get dealt with the way they need  Police officers get dealt … Continue reading

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Stone Money–nj908

Stone Money and Its Relation to American Money Located in the Pacific Ocean and in Micronesia, is the Island of Yap. They established a different type of currency than what a person is accustomed to. With no metal on the … Continue reading

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Apple Summary—nj908

Apple’s malfunction within its facetime app proves to be counterintuitive in the fact that, Apple, a multi billion dollar company which 83.8 percent of mobile users depend on every day that their thousand dollar phones work yet this malfunction shows … Continue reading

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