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Stone Money MODEL — tcarter101

Modern Currency (not really the product of T Carter) The idea of the American Dream, or the idea of being financially stable, is something anyone can imagine for it’s been implemented into American culture for decades. Money is the biggest … Continue reading

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Stone Money—Aquarela

A Fiction that We Choose to Believe: Money When we think about the value of money, it’s possible to say that it is seen as the main need of today’s world. Our lives are based on it and anything else … Continue reading

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Stone Money – cfriery

Objects of Nothing The fact of the matter is, money is worthless. It is a figment of society, if you will. We say that a certain piece of paper has x amount of value, and we believe that with the … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Hailthegreat8

Crazy Paper This object is something people in the world value. It is something that has moved our society since it has been created. It is something that people need to survive in this world. The item I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Stone Money-wafflesrgud

Money Money Money Money Rockin Everywhere There are few things nowadays that people actually value. Something that has always stayed consistent throughout the years, generation after generation is—money. Of course the value of money has changed like a roller coaster, … Continue reading

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Stone Money – bluntwriting88

All Money is a Matter of Belief Money and its historical development is truly a remarkable thing. As Milton Friedman brilliantly showcased in his essay The Island of Stone Money, the idea of money being merely a myth in which … Continue reading

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Stone Money — SmilingDogTheProfWants

Rougher than the Pacific Seas Our analysis of the abstract concept of money begins in the Pacific Ocean, on the island of Yap. Money is well known to be used as a trading device for goods and services but don’t … Continue reading

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Stone Money—612119d

Money Over Everything The monetary system of the people of Yap does seem crazy upon first glance, but when thought about it is very similar if not identical with today’s monetary system. A limestone wheel and an electronic bank balance … Continue reading

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Stone Money – gooferious

Money… fiction? Cash, credit, debit… these are all terms used to define money, more importantly your money. One would assume that a person would want all their money easily accessible, at hand’s reach one would say but money isn’t all … Continue reading

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Stone Money- gabythefujoshi

Money is a Lie “Money is a fiction.” This is a line mentioned in the beginning of the NPR broadcast, Planet Money. Anyone who hears this would find it absurd because nobody would associate money as something made up. It’s something … Continue reading

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