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Stone Money – mrmba1

Money and Reality through Unanimity    Money controls all aspects of life, food, shelter, transportation, entertainment, you name it. And yet even though all mechanisms of society point to and rely on money, it is something that we never question- we … Continue reading

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Stone Money- CompIIStudent

The Concept Of Money The concept of money is not one that is usually a topic of debate. Currency is somethng that the world has had in common for centuries, as you need something to exchange for goods and basically … Continue reading

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Stone Money- imgoingswimming

Rock, Paper, Crypto What is money and is it actually worth anything? When we think of money we tend to think of paper bills, or coins. What if the money actually doesn’t have any value, is it still money, and … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Christianity19

Money Essay The idea of the invention of money is cool but it talks about how money was created and why sometimes there is some fiction about it. They talk about the 2008 and the great recession and how the … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Johnwick66

Money, Society’s tool Money is very much a essential part of the society’s functioning. Through its value people are capable of buying/selling just about anything they wish. It seems simplistic enough, however very few people actually take the time and … Continue reading

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Stone Money – kobebryant

Money is Imaginary It has come to my attention after listening to the NPR broadcast that money is really in illusion. Every place in the world has some form of currency. If you really think about it anything can be … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Icedcoffeeislife

What is Money’s Value? Stone money is an interesting concept that may be confusing at first. When we were first learning about it,  I was taken aback by the concept that money now has a real value. We only give … Continue reading

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Stone Money-RowanRat

Wealth means success, and has been throughout history. One achieves wealth by holding a great amount of money. Since the beginning of time, humans have used physical currency for trade. Physical currency is simply an object that holds monetary value. … Continue reading

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Stone Money- person345

What is Money? Money by definition is a medium of exchange that is in the form of cash and or coins. When we think of money, we think of it as the piece of paper that is used to pay … Continue reading

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Stone Money- honeysucklelilac

The Intangible Currency The idea of success is most commonly measured in how wealthy you are, which means how much money you have. Money is the biggest motivator in the lifelong chase of being successful and we idolize those who … Continue reading

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