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Summaries – JohnWick66

Why Keeping Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick : Shots – Health News : NPR It seems counterintuitive that girls are believed to be more likely to develop diseases as they grow older like asthma since they are considered … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- Christianity19

Economy – It’s pretty counterintuitive that people are saying that Trump had a bad economy because he had the lowest unemployment rate. Also, President Trump had the best stock market in his four years as President of The United States … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries – mrmab1

Elderly Animals – A Meditation on Elderly Animals Staying or keeping someone alive only to suffer seems rather counterintuitive. There’s a conflict when it comes to the elderly- whether they’re human relatives or animal companions- and that is at what … Continue reading

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Summaries- icedcoffeeislife

Summary 1, The surprising sciences of happiness: It seems counterintuitive that when a person makes a decision that they are going to be unhappy with the decision that they make. Throughout a person’s life they have to make decisions. Some … Continue reading

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Summaries – I want Popsicle

Vancouver combats heroin by giving its addicts the best smack in the world It seems counterintuitive that doctors in Vancouver, Canada are giving patients free heroin, but that’s exactly the point People who battle heroin addiction spend a lot of … Continue reading

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Summaries- honeysucklelilac

1.) There’s No Such Thing As Free Speech It is counterintuitive that the phrase “free speech”, which is a Constitutional right, actually doesn’t hold much meaning legally. But that free speech is supported when it is applied to justify actions … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- person345

Do Multivitamins Really Work? It seems counterintuitive that taking multivitamins could be dangerous for you. There is no evidence of multivitamins having health benefits and protection against diseases. Our whole lives, we were told by our parents and doctors to … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- CompIIstudent

Euthanasia For Kids- It seems counterintuitive that children are allowed to make a decision on euthanasia when they might not by in the right frame of mind to do so, whether that be because of their age or an illness … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- Justheretopass

Does Using Paper Take CO2 out of the Environment? It seems counterintuitive that using paper takes CO2 out of the environment, however we keep cutting down trees.  16.7 million tons of carbon was sequestered in wood products and landfills, which … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summary- KobeBryant

Free Heroin to Battle Addiction It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver has chosen to cure a heroin addicts addiction, by supplying them with the best heroin in the world. This is a program that in which heroin addicts are supplied with … Continue reading

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