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Name Something


sneaker broccoli


Definition/Categorical Argument

Portfolio Task

crazy wiring

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  1. cfriery says:

    10/6/20 Class Notes:

    Signs are proposal arguments.

    Invention by Naming:
    Readers are more likely to remember your argument if you identify it more vividly.
    Leaf Drip and Tree Rain. Made up phrases to describe something more vividly.
    Another Example: Pity Dog

    Invention by Perspective:
    “Blue Marble” shot of 1972.
    Your perspective can be altered based on how you see things.

    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker:
    A white flip-flop. The goal is to avoid yes/no and get away from grey as well.
    Avoid the Grey, (Grey on Grey: A Model)
    Color on Color: A Model – characterization

    Definition Essay Model:
    Review this

    Big mess of wires:
    First short argument due Oct 13th. Definition/Categorical Short Argument. In Agenda.

    How can a Definition be an argument?
    (Laptop is going to die I’m posting what I have)

  2. Jessicariccio says:

    Signs are proposal arguments because they are trying to convince us to do something.

    Language has to power to not only describe but create an experience

    The way we phrase a claim or proposal can completely change the way the reader thinks about it

    Where we stand changes our prospective

    There is no defined line of the opposite of something, there is not simply two ends of the spectrum but much more in between

    Our essays should be compromised of bold and colorful premises instead of boring gray meaningless distinctions

  3. thecommoncase says:

    -come up with ways to make the reader remember what you’re talking about
    Invention by Naming
    -some say we invented the idea of “race”
    -we put things into categories
    -we impose patterns on things that form just from human perspective
    -names and patterns help comfort us by providing organization to life
    -the sign is a suggestion that would like to be seen as a requirement
    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
    -never write a grey essay
    -if you don’t state your goal clearly, nobody will know what you mean by what someone is saying/doing
    -we attach names to things that have meaning
    -the problem w/ black and white answers is that there is always a losing side
    -will we ever eradicate polio? maybe but probably not
    -it can be argued that polio can be eradicated if written well enough

  4. cardinal7218 says:

    -Orion does not exist. Those stars don’t line up anywhere but from our perspective.
    -We group people together the way we group stars together, which is important because we know too many individuals to think about them individually
    -“No fishing from the bridge” is a proposal argument because it suggests that someone should fish anywhere but that bridge
    -But it wants to SEEM like a law/requirement. Someone with authority must have put it there
    -Is it possible that someone with no authority made an official-looking sign and nailed it up?
    -A white sneaker is not the opposite of a black sneaker. A sneaker cannot be the opposite of a sneaker
    -Your essay should not be in a gray area. That’s where everyone lives and answers. Don’t answer with “a little bit of yes and a little bit of no.”
    -Make a choice, a bold statement, and find out if it’s true. A bold statement doesn’t necessarily mean yes or no
    -Has Kaepernick accomplished a goal? The answer isn’t yes or no, but that we don’t know, because he hasn’t given a clear goal he was trying to accomplish
    -Black and white answers aren’t interesting. Answering black or white just ends up gray
    -Naming helps to make ideas concrete and brings us to useful answers
    -The problem with black and white thinking is that it ends in compromise, and no one is really happy with a compromise. You don’t win if you compromise
    -Categorical essay- does polio belong to the category of eradicable diseases?
    -What terms do you need to establish and agree on in order to continue your argument?
    -How can a definition be an argument?
    -The columnist’s single sentence definition of free internet- it’s free as long as your conscience allows you to steal it- is a little argument. We can argue that.
    -You can even argue against the evidence

  5. rowanstudent24 says:

    10/6 Notes:
    – In your arguments, you aren’t going to convince everyone. You’re trying to convince your target audience. Make sure to choose your audience carefully and develop your argument to fit that audience.
    – Signs can be arguments. Something as simple as a No Fishing Sign on a bridge can be argument just because it’s a suggestion.
    – I found the No Fishing Sign example as the best example. It helped me understand a lot better.
    – You want a color on color essay, not a gray on gray. Color on color is very clear. It is wrong to choose between one side or the other.

  6. runnerd4 says:

    Signs are proposal arguments: you are trying to convince someone to do something
    proposal arguments more likely to convince someone to believe something
    Remember the bobblehead strategy to get the audience to begin trusting in you

    “Invention by Naming”. Naming things adds a category to the world. Categories make it easier to remember.
    Ex: we remember rain better when we can put it into a category
    Catches the reader’s attention
    pity dogs: dogs that don’t generally get adopted

    Invention through perspective:
    ex: the image of Earth, made people feel a new way about Earth
    Orion is not lined up anywhere but Earth. It does not exist except where we stand
    no fishing from the bridge: requires that you should fish somewhere other than the bridge

    Lecture: The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
    white sneaker is not the opposite of a black sneaker
    white flipflop?
    Kaepernick gesture: did it accomplish its goals? i dont know, depends on what you think the goal was
    We need to draw clear distinctions in our writing: gray and colorful examples help if wean needan example

    Definition/Categorical essay due monday 11:59. 1st of our PORTFOLIO assignments
    If i get stuck remember to review the examples to remind me of the format
    cite at least 2 sources
    remember reference section APA
    define what you’re talking about, not just explain, add real-world examples. make connections w real world.
    1000 words!
    In a few weeks we will do a rewrite. rewrite is EXTREMELY important for the portfolio.

  7. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – Signs are proposal argument because you are trying to convince someone to do something
    – Riddle –
    – “Not all rain has a name”
    – The language has the power not just to describe our experience, but to create our experience. Therefore, most rains are forgotten
    – Except for downpours and drizzles, the ret blend together like a summer of sunny weather, generic as daylight
    – We only recognize the stars because we give them names and they have locations.
    – Proposal Argument: No fishing on the bridge
    – This is a proposal argument because it suggests that someone with fishing tackle fish somewhere else
    – The Opposite of a Black Sneaker –
    – A white sneaker is not the opposite of a black sneaker because they are still sneakers
    – A white flip flop would be more acceptable
    – If we write our essays in black and white, it will turn out grey.
    – Make sure the readers make a stance and not unsure.
    – Happiness Paragraph –
    – This paragraph is not good because you can not a summary on it since it has so many ideas. It is very gray and you don’t know what to think.

  8. oaktree1234 says:

    -signs are proposal arguments
    Riddle: invention by naming
    “name something and its yours”- you’ll remember something better if you name it
    Not all rain has a name- not many categories
    rain running off trees “leaf rain” or “tree drip”
    -no fishing sign made the most sense to me in terms of the name something and its yours argument

    Opposite of a Black Sneaker: white flip flop? not necessarily, they’re both shoes
    nearly impossible to identify the opposite of something when you remove all similarities
    Gray on Gray: doesn’t draw clear distinctions “happy vs content”
    Color on Color: clear characterizations “Frank vs Ernest”
    -there are ways of looking at things without opposites”

    Portfolio Assignment: 1/3 of your short arguments
    Example- pitty dogs

  9. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    Notes 10/6

    “No fishing from the bridge” is a proposal argument. The sign claims authority and declares that the bridge may not be used for fishing and suggests that you may still fish just not on the bridge. Despite the proclaimed authority with no threat applied to it it will be easier to tell people to get off the bridge when you point to the sign, even if you secretly put it up.

    The opposite of a black sneaker, orange high heels athletic shoe, or a piece of broccoli? Could the opposite of a sneaker still be a shoe? This matters in terms of your argument because if you’re arguing against something you may not be opposing the opposite side, you may just be working for a compromise sharing similar points and possibly dooming the situation. A compromise when someone wants some stuff and the other wants no stuff results in more than 0 “stuff” and the one side is completely unhappy and the other is okay with it because they got a little of what they want.

    Though there is more to talk about this is what I thought was most important.

    • davidbdale says:

      Those are fine choices, and I like your Purposeful Summary approach to Notes, synthesizing lecture material with your own point of view and turning it into new language.

  10. Nancet says:

    10/6 notes
    – Signs are proposal arguments because they are trying to convince us to do something. You only trying to convince your target audience.
    – “Invention by Naming” The more details you have, the more the audience would listen and believe.
    – Opposite of a black sneaker? It wouldn’t be a white sneaker, it would be a white flip flop.
    – Kaepernick is not saying what he really mean or believe in. If he explain more then the audience would know what he mean
    – Definition/Categorical essay due October 13th

  11. 612119d says:

    Signs are proposal argument

    – We only recognize the stars because we give them names and they have locations only special to earth
    No fishing on the bridge argument
    – a proposal argument because someone with fishing tackle fish have to fish somewhere else
    – The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
    – Is not a white sneaker which i first thought
    – It could be a key or a tree
    – If we write our essays in black and white, it will turn out grey.
    – Make sure the readers make a stance and not unsure of what side there on

  12. dayzur says:


    -Signs are proposal arguments
    -Typically something without a name is forgotten more easily, rain for example
    -Coining a term for something while reading will make it easier to remember and understand topics
    -look at our topic in ways that haven’t been named before
    -point of view of the earth changed from an image
    -the stars exist, but orion does not, we simply named it so we could find it
    -Orion is just an idea, but we recognize them as something else
    -“for some people it has, and for some it hasn’t” <– horrible answer
    -If the goal is unclear, no point in yes it worked or no it didn't
    -Gray on Gray model shows what not to do
    -Color on color model gives a better example
    -Is polio in the same class as smallpox, eradicable
    -Categorical essay is a question of whether or not a thing is a part of a group, here we try to figure out between smallpox and polio

  13. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -signs are proposal argument-unspoken claim author has authority (stop sign a suggestion?)
    -naming something makes it yours- once nicknamed better grasp and closer connections (i love that my hypothesis was used “pitty dogs” made it very easy for me to relate to and understand)
    -looking at something is yours (blue marble) started green movement
    -orion helps us familiarize to make easier to communicate
    -no fishing on bridge (but who made the sign ?)
    -opposite of black sneaker (black or white with gray in between) never good to be 50/50. opposite of black sneaker isnt even a sneaker nor footware.
    colin kaepernick- never addressed goal of kneeling (therefore we dont know if he fufilled goal )
    -happiness doesn’t define meaning, happiness describes satisfaction (frank vs ernest)
    -guns, or no guns ?
    -polio and small pox. sadly polio isnt as easy to eradicate compared to smallpox
    -1000 word short argument (first portfolio assignment!!!) due oct. 13th
    -if white paper good, probably engaged, but not quite married
    -borrowing internet connections, never thought it was theft (no passwords must not care enough) “the internet is free to anyone’s whose conscience doesn’t prohibit from stealing service from someone paying it”
    -argument designed to convince certain group of people (like campaigning)
    -nelson mandela freedom fighter

    • davidbdale says:

      Really pertinent to your hypothesis. Pug owners/fanciers will never agree with you. You’ll have to write them off:
      -argument designed to convince certain group of people (like campaigning)

  14. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes 10/6/2020
    -Signs are proposal arguments
    -Inventions by naming, (not all rain has a name)
    – leaf drip happens after it rains and water collects in leaves and rains after it stops raining
    – we make up patterns because we need them, Orion’s Belt is not there it does not exist. We from the earth can see it but nowhere else can
    -the opposite of a black sneaker
    – Gray on Gray
    – one side loses any black and white argument
    – definition essay model
    – Portfolio Assignment: 1/3 of your short arguments

  15. l8tersk8ter says:

    – Signs are proposal arguments, suggestions of what to do, depends on who put it there and your interpretation (all text is an argument)
    – Invention by Naming: giving a name to something helps you remember the experience of it, people can give the same thing different names
    o In the paper, naming a specific thing instead of trying to describe it gives organization and helps the reader follow
    – Perspective – first picture of Earth from space, changed view of the planet, constellations from our view from Earth but anywhere else in space they’re just stars
    – Not all proposals have an opposite
    – Kaepernick, can offer that his goal failed because his goal was never even stated, no yes or no it is just unclear
    – Contentment vs happiness, not opposites, but often confused
    – In arguments that are black and white there is inevitably a loser
    – Definition/Categorical Argument – fit into category, or don’t, whatever builds towards hypothesis, some groups can’t be convinced, choose the audience you’re going to target

    Portfolio Task: Definition/Categorical Short Argument, due 11:59pm Mon Oct 12

  16. wafflesrgud22 says:

    -Sign reads: Signs are proposal arguments
    -Riddle: Invention by Naming
    -Sign reads: Name something and it’s yours
    -Example: naming rain by experience
    -Invention by perspective
    -Example: picture from space of earth (first time shown in humanity)–> our perspective changes depending on where we stand
    -The Opposite of a Black sneaker
    -black sneaker, grey sneaker, white sneaker (no definite answer if you choose grey, it doesn’t really satisfy anyone)
    -Kaepernick taking a knee…no one can confidently say and no evidence that is fulfilled his goal because we don’t know what his stated goal was
    -Color on Color: Frank is just content even though his life is secure and no needs but Ernest is happy even though he has some needs and gets outraged but he has purpose in his life.
    -Black-and-White Argument: Pro gun and Anti-gun [in schools] and in the middle, compromise
    -Go over the first portfolio task!: Need to persuade audience!!!
    -”free internet” prompt: “A one-sentence definition of “free internet” from the author’s new perspective is a tiny little definition essay all by itself: The internet is free to anybody whose conscience doesn’t prohibit her from stealing service from somebody who’s paying for it.”

  17. comicdub says:

    10/06/20 Notes:
    -Signs are arguments because, for example, a stop sign is just a suggestion and you could come up with a counterargument: What if I am being chased by someone trying to harm me? You wouldn’t stop in this situation
    -Naming things yourself makes it yours
    -Names for things helps communicate what it is you are talking about
    -it is difficult to find opposites for anything
    -Never use gray on gray in your writing like writing
    -Look through model definition essay and look for red text
    -Start to use the feedback please category

  18. BabyGoat says:

    Notes 10/6/2020

    Signs are proposal arguments – Most are suggestions. If the sign is actually from a higher up, we are more likely to follow the rule. Sometimes we don’t always follow them

    Can you named something big and confusing, and turn it into a simple term, it can help you and the reader.

    Sometimes, having an argument with far opposites could be harmful, as the middle ground could never be satisfied.

    Categorical essay – Trying to figure out if something is apart of a group.
    First writing due Tue Oct 13.

  19. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes 10/6/20
    Signs are proposals
    • Everything is written as an argument
    Naming things helps you remember
    • Gains experience
    • Attention to detail
    • “leaf drip”
    • How we own our world and describe things
    • Coin a term- helps people relate to it
    • “pity dogs”
    • Creates argument power
    Black and white answers aren’t interesting, add color
    Opposite of something isn’t always what it seems
    • Bring in opposing views to make more “colorful”
    Comment on posts during class
    Ask for feedback on white paper
    1000 word portfolio definition argument due October 12.

  20. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    10/6 Notes

    Invention by Naming
    -we don’t fully experience things that don’t have names
    -If the tree collects enough rain, Leaf Drip
    -coin a term on the material to make it easier
    -“pity” dog: older, may have a mental health condition, always gets passed by in the adoption place
    Invention by Perspective
    -we create patterns that don’t exist
    -Orion does not exist, from Earth, the stars look like in a line and they look as though they share a plane. Orion from anywhere else is just scattered stars
    -seeing the Earth all vulnerable
    -Where we stand changes our perspective about everything.
    -Proposal Argument is based on your own previous
    -“categorize for your readers what you are discussing”

    In Favor of Outrageous Thinking
    -commonly held belief and find its opposite
    -the opposite of a black sneaker, can’t be a white sneaker, can’t be another sneaker
    -never be unsure, gray on gray model: The paragraph about happiness is very vague but there are good ideas, not clearly defined
    -Color on Color Model: Ernest, while he is hungry and has needs, he is actually happier than Frank, who has the home and the family; he is content.
    -One Side Inevitably Loses any Black-and-White Argument
    Pro Gun: All teachers should be armed and armed guards should be positioned throughout the school.
    Compromise: Some teachers should be armed and there should be armed guards at the entrance. Anti-Gun: NO GUNS SHOULD BE PERMITTED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. PERIOD.
    *Compromises don’t always work*

    The White Paper
    -look at the model
    -try and make first drafts
    -again, try and make comparisons
    -categorical essay, whether something belongs to a particular group
    The First of the Three Short Arguments for the Portfolio
    -definition/categorical short argument
    -argument is meant for others, there will be a group that will not agree

  21. shadowswife says:


    Signs are a proposal argument because they are trying to convince someone to do something because it’s the law.

    Invention By Naming:
    Naming things can be a way of helping the reader remember something whether it’d be an experience or something in an argument.

    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker:
    – White sneakers can’t be the opposite of a black sneaker.
    * Despite it having a different color, it is still a sneaker and is in the same category as a sneaker which is footwear.
    – An essay can’t be “gray” or bland and unclear.
    – Black and white arguments would have one opposing side lose.
    – Color on color essays are more bold and clear.

    Definition/Categorical Argument:
    – Should define a term that’s essential in proving your thesis.
    – The argument doesn’t have to be relevant to your final argument.
    – APA format
    * Must be titled References
    * Must have at least two sources
    – How can a definition be an argument?
    * The essay will argue for a certain definition and give the reader a better understanding of that definition based on your own perspective.
    * The reader doesn’t have to agree with you, but the essay is still dependent on their own understanding of the definition.

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