11 Class MON MAR 01


  • Feedback Please
  • Regrade Please

Riddle: What Faces the Sphinx?

  1. When I look at the Sphinx, directly behind me is desert.
  2. When I look at the Sphinx, directly behind me are other monuments.
  3. When I look at the Sphinx, directly behind be are Pizza Hut and KFC.



Name Something


sneaker broccoli

Definitional/Categorical Unit

  • Your Professor’s Model Definition Essay
    • Attempts to answer the question, “Does polio belong to the category of eradicable diseases?”


  • Model Definition/Categorical Essay
    • The editors of the New York Times defines a crucial constitutional term: protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny.
    • Includes a brief In-Class Exercise


Portfolio Task

crazy wiring

31 Responses to 11 Class MON MAR 01

  1. davidbdale says:

    JOHN CAGE (American Composer) reacting to criticism of his piano composition 4’33”, for which the pianist sits at the piano unaccompanied for 4 minutes and 33 seconds and does not touch the keys:

    “They missed the point. There’s no such thing as silence. What they thought was silence, because they didn’t know how to listen, was full of accidental sounds. You could hear the wind stirring outside during the first movement. During the second, raindrops began patterning the roof, and during the third the people themselves made all kinds of interesting sounds as they talked or walked out.” John Cage speaking about the premiere of 4’33”.


    • davidbdale says:

      I imagine (I hope!) one or two of you, my most attentive students, will have noticed a punctuation error in my Reply above for which you’d like to critique me. And you would be correct, if . . . . Periods and Commas ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS belong inside the quotation marks. Twice in my Reply, I’ve referenced the title of John Cage’s piano piece, 4’33”. In both cases, and right here, I have placed the punctuation OUTSIDE what appear to be quotation marks.

      They’re not. They are the (feet and inches) or (minutes and seconds) marks that, in this case, indicate 4 minutes and 33 seconds. No matter what I do, I can’t get WordPress to recognize and reproduce the correct characters in a Reply. So my punctuation is correct, but is sure does look wrong.


  2. carsonwentz1186 says:

    Recommendation to request feedback and regrading to improve your writing and grade
    Pizza Hut, KFC, Sphinx (Funny thought of an ancient monument being breached by the edge of the city
    Street signs are proposal arguments (Make claim that sign is law)
    Sounding like you know what you’re talking about commands authority and thought from the reader
    Professor’s claim: Nothing exists until we name it
    Coming up with a new name for a phenomenon would greatly help in the development of a definition essay
    Development of phrase “pity dog”
    Picture of Earth from space: Beautiful but Vulnerable
    Power of Labeling in relation to justification
    Lower or Raise minimum wage: RAISE
    Nothing is just a yes or no answer, there is always logic or perspective involved
    Ernest vs Frank : All depends on outlook of a situation
    Categorizing rewrites original posts (Only difference is one word: Rewrite)
    Definition/Categorical Essay (First Portfolio Argument): DUE MONDAY 3/8


  3. thecommoncase says:

    REMINDER Get some feedback in
    -grammar errors are worked on after the first draft
    – laws are very strong claims, authority & evidence gives them power
    -our proposal argument is mostly based on logic and evidence, unlike laws
    -should sound like you know what you’re talking about (the strength of our authority)
    -When we name something we give it meaning
    -naming makes something memorable but it creates narrow categories
    -Makes things easy to communicate
    -try to come up with a new term for my definition/categorical argument
    -Naming something well can let you get away with certain meanings
    -when used in the intro you can spend time getting into your argument
    -The Blue Marble was the first picture of the Earth that everyone was able to see
    -it compares Earth to a fragile marble that looks vulnerable surrounded by darkness
    -perception of the world was changed
    -The fishing sign is a proposal argument since it’s power rest on the authority of the voice and argues that one behavior is better than the other
    -everything is getting more expensive, but minimum wage is staying the same
    – we can’t lower it, it can’t stay the same, so minimum wage must go up
    -there never really is an exact opposite
    -the opposite of a black sneaker is… what? broccoli
    -the opposite of a black sneaker is not a white sneaker
    -another clothing item cannot be the opposite of another clothing item
    -speaking generally cannot be disproved, but also doesn’t accomplish anything
    -happiness is too broad of a topic to be defined, nothing to agree or disagree on
    -I would rather we did not have armed teachers
    -in black and white argument, the pro-gun side wins because the compromise involves guns in school, and the anti-gun side wants no guns permitted in a school
    -remember to put definition argument in two posts (second is for rewrite)


  4. rowanrat says:

    -Request/ respond to feedback
    -First draft-don’t provide feedback on grammar/punctuation
    -our proposal arguments are different from the government’s because they can send us to jail
    -The strength of authority is the sound of our voice
    -Do the best job to create our own authority
    -Things don’t exist until we name them
    -example- colors
    -it helps to remember the day to have a name
    -those who opposed the estate tax named it the death tax
    -don’t fish from the bridge is an argument-no good authority
    -authority of the voice is important(Thats where the bridge sign comes into place)
    -you’re not allowed to leave it the same, nobody wants to lower it, so you have to raise it
    -went through the opposite of a black sneaker
    -don’t force yourself on the spectrum
    -example-don’t assume the opposite of black is white
    -went through the agenda page and upcoming assignments


    • davidbdale says:

      I’ve seen it twice already, so I must have said it: Things don’t exist until we name them? That can’t ALWAYS be true, can it? But it is surely true of colors and Orion the hunter. Is there anything in your research project that EVERYBODY believes exists, but that is just a construct of the imagination? Find that thing, and you’re really onto something.


  5. johnwick66 says:

    Start observing/ requesting feedback. You have the opportunity to improve your work so make sure to do it while you can.

    Riddle : What faces the Sphinx?
    A pizza hut and KFC

    Signs are proposal arguments: Since they make a claim that is considered law.(the authority of the sign)(ex: no parking on this side of the street doing this time)
    The strength of our authority is the sound of our voice and the evidence we bring to the table.

    The invention of naming:
    Language has the power not only to describe our experience but to create our experience.
    Naming makes something memorable(cause it allows you to call on a memory) but it also narrows it, blunts it since it can’t be everything.
    It helps bring back the feeling of the day when you name the experience you witnessed.

    Pity dog: dogs that get adopted because overly compassionate people think that no one would adopt these dogs, so they would.

    All text is a arguement:
    ” No fishing on the bridge sign ” A proposal argument where the only authority is from the sign itself.
    A proposal argument based on nothing more than the authority of the voice.

    Minimum wage:
    Not every argument has an opposite arguing point. (You don’t argue that minimum wage should be lowered, instead that it shouldn’t be raised to a certain amount)

    The favor of outrageous thinking:
    Don’t join the black or white debate, but to create a color on the spectrum. The worst thing you can do is speak in generalities ( speak in the gray) (Speaking on topics that you can’t prove and accomplishes nothing in doing so)

    Color on color argument: an argument where you can either agree or disagree with the argument itself. Which is a much better argument than the gray on gray.

    Polar Opposites compromising doesn’t = a win, win but rather a win lose for one of the sides.


    • davidbdale says:

      Your Notes have found a way to identify the intangible contradiction in all of today’s observations. I hope they were instructive for you, JW. You were clearly paying attention.


  6. person345 says:

    You can get a regrade on an assignment by revising work and by putting it in the “regrade please” category. Riddle: What Faces the Sphinx? There is a pizza hut and KFC behind the pyramids. They are on the edge of the city. Signs are Proposal Arguments, what they claim to say is law. The sound of our voice is authority as well as evidence that is presented. Things don’t exist until they name them. Strong move to make up a term that is being describe. We pay taxes one more time when we die. We pay an estate tax when wealth is changing hands. The “blue marble” was the first picture of earth from that angle. The signs on the bridge are considered as a Proposal Argument. It is proposed that there is no fishing on the bridge. The signs have an authority of law. Compromise of gun argument will benefit the pro gun lobby because some teachers will be armed which is part of their argument. Definition/Categorical argument due midnight 3/7. 1000 word essay. Requires a rewrite. Post it twice. First one is called “Definition” and the other is called “Definition rewrite”.


  7. honeysucklelilac says:

    focus on the little victories this week
    you’re falling behind, this is the time to get back on track if you want this to be a good semester not full of constant stress
    continue to try and catch up, if needed consider dropping the PTSD assignment so you can continue foreword with your white paper
    Riddle: What Faces the Sphinx?
    -pizza hut right next to the Sphinx
    Signs Are Proposal Arguments
    -they make a claim about the law
    -signs rest on authority and rules
    Invention By Naming
    -things don’t have an identity until they are named
    -naming makes something memorable but also narrows and blunts it because it can’t be all things
    -try to come up with a term to name the thing you’re trying to describe
    Invention by Perspective
    -bring new ideas to radically change someone’s perspective on an idea
    -The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
    –In Favor of Outrageous Thinking
    —radical thinking: the opposite of a black sneaker is a piece of broccoli
    —don’t force yourself into a box when you don’t need to be in one, think of the most radical argument and you’ve started a conversation
    —don’t go to the “grey” area either, make a statement, have an opinion, don’t stick yourself in the middle by not picking a side
    Definition/Categorical Argument
    -due date is next monday march 8th
    -one of three arguments, each is 1000 words
    -post it TWICE at the same time just copy and paste it, once under definition and username and again definition rewrite and username
    -after feedback, place the definition rewrite into the feedback/regrade category
    it is only march, you have time to catch up but it’s time to really get started and be proactive


  8. compiistudent says:

    Notes 3/1
    -Respond to feedback, submit things in Feedback Please, possible regrade
    “Signs Are Proposal Arguments” as in, they claim that what they say is law. Only goes as far as the authority of the sign.
    -Lots of things don’et exist until they’re named, I.E. colors. Naming things narrows down the subject at large, subject has to ft into some sort of category. Trying to come up with a new term for somehting you’re trying to describe can be a very strategical thing. Such as renaming estate tax the “death tax.”
    “All text is an argument.”Just like making signs is enough an argument to convince the readers to obey the authority of that sign. If theres a sign on a bridge in a park that instructs “no fishing on the bridge,” than that has to hold weight to it for regular people crossing the bridge. They have to trust that that sign is there for a reason.
    Some polls that we think result in compromise, one side is actually losing out.
    This lecture did open up some views to me. Everything with names and arguments was useful because it shows how everything is a claim and people have to believe it for said claim to work. With the sneaker argument, it really opened up my mind as to how categories can be burst wide open, so to speak.
    For definition paper, repost same contents into “definition rewrite” afterwards.


  9. -You have one week to request a regrade after receiving feedback
    -A sign has to be based on some kind of authority in order to get its message across meaningfully. As writers, we don’t have any real authority.
    -Things don’t exist until we name them.
    -Once you name something, you can talk about it and remember it.
    -It takes 11 minutes for light from mars to reach earth.
    -You can always just say “no” to refute anyone’s argument. This might not be a very sound or evidential way to refute, but it is always and option for anyone.
    -The minimum wage is arbitrarily based on a decision made over 20 years ago.
    -The opposite of a black sneaker could be a piece of broccoli.
    -Happiness does not = meaning in life. Happiness is how content you are with your currently standpoint on life and your environment.


  10. justheretopass says:

    Class opened up about how we should be doing the feedback and regrade please category
    You should respond back to feedback notes even if you don’t want to rewrite it, and you should add the feedback please before your grade comes out.
    After you have your feedback on your post you usually have one week to submit a new and improved version
    Claims rest on the authority like if a sign says “Don’t park here” and then after says “keep clear for street sweepers” you’ll think about not parking there anymore
    If you want to own something, name it.
    Then you will have full power over it and will be able to talk whatever about it
    All text is an argument
    There was a sign on the bridge and it said “No fishing from the bridge”
    That is a proposal argument, it rest on the authority of who posted the sign
    You have to sound authoritative when making an argument.
    The worst thing you can do in writing an essay is not naming your terms well
    The misconception with someone who is happy is that we think that person has meaning in their life.
    But in reality their life could be less meaningful
    Think more outside the box. Don’t go mainstream


  11. christianity19 says:


    • If you would like a different grade on your work then put it in regrade, please to make it better and it may not be good to regrade if you get a lower grade.
    • More feedback so that our professor can give more feedback on our work.
    • Looked around the Pyramids of Egypt and saw that there was a KFC, Taco Bell, and a Pizza Hut.
    • Signs are a proposal argument because it is what we bring to the table that makes it sound.
    • Invention of Naming because naming gives it a symbol and blunts it and once you can name it you can own it.
    • Dogs get adopted so that they seek them out of compassionate and pity dogs that need some help.
    • Looked at Blue Marble Earth and how astonishing it really is and how it happened before our lifetime.
    • All text is an argument “No fishing on this bridge” is a proposal argument because it either says one or the other is unfavorable.
    • The opposite of a black sneaker is the head of Broccoli and go on the lookout for something that stands out because you need to have an argument.
    • The worst thing you can do in writing is not name your terms well at all because it won’t help your paper as much.
    • People who may be against teachers being armed in the classroom and people who are for teachers being armed in the classroom.
    • Did two in-person tasks on two of the lectures on the blog.


  12. mrmba1 says:

    – Signs are proposal arguments – they claim that what they say is law, based on its own authority
    – Sound like we know what we’re talking about, create our own authority
    – Things don’t exist until we name them
    – If you make an abstract argument, name it to make it less abstract and more cohesive and understandable
    – Be descriptive and detailed when naming all of your arguments, don’t assume they’re understood by the audience
    – Narrows ideas, but makes something memorable
    – Invention through perspective
    – Bring a new perspective to a project or idea that changes now we see things, or at least attempt to do so
    – In favor or outrageous thinking, the opposite of a black sneaker
    – Not every proposition has an exact opposite
    – Make an argument that can be proven and argued, not just a claim
    – Compromises result in a win-lose, not a win-win. Be clear and make a distinctive argument/ claim

    Side notes:
    – For definition essay assignment, post twice. Once under the Definition category, and another under the Definition Rewrite category


    • davidbdale says:

      I like this:
      “– Invention through perspective
      – Bring a new perspective to a project or idea that changes now we see things, or at least attempt to do so”


  13. kobebryant32 says:

    Sphinx Riddle
    Signs are proposal arguments
    You want to remember something and create a name for it
    Come up with new names or a phenomena you are trying to explain
    You cant make a sphere smooth enough to replicate the earth
    The opposite of a black sneaker
    The point of an argument is not to join black or white debates
    Meeting in the middle will be grey
    You dont want to be nailed down to any certain topic
    Common misconception is that happy people have a meaning in life
    Learned about black and white arguments
    Definition categorical essay due date moved to next Monday


    • davidbdale says:

      This comes close to not having enough material takeaways to cost a point, but I like this:
      “You cant make a sphere smooth enough to replicate the earth.”


  14. imgoingswimming says:

    The warm-up today was a riddle for what is facing the sphinx. When we saw the video we saw that there was a KFC and Pizza hut facing the sphinx.
    Signs are proposal arguments as they claim what they say is the law. When we write we instead ask our readers in our proposal arguments instead of it being enforced like government-made signs. We don’t have the authority.
    If we want to own something we need to name it because then we define it in some way. Naming something also gives us a shorthand to an explanation and may give us some authority on the matter to the reader.
    We looked at the blue marble picture and talked about the impact of this photo. This picture showed how small we really are and how we should take care of our earth so it brought people together trying to take care of it.
    The fishing sign is an argument, and there is not much authority to the sign but people still follow it because they believe that there is. This is why when we write we need to try to show our authority when writing papers.
    Our Categorical essay will be due next Monday.


    • davidbdale says:

      “The fishing sign is an argument, and there is not much authority to the sign but people still follow it because they believe that there is. This is why when we write we need to try to show our authority when writing papers.”


  15. icedcoffeeislife says:

    We went over how important feedback is and a reminder that she should put our assignment for regrading.
    Once you own something, name it so it is easier to understand for you and your readers.
    We spent a decent amount of time on the invention by naming
    This was because we were going into detail about how things are viewed and seen by the world.
    Within intention remain it is important to remember that if you gave an argument meaning, you are creating a new argument with the text
    Moving on to the main lecture of the class we talked about arguments between people
    With making a compromise between two groups, at least one group is going to be unhappy with the outcome of the arrangement.
    Definition assignment is due next Monday


  16. rosekyd says:

    Signs are proposal arguments because what they claim on the sign is supposedly law.
    There is some sort of authority in these signs we believe there’s a higher power telling us this claim.
    When we give something a name it allows that thing to have an identity until we give it a name and allow it to become a topic or something.
    When you die the last thing you have to do is pay a death tax before your money goes to whoever is going to inherit it.
    Pity dog is a dog that get’s adopted by overly passionate people who think that this dog would never get adopted by others because those dogs aren’t as good as the others.
    Since we have decided that Orion is a collection of stars made into a constellation and given that name we can no talk about it. Our information about these stars is probably false because of how long it takes the light to travel.
    We assume that when we have arguments that both sides is going to be put on a spectrum and the conclusion has to be put in the middle, people don’t realize that a conclusion in an argument can be from anywhere.


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