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  1. How is COVID-19 affecting college students?
  2. College in America could be changed forever
  3. Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?
  4. How the coronavirus pandemic has changed college admissions
  5. Will coronavirus change college admissions?
  6. If Colleges Can’t Welcome Students to Campus in the Fall, Some Might Close for Good


How is covid 19 affecting college students 

Most students are using things like facebook and other methods of contacting each to work with each other. Parents are concerned that they may have to prequartine their children before sending them to college. Many of the colleges are requiring a physical before the student comes on campus.  Parent’s also have to be cautious when going to visit their children. This new circumstance will require us to find a new way of forming social connections. Like using group messages and other things like that to interact with each other 


College in America could be changed forever

News sources from CNN say that college experience may never be the same again. The pandemic has threatened to upend both private and public models.  Many universities  are considering to postpone in person classe until 2021 I believe that this may be postponed until at least 2023 not because of restrictions but because of many people will too paranoid to go to in person classes until we receive a vaccine that 100% effective which will most likely not happen for a decent amount of time. This is an issue because many students face to face interactions and learn better from that.  This has forced students from all over the country to adjust to these changes.  This could mean financial disaster for these colleges and the small business impacted by it.

Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?

A professor at loyola university gave his first virtual lecture from his courtyard in a bathrobe drinking a glass of wine. Lafayette college has trained their facutility to make document cameras  for remote letcheres. Even Hamilton college has set up wifi hotspots for students to attend virtual lectures.  Colleges have even made use of Tik Tok for their music students to work with a safe remote and creative environment. 


How the coronavirus pandemic has changed college admissions

There is a large amount of uncertainty in how things have changed how long things will stay like this. The unfortunate answer is that no one knows.  The simple fact is that for the foreseeable future in this year alon 19 states have closed all public schoo.ls which can be very damaging especially to those who really need a formal education and without it they will have a very hard time with things once things go back to normal.  We have also seen a stall in standardized testing such as the SAT,ACT over one million high  juniors have missed their chance to take their first SAT and this delay can drastically hurt the amount of the student coming into college.even the seniors of this are `being robbed of the true experience of college and having their freshman year experiences.  Such as meeting their peers and making lifelong friends and making bonds that can only be established in person. 

Will coronavirus change college admissions?

Many students are stressed in what should be the best time of their lives. With the pandemic anxiety level has risen high. Some highschools have gone pass fail with their grades and all sports have been suspended which is also an issue for students whom rely on sports to go to college to begin with. Resulting in a large amount of people having the opportunity to go to get a higher education.  Which does nothing  but hurts the future of the U.S. economy because with the proper education we can not  grow and develop as a country. 

If Colleges Can’t Welcome Students to Campus in the Fall, Some Might Close for Good

Many of the smaller colleges face closure if they are not able to welcome students in the coming fall unlike the bigger division 1 schools. Many smaller colleges don’t have  a large amount of money received from alumni.  This is a very sad and unfortunate circumstance meaning people who do not meet the requirements of a big 10 school will have a harder time getting a college education or go to a community college. There is also the problem of these colleges being too expensive for a lot of people to afford. 

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2 Responses to white paper Tcarter101

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m glad to find your work here on the blog, tcarter, but it’s only by accident that I found it. You’re going to have to start using Categories for your posts so we’ll both be able to find them easily. I’ve placed THIS post into the White Paper category and the tcarter101 category. Please seek your other work, if any, and do the same for those posts too.


  2. davidbdale says:

    This is certainly an intriguing topic, tcarter, but it’s still just a topic, which we could call: Coronavirus will change college in many ways. That would make an acceptable 5-paragraph expository essay, but it doesn’t fulfill the requirements for a Research Position Paper, which yours will ultimately be.

    An example of a much narrower, more opinionated, researchable and academic hypothesis would be:

    The devastating effects of the coronavirus on colleges may actually benefit the most prestigious and best-endowed colleges at the expense of smaller, cheaper schools that are easier to attend by driving less wealthy colleges out of business once and for all.

    I’m not suggesting you write that essay, but I am insisting that you create a hypothesis that is SPECIFIC and NARROW in that way.


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