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A Secret About Ivy League Schools: They’re More Affordable Than You Think. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Background: The author has collected and analyzed on how some of the top schools are often more affordable than lower schools. The author seen a problem with the cost of attendance for a lot of schools. Ivy League Schools should not cost less than a non Ivy League School. The author believes that the price should be cheaper because no other schools can compare to a Ivy League school.

How I Used It: I used this source to actually bash many non Ivy League schools. If you are not giving students the education they need that will match the graduation rate, why is the price so high? The evidence I inserted from the source gave my casual argument start of something great. My only purpose was to get people to listen with this source and I believe I’ve done a good job by starting with this source.

Community college enrollment rates expected to keep falling. (2018, June 21). Retrieved March 24, 2019, from

Background: Community Colleges enrollment is starting to decline during this bad economic era. The unemployment is down which makes it a crisis for community colleges. They are not being funded and you can see a lot of people paying more than going to a 4 year university. They are facing pressure from the state to improve graduation, but majority of the people that come there often drop out. The author sees an opportunity to attack the colleges by removing the claim that college is affordable. Colleges can’t be affordable when half of the schools are not being funded. The question is where else can we get money?

How I Used it: I used this in my essay because it helps out my hypothesis. It makes me stand on my hypothesis and not switch to believe that tuition is not a factor to enrollment. I wanted my readers to understand how unemployment effected us and how schools and the state are doing nothing to help us. A lot of students wonder where there money is actually going and the source helps students understand more.

Explore the Top Public National Universities. (2018, September 25). Retrieved March 31, 2019, from

Background- The author has collected and analyzed all information from the big universities in the enrollment process. The author shows that even some of the top notch schools are lowering tuition for increasing enrollment. Ranks 10 schools for lowest to highest. The author sees a chance to end a lot of criticism about dream schools becoming the most expensive schools to attend. You see no explanation just facts that will make you side with the author and become more informed. 

How I Used It: Students believe that some of the dream schools are too expensive, but this source makes them wrong. I use it to make a lot of students change their mind. They are top notch schools because they actually lower tuition, which increases enrollment. The information and data inserted in the source helps me give the readers a number. When readers see a number they often stop jumping to conclusion.

Funding Down, Tuition Up. (2017, October 11). Retrieved from

Background: The authors use a certain type of tone to make the readers understand the issue of state funding. Claims that whatever the state is doing now is not enough for students. States have reversed some funding cuts, but they must do much more. The fact that the economy is struggling makes the situation with tuition harder for students. Rates are at a all time high and need to be fixed now. Authors give a lot of solutions to change the social problem. 

How I Used It: State funding is a key factor on why colleges are so expensive. I used this source because I wanted my readers to also attack the government. When schools don’t meet the requirement of a state then the money goes down. Colleges should focus more on how to get more students to graduate because students can keep suffering from the brutal price of school. This evidence from the sources give me a chance to help out a struggling student.

Hoffower, H. (2018, July 08). College is more expensive than it’s ever been, and the 5 reasons why suggest it’s only going to get worse. Retrieved from

Background: The author uses claims to gain the attention of the readers concerned with tuition. Inserts claims like College tuition and student loans are higher than ever. The author keeps the readers engaged by asking questions, “Why is college so expensive?” Graphs of data is showed to make his argument more powerful. The author gathers evidence on how the rise of tuition will become even worse throughout the years if colleges find no solution. Author looks to figure out whats the problem from today and the 1980s. In the 1980s, the cost of attendance wasn’t a issue that needed so much attention. Now today you can see that everything flipped and is becoming a crisis.

How I Used It- I actually needed this for my hypothesis. I wanted students and parents to see how the increase of tuition has effected the enrollment. The data gives me a better chance to grab any readers attention. The author caught my eye with this piece and made me realize a lot, so I wanted to make another student like me informed.

In-State vs. Out-of-State Tuition. Retrieved March 31, 2019, from

Background- The author gives evidence on how In-state tuition and Out-of state tuition can be a issue for a lot of students that are not living in low income homes. The author wants his readers to see the price difference from many of the Universities. Since a lot of the people see this not a problem, the author wants you to just stay in-state when you are looking for schools. The company gives a brief explanation on how things can become more better for yourself if you do decide to stay.

How I Used It- Students needed to see how they are treated when dealing with a school in-state and a school out of state. The evidence from this piece gives me a chance to help out somebody that believes that the price is the same for students that are in-state and out-of-state. This helped out my paper a lot because if you don’t have many solutions you cannot get people to side with your argument.

Lassila, Nathan E. (2011) “Effects of Tuition Price, Grant Aid, and Institutional Revenue on Low-Income Student Enrollment,” Journal of Student Financial Aid: Vol. 41: Iss. 3, Article 2. Available at: 

Background- The author inserts a lot of key evidence to show how tuition is effecting a lot of students, but it effects low income student enrollment more. When tuition goes up it gives a lot of lower income students a less of a chance to make there parents proud or even themselves. Low income students are struggling everyday to get approved for a loan, so when its time to go to school it’s hard to pay for everything out of pocket.

How I Used It: I used this source as a solution for a fair argument for people that don’t believe that my claim, that tuition should be reduced. Students need to realize that tutiton is actually a serious problem and we as a whole must stop overlooking it. This helped my paper alot because it didnt make anybody side with the critics; it just made me try a different angle for people to side with me.

Marcus, J. (2016, July 25). The Hidden Reason College Costs Keep Climbing. Retrieved from

Background: The author claims that tuition is climbing because of the fact that colleges keep wanting new buildings. The author insets a lot of evidence that shows how much money a school spends on just buildings. When readers see the amount of money it makes you jump to conclusion. The conclusion that this is why the cost of attendance is different for many of schools. The author wants you to make that conclusion and wants us as readers to speak on it. He believes that nobody actually cares about buildings more than the actual diploma. Students will not remember the buildings at graduation day or years later after.

 How I Used It: I used this source to gain attention from the students and parents. Students need to see where their money is going and why school’s keep rising tution. The answer is all in the source, and i explain it in my argumentive paper. My main purpose was to gain awareness and hopefully i did that with this source.

Rakoczy, C. (2018, February 09). 19 Places to Find Free Money for College. Retrieved from

Background: The author gives a lot of information to save a student. Saving students from paying a lot of money when knowing that we have a tuition problem. Free money is the only solution as of right now to lower the attendance cost. The author shows how Volunteer organizations, Grants, and Scholarships can release a lot of stress from students and their families. The author understands that a lot of students don’t understand how to get free money, so he uses his time to inform readers on how to make things right. The author gave 19 places where you can go to get free money and explains what to lookout for and what to do to receive the money.

 How I Used It: Once again as students we should know how to get free money when attenting school. This source gives a lot important resources, which helps me inform my readers. Gaining the attention of my readers can help my argument. My argument needs a lot of people siding with me because of the fact that its so controversial.

Selingo, J. J. (2018, September 01). College students say they want a degree for a job. Are they getting what they want? Retrieved from

Background: The author reviews another social problem that is occurring because of tuition rising. College students are relying on school just to get a job. This shouldn’t be the case the author argues. Students should go to school to just learn the techniques and elements, the opportunity of a job will come. This makes a lot of professors feel like they didn’t do enough when students have the attitude to just get by. The fact that your are paying all this money should make you care even more about school, but this isn’t the case. The author want a lot of schools to start cracking down and discuss the problem that is occurring today. They know that they will become broke when its time to pay back the loans, so now they just focus on getting a job. Students should have fun and this won’t happen when they feel like they are going to school for a big job.

 How I Used It: Students need to realize that relying on school for a job will make things worse. Students should go to school for the people and to learn, but that isnt the case. I attacked that problem by pulling out some important claims in this piece. I believe that I will change the mindsets of students. I understand that gaining more attention from the auidence is the key to a succesful argument.





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