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Ozdemir, M. (2020). (PDF) the novel Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis on Incoming … Retrieved February 22, 2021, from The COVID-19 pandemic has drastic effects on travel. In March of 2020 alone, 90% of the population faced lock downs from the … Continue reading

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Claims- person345

“Brannan knows what a difference that makes.” This sentence is an example of a proposal claim because, the author is claiming that Brannan “knows” what a difference that something makes. It is proposed that Brannan knows this. “She hasn’t seen … Continue reading

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Stone Money- person345

What is Money? Money by definition is a medium of exchange that is in the form of cash and or coins. When we think of money, we think of it as the piece of paper that is used to pay … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- person345

Traveling Travel restrictions Travel restrictions during COVID-19 The emotional and psychological impacts of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 The inability to travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic destroys the flight industry and would have a negative effect on the human psyche. … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- person345

Do Multivitamins Really Work? It seems counterintuitive that taking multivitamins could be dangerous for you. There is no evidence of multivitamins having health benefits and protection against diseases. Our whole lives, we were told by our parents and doctors to … Continue reading

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Practice Opening-person345

To completely eradicate Polio, every country in the world must be willing to cooperate in receiving the necessary vaccinations to achieve immunity. The country of Nigeria is not following up on immunizations in the country. This is because the Nigerian … Continue reading

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The Universe- person345

Why Does the Universe Exist? We will never know why the universe exists. The universe could have been created due to the Big Bang coincidentally. There is also the possibility that God could have created the universe by questioning his … Continue reading

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