Safer Saws- person345

  1. Bosch: “The saw reacts so quickly that your eye can’t see the blade plummet down into the saw body”. Bosch is explaining that their saws detect flesh so quickly that your finger cannot get injured. This is an example of an Evaluative claim because the manufacturer does not specifically say how fast the saw can detect human flesh. They are using the judgement of a situation. This claim is being made so that customers can be attracted to Bosch’s new safe saw.
  • Customers: “Saws cut off 4,000 fingers a year” This is an example of a factual claim because this quote is a fact and includes an accurate number of human fingers that get amputated a year because of saw accidents.
  • Industry Spokespeople: “The industry is also trying to keep the Consumer Product Safety Commission from requiring injury reduction systems on all table saws—either SawStop or something similar.”  This claim is an example of a Casual Claim because it casually says that the power tool industry is trying to prevent the safety commission from requiring industry reduction systems. I do not agree with this claim because I feel that any forms of injury reduction should be used in all saws so that people do not injure themselves. It is a great way for companies to make a profit and save money because of the reduction of potential lawsuits from injuries from saws.
  • Consumer Safety Advocates: “Each year, more than 67,000 workers and do-it-yourselfers are injured by table saws, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission” This is an example of a factual claim because the Consumer Product Safety Commission is claiming something factual by saying that “more that 67,000 workers and do-it yourselfers are injured by table saws”. This statement is implying that saws are still not as safe to use and that many people have tragic accidents when using these saws.  This group is pushing for even more reasonable regulation and safety on saws to prevent accidents.
  • Injured Plaintiffs: “If your device prevents even one person from going through what I have gone through it is a world class accomplishment.” The injured spokesperson suggests that if a device prevents someone from injuring themselves like they have gone through, it would be an amazing accomplishment. This is a casual claim because it is cause and effect. If there is a technology to stop the cutting a human flesh, it would be an outstanding achievement.
  • Personal injury lawyers: “For more than a decade, flesh-sensing technology has been available that could prevent almost all table injuries. Unfortunately, the manufacturers have refused to adopt it.” This quote is an Evaluative Claim because it implies that saw manufacturers have failed to implement technologies such as the SawStop in their saws. This is reasonable in which many saws do not have injury prevention.
  • News Reporters: “Steve Gass is a true believer in his design” This suggests that Gass is very confident that his SawStop will be very successful in preventing injuries. This is an example of an evaluative claim because the reporter is making a judgement call on the reliability of Gass believing in the SawStop.
  • Steve Gass: “A little nervous” This statement by Steve Gass shows that he is still nervous and otherwise still has a sense of uncertainty when putting his finger in the saw blade. This is an evaluative claim because it is based on judgement and it is arguable. There is a chance that Gass’ SawStop technology might not work and the blade will cut his finger off.
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