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Regianing Media Trust is Key

In the past five years or so, we have seen the largest divide on the political aisle that we have seen in decades. This stems from the Trump campaigns constant attack on giant news networks, claiming that they tried to sway the public against him by putting out “fake news.”This has now cause a very large number of Americans to lose trust in big news outlets, and lose relative sight of current events as a whole. If the medi could be trusted again, it would help heal this great divide in the United States.

The Ability to Acknowledge Higher Power

It is obvious that there is a great political divide in the United States. What would go a long way in trying to heal this divide, would be to regain trust in the media. But what if we come to the conclusion that thats not possible? The biggest issues people have with big media is that they are biased one way or another. But in reality, those networks are owned by a larger company, who only pander to one audience to make money. If we realize that by giving in to these media stereotypes that we are only pawns of giant corporations, then it would be a huge step for the general public.

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