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Corona Virus has really brought a lot of heartbreak and stress to the lives of many individuals. The virus was/is so bad that they had to shutdown many business for extensive periods of time. One of the many shutdowns that really upset people was the shutdowns of gyms. The gym serves as an outlet for many people to help alleviate stress, anxiety, body dysmorphia and any kind of personal problems you may have, the gym is there to help you out. A 2014 systematic review showed that both aerboic and non-aerobic exercise was effective as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety disorders. The shutdown of gyms had many people in their houses stressing about what they are going to do to stay on track and also pushed people to spend monumental amounts of money to purchase equipment to mimic their gyms. I suffered from stress when gyms were closed because that is my outlet, it is my safe haven. When they shutdown many people I know that were advocates of the gym ended up gaining a lot of weight and completely throwing away all of their hard work. Gym


The build up of stress was gradual and people started to lose hope in the re-opening of gyms. People are very joyous ad ecstatic when they go to the gym. The shutdowns of gyms caused people to become less happy and more stressed especially gym owners who were gypped out of jobs. Body dysmorphia is a real thing and I wouldn’t doubt people’s mental health were depreciating and they were being upset with their bodies. As covid spread throughout the world more and more gyms were getting shutdown and more and more people were getting stressed. It was a dark time for the world but we can only look ahead and hope for a better future.

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