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New thesis

 A mandatory Mass program in the United States would have a positive effect on saving human lives while doing great things for the economy. This idea to be true because the less human life  lost the more the faster the economy would be able to open back up since businesses would be able to run since the wide spread of covid-19 wouldn’t occur so fast. It would also help prevent another massive shutdown of the local and Country by wearing such a cheap product over the face.  Keeping Americans healthy should be the primary goal in defeating the virus.

Covid-19 lockdowns happened in early March in some areas of the United States. Everything was shut down, schools ,  businesses  and restaurants we’re all closed down and students were sent home.We started hearing  the terms social distancing and even heard the mention of masks which wasn’t a common part of american life.  While the first lockdown has concluded and another one on the horizon could be like if we can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. That’s why Mask-wearing is ultra important. When the mask covers both your nose and mouth it will help prevent others from getting sick even if you have the virus. It will also help protect yourself against people who do have the virus.  Having everyone in the community wear a mask will help prevent a loophole in which the Coronavirus could re enter our communities again. This is a protective measure that we can afford to have.  It will limit the potential spread and potentially save a family member of yours. While mask alone won’t end the pandemic but offer a valuable barrier along with pairing it along with socially distancing and hand washing. Combining all 3 would  have significant benefits which could help prevent another shutdown and cause the economy to crash which would put many people out of work. According to one doctor study “Considering a fixed transmission rate, 80% adoption of 20%, 50%, and 80% effective masks reduces cumulative relative (absolute) mortality by 1.8%”. This means if 80% of American wore masks and on average  the people that died would be almost 2%. When you break the numbers down it comes to roughly 4000 americas. America needs to listen to the doctors and health experts since they are recommending we wear the masks. Is it our best intention to start wearing them so we can get back to normal? Since  doctors have concluded that wearing a mask  has no downside and could possible prevent a nationwide shutdown combining with the fact it would allow us to go back to normal faster it seems like a no brainer

 In march everything was shut down and it almost seemed like the world was almost ending. There were copious amounts of people lining up to get food with limits on the amount of meat each family could get. Having another outbreak like that would cause tons of problems with the american healthcare system  but also another there wallets. The second wave of shutdowns is approaching upon us so restaurants, gyms, schools and other businesses shut down for the second time.  This would not only hurt families but devastated business owners a second time.  The US economy usually hinges on what top  politicians say such as the president or higher ranking senators. What they say to the media has an immediate impact on the stock market. Which could be beneficial but also could work against it as well .  In times of crisis like for example a pandemic, experts in healthcare stepin.  Scientists and healthcare workers will always side of caution which leads to politicians being put under more pressure.  Laws will go up preventing people from going out and followed by the business closing ,  followed by the stock market taking a beating. When the financial crisis hit in 2007  One estimate had been taken and 10000 lives were lost because of it. This could be a potential 2.0 if another shutdown would be in sight.  People need to work to support their families there’s no other way around it and if we want to prevent long-term suffering we need to be able to keep people working to their best of their abilities during this pandemic. Experts suggest “a real risk of a vicious downward spiral of illness and impoverishment.” If we don’t get this virus under control. We need to do everything possible not to let that happen and right now having to require a mask looks like our best option according to our nation’s doctors and many Health experts. Their priorities lie with the people’s mass safety. life may not go back to normal as soon as we would like to or in many cases need it to. We need to do our part to help end this pandemic.

 The split between Republican and Democrat has gone further and further which has ended up putting the common american at a disadvantage.News is not reliable anymore and sometimes run with the same story by spinning it in two ways. Republican senators were uneasy about the virus credibility and have often claimed it’s been over exaggerated and even were preaching against masks. That was until the president and members of his team ended up getting covid and had to be airlifted to the hospital. How we can go from its fake to preaching no mask to the president being in the hospital. People feel like they’re being lied to or have been betrayed by the media in the past and now refuse to listen to them because of that.  Health officials have been stressing how important it’s been to wear masks but many people don’t regard them since they believe it’s fake or isn’t as serious as some made it out to be by their own president. Having this disconnect is putting lives at risk with communication errors in a time where commuinicqtion has never flown so fast. We need to start looking at covid like a war instead of a battle. This will not be gone in a few weeks ,It’s a war, it will be won or lost in the lab with doctors and other lead Health experts leading thew charge  . However, this will happen only if scientists and healthcare workers are heard by the people and not belittled . We need to keep doing everything we have been recommended.

Scientists and health experts have stated wearing a mask has no downside and when it increases your chances of getting sick in any way. Even though there isn’t enough data to prove the point in small settings it has at least shown some effectiveness to prevent spread of covid-19 and to that we can’t argue. while they may be annoying it could save someone’s life and help the economy not shut down again which everyone can agree on.

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