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The Intangible Currency The idea of success is most commonly measured in how wealthy you are, which means how much money you have. Money is the biggest motivator in the lifelong chase of being successful and we idolize those who … Continue reading

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fast fashion and the environment fast fashion’s rise in the past 5 years the negative effects of fast fashion on the environment Lowering the number of fast fashion websites will decrease the amount of clothes that end up in landfills. … Continue reading

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1.) There’s No Such Thing As Free Speech It is counterintuitive that the phrase “free speech”, which is a Constitutional right, actually doesn’t hold much meaning legally. But that free speech is supported when it is applied to justify actions … Continue reading

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Polio can never be eradicated if there is no trust between the Nigeran people and their government. There are contaminants rumored to be in the vaccine such as AIDS and one that could cause birth defects. As of 2014 there … Continue reading

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Quantum mechanics states that there is no such thing as empty space. It also tells us that nothing is unstable, and the jump from nothing to something was inevitable. There are particles that come into existence and can instantaneously fade … Continue reading

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