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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite-Aquarela

The Boxer – Minding Your Head 00:00-00:02: The video starts in a dark room, with a chair in the back, and we see a blurry window behind it. The camera starts to move slowly in the right direction, and we … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite—BluntWriting

0-1 The center of our focus is upon these two female friends. We assume this since they’re in their late teens to early twenties indicated by the group of textbooks in front of them and are sitting on a couch … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite—HailtheGreat8

0:01-0:03 The video begins with the camera zoomed in on a half-eaten plate with a fork and a knife on top of it. It seems someone is eating breakfast dinner. The food looks good. There is a half glass of milk … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – Mhmokaysure

0:00 – 0:03 The video begins with the scene taking place in a dark hallway of a seemingly normal house. The light in the hallway is turned off, making it so that only the silhouette of a person is seen. … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite—Goldin92

Mask Up America The ad begins with empty spaces, much like the emptiness we can imagine businesses, venues, parks, and the like are experiencing during the pandemic. By displaying these spaces as empty, we can understand the juxtaposition without the … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite — SmilingDogTheProfWants

:01 – The video opens with what appears to be some hair-covered 3D model of what seems to be the human lungs in front of a black wall with lights coming from above them. This imagery tells us that the … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- gabythefujoshi

0:00-0:01  From the first frame we see a red puppet that resembles Elmo, but taller with brown hair and bread. He’s wearing a blue, button down shirt with gold-colored stripes. The shirt resembles a typical dad shirt which I believe … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite-shadowswife

No Extra Life 0:00-0:01: At the beginning of the ad, the camera scans throughout the home’s lower level. The camera shows what seems to be a person opening the door to a house. Oddly, this person has no reluctance or … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – BabyGoat

0:00 – 0:01 – The film starts off with a small wood table that has a cup filled with pens and a clear cup on top. The environment around the table seems to look like a messy living room. Partially … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- PardonMyFrench

00:00-00:02 In the first second of the video you see a beaten-up van pull into the driveway. The van is blue, has a tree through the back window, broken taillights, a mirror that is falling off, multiple dents and many … Continue reading

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