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Visual Rewrite – mrmba1

Monster: 30 | Fatherhood Involvement | Ad Council 0:01 The ad begins with a dad hard at work on his laptop with files pulled up on his screen. He appears to be in a home, with a child’s pink bike … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite-honeysucklelilac

Seize the Awkward :30 | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council 0:01. The ad starts with two teenage girls sitting on a couch at opposite ends. The surrounding furniture, piano and lamps tell us that we are in one … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – capched

High School Equivalency  There is an african american male who seems to be looking away. It seems like he is looking at a window. If so, then we can tell that there is still light outside. It’s possible that … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- Johnwick66

0.01-0.05 Two children, both of which look no older than 12 are standing facing the watcher staring off at the same thing off screen. Both hold bored glazed over stares at what ever they are looking at. They are outside … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – carsonwentz1186

0:01 There are three former presidents, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush standing in a triangle shape: one on the top middle, 2 on the bottom left and right in a white theater lined with American Flags and … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – iwantpopsicle

(0:00-0:02)The video begins with a close up shot of an old woman’s face. Her facial expression seems almost disapproving or sad. The background is blurred  (0:02-0:03)There is a picture of a woman and what is presumably her children. There is … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – Christainty19

Fatherhood Involvement | Ad Council 0:01 In the first second of this advertisement we see a plate that looks like it is dinner time in the house. Also, it looks like they are at home and in the kitchen eating … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite-CompIIstudent

0:01. The ad starts with a view of a computer screen that shows two pixalated skeletons who are embracing and kissing each other. The rest of the screen is black. 003. The shot changes to a crowd of people outdoors … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- Icedcoffeeislife

Timestamp:  0:01 The scene starts by focusing on a full-body shot from the side view of a man that is sitting at his desk in his home office. In his home office, the man was catching up on some work … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – KobeBryant

0:01 – The video starts with a very upset girl who yells at her dad saying “I don’t want to talk about it. She is upset and her room is very messy and she clearly looks stressed out. She doesn’t … Continue reading

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