Visual Rewrite-rowanstudent24


In the first 5 seconds we see a man a very young girl playing with a ball on a beach. It looks to be a dad and his young daughter. It looks to be earlier in the morning before everyone gets to to the beach or later in the evening after everyone has left the beach for the day. It also looks to be colder since it’s early in the morning or later in the evening because the dad and the daughter look to be wearing some warmer clothing. The dad kicks the ball up in the air very lightly so that the daughter is able to catch it. However, he doesn’t seem to be very athletic because he kicked the ball up so the daughter could catch it but it doesn’t seem to go in the direction he wanted to. It seems very clear that the daughter is very happy. It also looks to be low tide as well because of where the sand is wet. The ball he brought is also a very light ball so the daughter doesn’t get hurt. Something like a soccer ball would be too heavy for the little girl.


It then shows another daughter playing with her father. They look to be in a backyard and he is going to check on her with the ball in her hand to make sure she’s okay. It then switches to another father and daughter playing catch in a kitchen. The daughter is wearing a blue oversized dress. It looks like something a princess would wear. It shows another dad throwing a small ball from a driveway and then switches frame to the daughter in the blue dress catching the small ball with no problem at all. It looks to be late evening from where the dad is in the driveway. The daughter inside looks to be around 3 or 4. The different daughters in these 4 seconds all look to be very young.


The video then cuts to another clip of a dad playing catch with his daughter. They are out front in what looks to be the late morning or early evening because you can see that the sun is either going down or coming up. The daughter is wearing a purple ballet outfit. They look to be out in the front yard playing catch with a ball that’s almost like a balloon because of how slow it moves in the air. It then switches to another daughter in the middle of a field kicking a soccer ball around. There isn’t a dad in this shot though but some people could assume he may just not be in the shot or maybe even behind the camera. It looks to be late afternoon as well because it looks like the sun is starting to go down. It doesn’t look to be that cold because the daughter is in shorts but high socks and has a light hoodie on. It then cuts to a dad and his daughter hitting a volley ball back and forth to each other. This daughter is a little older than the previous daughters. She looks to be a teenager. They look to be out in the driveway in the very late evening. It’s still pretty dark but you see the light in the sky which means the sun looks to have just gone down for the day. The dad and the daughter are both in shorts so it looks to be the summer time. It looks like they live pretty far off the road because the driveway is so long.


It then cuts to a daughter by the pool and jumping in while trying to catch a ball. This looks to be a smaller ball, probably a water ball meant for the pool. The dad most likely is just out of frame throwing the ball to his daughter. She is another older girl. Looks to be in her teen years as well. After she catches the ball in midair and jumps in, it cuts to a shot of her in the pool very happy that she caught the ball. It then cuts to another daughter pitching to her dad. She looks to be a pitcher for a softball team. The daughter looks to have softball pants on and a regular shirt and the dad has on some shorts and a t shirt. He also looks to be wearing catcher pads on the lower part of his legs to protect himself. He points at her and says something after she pitches, most likely trying to help her become a better pitcher.


In the final clip it shows an older dad throwing a football pretty far to a younger girl. This looks like a grandfather most likely throwing to his granddaughter. They are in a neighborhood most likely outside their house after dark. They are both wearing shorts and short sleeve t shirts which means it’s probably the summer time. It looks to be very late evening because you can still see a little bit of light in the sky from the sun just going down. The girl looks to be about 10 or 11; a little younger than the girls in the previous clips it seems like. She has red curly hair and has a short sleeve striped shirt on. This game of catch looks to be just for fun unlike the girl in the previous clip training for softball.


Finally in the last five seconds, it states that “It only takes a moment to make a moment” which seems to be the directors point of this video. Each of these clips all throughout the video have shown fathers or father figures taking time to spend with their daughters. Some of them just going and having a fun game of catch with them and some of them trying to help their daughters get better at their sport like softball and volley ball. This commercial is supposed to demonstrate that fathers should always take some time to spend with their children and make sure they get that one on one time. The director shows that this is a really important aspect of father hood and it should always be something fathers look to do with their children.

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