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Safer Saws- profs22

Manufacturer: “Bosch’s saw establishes a low-voltage capacitive circuit between the user and a sensing device next to the blade. Flesh coming into contact with the blade shorts the circuit and trips the chemical firing mechanism of a cartridge housed next … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – Mhmokaysure

Gass“Within a few thousandths of a second, the blade slammed to a stop.” This is a quantitative claim as the Gass, the manufacturer, is using data collected in testing to describe the speed with which the product he has created … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – clementine

Manufactures: “They came back and said, ‘Well, we’ve looked at it, but we’re not interested because safety doesn’t sell,’ ” Gass says”. Gass is claiming here that major tool companies do not want to apply SawStops to their table saws because … Continue reading

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Safer Saws-shadowswife

Manufacturer: “It’ll detect that in less than a thousandth of a second.” The manufacturer, Steve Gass, makes this claim about the SawStop in a way like it is a fact and as the manufacturer of this invention, he has most … Continue reading

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Safer Saws- Jeffbezos

Industry Spokesperson: The SawStop company has given the information regarding one of their products saying: “The saw weighs 79 pounds and retails for $1299”. This is can be a numerical claim because it states how much it costs and the weight … Continue reading

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Safer Saws–dayzur

Manufacturer: “Let’s do it.” Steve Gass says this very whole-heartadly as if he is about to do something any normal person would in a day but in this case, he is sticking his finger into a saw. He is 100% … Continue reading

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Safer Saws-Hailthegreat8

Inventor- Dr. Steve Gass was one of the four founders that invited the great technology called SawStop. The reason he created SawStop was that he wanted to make a blade fast enough to stop injuries. The SawStop that he and coworkers … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – gooferious

Table Saw Injury Lawyer: “Unfortunately, the manufacturers have refused to adopt it” this statement is saying that there is indeed technology out there that can prevent injuries from happening due to table saws but the manufacturers refuse to add this … Continue reading

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Safer Saws-ComicDub

Manufacturers: “SawStop is currently available…to any consumer who chooses to purchase it.” In this quote the power tool manufacturer is making the claim that the SawStop technology is available to anyone who wants it so it should not be made … Continue reading

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Safer Saws Tcarter101

The inventor “In 2015, 4,700 people in the US lost a finger or other body part to table-saw incidents. Most of those injuries didn’t have to happen, thanks to technology invented in 1999 by entrepreneur Stephen Gass.”  Reluctant Manufacturers:-” the … Continue reading

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