Mask up

Requiring a mandatory Mass program in the United States would have an extremely positive Effect on saving human lives as well as doing great things for the economy. This idea to be true because the less human life  lost the more the faster the economy would be able to open back up since businesses would be able to run since the wide spread of covid-19 wouldn’t occur so fast. It would also help prevent another massive shutdown of the local and Country by wearing such a cheap product over the face.  Keep Americans healthy and not sick should be the primary goal.

In an article publpublished  from Ohio having a mass  mandate would actually help the economy, since the people that are impacted impaimpacted  most by the virus or the poor and the working class. The working class and the poor are the ones who need to work the most and have the least amount of money to care for themselves if they were to get sick by the virus. The facial product are very cheap and very affordable that everyone can afford. “The value of a statistical life is around $10 million.’’ So saving a few lives would be extremely beneficial for the economy.  They explained how important it is to keep the economy going and not let it shut down again because another shutdown could be for some families. “In a survey published by Scioto Analysis this morning, 38 out of 40 Ohio economists said that the economic benefits of mask mandates outweighed the economic costs.”  They stressed how important it is for the middle class and lower-income class to not be out of work again since it is them whom the virus can affect the most, not only dollars but fatality. The country really needs to take a look at this and someone needs to lead us so  we don’t fall into depression.

As Americans, we can all look at the Coronavirus as a barrier that we have to pass. If everyone in America decided to wear a mask the problem could be solved to potentially save lives, keep people  healthy and potentially save a large Portion of Americans who would Otherwise die of this virus.  A Goldman Sachs study estimated that a nationwide mask mandate would save America $1 trillion, or 5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. With that large of a number at stake, it isn’t just about the lives  that could be saved anymore it’s over a trillion dollars which we could save. If you break that down by person by person that’s an extra $3,000 per person if the mass mandate was made.  That should be an incentive right there based on the current situation we  are in with tons of Americans that lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

In It talks about how many lives can potentially be saved by this February Alone by simply wearing a mask. 

If 95% of Americans wore masks in public, more than 100,000 lives could be saved from Covid-19 through February, a new modeling study suggests. A hundred thousand people is more than any terrorist attack that ever happened  on the American ground  and we can in fact save over a hundred thousand Americans by doing such a simple task and wearing a mask. We don’t know who could die from this virus since we don’t have a cure for it yet so we have to be careful because if we’re not  tremendous life could be lost in our country,country, which would be devastating. With this statement being made, it seems with these kinds of numbers that masked mandates  have been working and will continue to work.  Since these numbers are so incredibly High, we need to take this seriously and as almost as a terroristic threat because of the amount of life that could be lost. 

Another lines we could look at the covid-19 crisis is wearing masks could prevent suicide.  If the country goes and shuts down again, people will lose their jobs the stock market will go down and people won’t have money to pay bills. “The soaring unemployment rate and stock market losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, combined with millions of people quarantining at home alone creates the “perfect storm” for an increased risk of suicide for many people, according to the JAMA article.”Aas the cases continue to rise across our country again during this fall season there is a fear the suicide rate will definitely go up if the shutdown occurs again.Mental health is a big issue in this countryand if another shutdown were to happen the countless lives that would be affected by Suicide would definitely shoot up. These lifes are not directly affected by covid-19, but will be saved if wearing a mask  was the common place  and we could potentially keep the outbreak to a minimum since the US numbers are at Arise at this time 

How many lives will be saved by directly wearing a mask will never be known. When you look at all the other factors. When you look at the economic benefits of wearing a mask versus not wearing a mask compounded by The Many Lives, you will save it should not be a question for which we should have to have a discussion about.  experts predict this issue is the only way we can keep our country open without extreme life loss.

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