Visual Rewrite- MysteryLimbo

0:00-0:01 The animation is Disney and each character is either based off of Disney show or videogame. Then scene open with the joy of a team hand stack. Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck beginning with unity.

0:02-0:03 The scene of the hand stack quickly vanishes and the character group of Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck are joined by Rex and Woody. Woody and Sora are shaking hands, throughout the scene while their friends are watching the handshake from behind Sora.

0:04-0:07 The next section of the film is grim both in pace and colors compared to the of the first 3 seconds which were happy and about unity. The scene begins with Riku comforting Sora who is sad and Sora got done crying by the look in his eyes. Rapunzel is now in the film she also looks sad with her head down sighing with no other context other than she’s in a room alone with her head down.

0:08-0:11 The source of agony and sorrow are made apparent in the next 3 seconds of the film. With our antagonist, Pete walking away into a purple portal leaving Sora crying and his friends Goofy and Donald Duck fluttered.

0:11-0:14 After the scene of Pete and his demeaning/Unwanted presence. Then a scene of Mike Wazowski, James Sullivan, and Boo from Monsters Inc. begins. James and Mike are standing across from one another with Boo in the middle of the two of them. The final scene with the three of these characters is with James giving boo a head pet. Boo is ecstatic from the reinforcement from James.

0:15-0:16 With the film picking up with positivity once again. The next scene is of Rapunzel crying under a tree in a forest. When Rapunzel picks her head up she is met by her love Eugene and the original trio of friends Sora, Goofy, Donald Ducks. One could see the joy fill in Rapunzel’s face.

0:17-0:18 After the tree scene is swift changes into the Icy tundra of Frozen. Elsa and Ana are passionately hugging in the scene as if they overcame an obstacle of some sort. Olaf shows the significance of this hug by his excitement by picking up his head off his body.

0:19-0:20 The next two scene are very similar to the last one. Jack Sparrow and a child steering a ship. Jack places his hand on the child’s shoulder showing support and reassuring the child. Also apart of this scene is Hercule and Megara dancing then hugging after a split second of the two of them dancing.

0:20-0:22 The next two second is with Sora, Goofy, Donald, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, and Hamm. It seems that they are in Andy room or another child’s room because one can see the full sized chair behind them and toy chest in the background. The entire scene is of Rex hugging Sora and rubbing his face against Sora’s.

0:23-0:24 This is the last scene of positivity being given to others. After all of what Sora endured Sora is able to stay positive giving some Winny the Poo reinforcing words of his own and a light-hearted touch to end their conversation leaving both of them happy.

0:25-0:30 The last thing we’re left with Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck, and 6 other unknown characters. All of them are wearing headgear with visors attached to the front of them. It breaks with Sora speaking to the camera and all of his companions siling in the background. The uniform similarities are showing their unity to one another.

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