A Note about Feedback

The premise of the course is that you write drafts, receive feedback, improve your writing, and are graded accordingly.

Experience has taught me that many students decline to revise their work no matter how much feedback they receive, so I have created the Feedback Please category to assist students committed to improving their writing without wasting time on students who will ignore advice.

Either way works for me. I will gladly lavish attention on students who respond to it, and I will permit students who want to rest on their first drafts to be graded by those.

What does not work for me is being asked for Feedback Please ONLY AFTER grades are posted. Students who suddenly desire help only when their first efforts did not earn them the grades they wanted are shirking the process.

Only two students requested Feedback Please on their Stone Money assignments. I take that to mean that the rest of you will be willing to be graded on the basis of your first drafts. I hope I’m reading that right. But if, in the light of this new perspective, you’d like some feedback BEFORE your Stone Money essay is graded, you know what to do.

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