summary- wafflesrgud



  • spoke about skin color and where we assumed were their origins…point was that what you look like and your skin color is not an automatic giveaway as to where you’re from (Denzel and Charlie)
  • Does not like semicolons so… don’t use them in this class unless it’s correct


  • Writing is all argumentative 
  • The opinions of authors are showcased to be in an argumentative form 
  • Even stop signs are considered this because of command? *and diaries too* 
  • Summaries are imperative. Important to get the meat of the subject without giving too many details or distorting the idea 
  • summaries and arguments when it comes to writing go hand in hand but it is important to tell the difference 
  • 3 parent baby: may only be accessible to wealthy families (counterintuitive nature) 
  • Counterintuitive example: critiquing photographers for capturing what society asks for 
  • *agenda is the second tab in case missed something from class/ to catch up*
  • “we dont like tags we like catergories”

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