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Sneaker Obsession Is Wrong

In the past year, there has been a dispute about how sneakers are something more than just a shoe. Professionals and others believe that sneakers are actually changing teens life’s for good not bad. Kevin Smith, is an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic book writer, author, and pod-caster, and he believes that we must see the good side of sneaker obsession and how is  not really a big deal. In his 2014 article, “ The Science Behind Our Sneaker Addiction” Smith reminds the readers that generation to generation sneakers obsession is something teens can’t resist. It’s causing problem and even relationship and friendship issues. To prove and analyse his point that sneakers are not a bad obsession and that it helps you, Smith argues that since sneakers are a big part of teens life these days is considered beneficial and normal. Therefore, Smith claims to let teens stay with their sneaker obsession because it makes them be more sociable and more confident to themselves. I agree with Smith when he says that sneakers make teens more sociable, but I say that it doesn’t change the fact that it still causing problem and even increasing death rate and robbery. It’s also affecting our financial responsibility and our own identity.

Smith says that being obsessed with sneakers is actually a good thing because it increases personal value when they get the sneakers. Even Dan Cherry a advertising executive in New York, says that  shoes express teens individuality that makes other teens go towards him or her to know them better. They see them as cool kids. However, the parent network “Family care” in 2019 article “What’s up with your son and sneaker obsession”  as a recent search they state that “ Also keep in mind that boys often have judgments about who has the right to wear these shoes. As in, if you wear them but you can’t hold your own athletically, boys are going to make fun of you to your face or ridicule you behind your back.” Like when I was in 7th grade I really didn’t care about what shoes I was wearing I was more focused on my clothing and every time boys always bullied me and said things behind my back, even did rumors to start fights with me because I was just hanging a lot with girls and not boys. To add on, sneakers these days show your personality and that is scary because you wear a pair of sneakers to feel part of a group but at the end they will make fun of you because that’s not you and because of this reasons having sneakers or not having them is the same kind of rejection.

In Smith’s eyes he is sure that teens obsession with sneakers will lead them to great and better socialization and a better life. In Spite of these, we could say that teens are getting comfortable purchasing expensive shoes not having in mind how many deaths are happening just because of expensive sneakers. Like Marc Bain a Fashion reporter said in his article “1,200 people are killed each year over Sneakers” says,  “An estimated 1,200 people die over sneakers every year, according to a video posted Nov. 14 by GQ magazine.” This is something we really have to worry about, sneakers are now becoming a death issue, Americans are killing each other for some shoes. What does that say about us! As you can see this has already started to be a mental health situation. Even though sneakers express our individuality, we have to think to ourselves when it comes to which one I should buy or wear? In this case we should always be aware who we are around with and having this pair or that pair of sneakers will do me good or bad.

Of course, Smith makes a fair point when he says that sneakers express teens individuality and personality making them feel part of a group and not left behind. The more people we see with new sneakers the more we want them too. He is also, right that sneakers have changed people’s lives. Most teens dedicate their time and money on new pair of sneakers to be happy and feel part of something. However, I am still not convinced by Kevin Smith or Den Cherry arguments that Sneaker obsession is making teens be more sociable and happy even showing personality. Instead of obsessing on sneakers we have to control ourselves. The only way to really stop all of these problematic issues and only look into the bright side is if we change. We could reduce the amount of deaths and problems , but it will only happen if we change as people. Also, the way we think. You know how different life would have been if we help each other as brothers and sisters?

All in all, I believe we have to be focused on arguments like Smith’s. While he does point out that a sneakers obsession is really beneficial when it comes to socializing and showing teens individuality, I found his argument misunderstood. I say this because he is to focused on what teens feel inside and what other think about them, instead of really seeing what’s happening in the world. Deaths, bullies, thieves, suicide because of depression and more. Parents are also worried according to the Intelligence For Your Life website about how their kids are going to turn up to be and really worried about their financial status. This could all be fixed, we could have the shoes we want to feel like we part of something, but it doesn’t have to turn into a obsession that could change the way we are living. A person should control their own life and not let fashion especially shoes be the ones controlling it.


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