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Annotated Bibliography

  • Connie Fossi, W. S. (2020, February 20). Body Cameras Turned Off During Miami PD Arrest. NBC 6 South Florida. .
  • A man named Samuel Scott had called police because his car was stolen. When police arrived at the scene, they had arrested Scott instead because he fit the description of the man that had stolen the car. The police had confiscated Scots belongings But Scott had told police that it was not him that you was the one who had called. police. Charges were dropped and Scott filed a complaint claiming that his belongings were not return to him. An investigation took place to find out what happened to Scott’s belongings and it turns out that during the altercation the police officer had his camera off during some parts of the altercation.  The department claimed the altercation to be very suspicious and the police officer was reprimanded for his actions. Scott eventually got his stuff back. 
  • Croft, J. (2017, June 21). Philando Castile shooting: Dashcam video shows rapid event. CNN. .
  • A man named Philando Castile was stopped by a police officer for an ordinary traffic stop. When asked to see his license and registration, Philando Castile warns officers that he has a gun and a permit to carry the gun. The police officer got scared thinking that Castile was reaching for a weapon and then eventually the police officer had shot Philando Castile. The incident was recorded on the girlfriend’s cell phone and eventually was posted to social media for the world to see. People viewed the video and they were immediately disturbed. Investigators dissected the video to understand what happened during the incident. The officer had explained his side saying that he was scared and thought Castile was reaching for a gun. 
  • Kennedy, M. (2017, June 16). Hundreds Protest After Minnesota Officer Found Not Guilty In Philando Castile Death. NPR.  
  • The officer that had shot Philando Castile was put on trial.  The judge found him not guilty of Philando Castile’s death. When the news broke out, people were upset. They did not find the judge’s decision to be fair. People made statements such as the police system fails black people and how Castile was stopped for a broken tail light but ended up dying in the end. After the verdict, the department didn’t allow the police officer to return to active duty. The people would not be pleased to see him still serving the community.
  • Miller, K. (2020, June 9). These Instagram Graphics Help Explain What ‘Defund The Police’ Really Means. Women’s Health.
  • The video talks about the trending phrase “Defund the Police” and what it actually means. People think defunding the police is to remove the entire police system from existence. It actually means to break down the current system in place and to rebuild it into something better. Better and proper training for the officers, so that the same mistakes won’t happen again.
  • Smith, L. (2019, August 30). I Was a Cop for 18 Years. I Witnessed and Participated in Abuses of Power. Medium.
  • This man was a police officer for about 18 years of his life. He explains how during his time as an officer, he abused his power at times just for the fun of it. He describes how he grew to learn to abuse his powers to the fullest. But he had difficulty realizing when he was crossing the line. He and his co workers had all participated in abusing their power, and as they go through different task forces, they learn more tactics to use at their advantage when dealing with victims.
  • Brooks, D. (2020, June 16). The Culture of Policing Is Broken. The Atlantic.
  • The hiring and training process of how people become police officers is talked about. The recruits are constantly told that the world is threatening and they’re trained to be on guard at all times. Being a police officer is a dangerous job because their lives are always on the line. The recruits are taught that anyone can make a quick move on an officer before the officer gets a chance to pull out their weapon. 
  • Aleem, Z., & Collins, S. (2020, June 13). The police killing of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s drive-through, explained . Vox. 
  • Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2020. He was asleep in his car at a local Wendys and was approached by police. He was drunk but didn’t want to drive home and offered to walk to his sister’s house nearby. The police officer performs some sobriety tests on Rayshard and it turns out that his alcohol level is higher than the legal limit. Police officers try to put rayshard in handcuffs but Rayshard then resists and escapes with an officer’s taser in hand. The police officers then chased him down the parking lot and eventually shot him. Videos circulated everywhere and it sparked protests in Atlanta. 
  • Hubler, S., & Bosman, J. (2020, June 5). A Crisis That Began With an Image of Police Violence Keeps Providing More. The New York Times.
  • The killing of George Floyd was tragic. Police officer Derek Chauvin had arrested Floyd and placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for about 9 mins. Floyd struggled as he claimed that he couldn’t breathe but police officers ignored him. Bystanders stood and watched in horror as Floyd had lost his life. Police have been displaying violent behavior as an elderly man was seen pushed by a police officer in Buffalo, New York. The man’s head had hit the ground and he laid there unconscious with blood exiting from his head. The level of force that is used on the people needs to be put in check because some officers tend to go overboard with their power.
  • How do people feel when they see a police car — scared or safe? Quora. (n.d.).   
  • Some people believe that the police are not on the same side as the people based on their own personal experiences with police. This person has been tailed by police because they thought the person’s car had fit the description of some tires that were stolen prior. There was another encounter when the person’s friend had left their house and officers had apprehended the person because they looked out of place in the neighborhood. They don’t look like they’re from the area and probably assumed the friend was stealing.
  • Browne, M., Kelso, C., & Marcolini, B. (2020, June 14). How Rayshard Brooks Was Fatally Shot by the Atlanta Police. The New York Times.   
  • The videos of the Raysard Brooks shooting are displayed here on this website. The videos clearly show how the situation had occurred, as Rayshard is seen running from officers and then being shot in the back. They also show the altercation where the police tried to arrest Rayshard but ended up resisting.

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