Visual Rewrite-RowanRat

0:01-The camera is angled up to a pinata with the shape of a unicorn. Behind the pinata there are colored balloons. From this angle, one is unable to see what the balloons are attached to. However, from this one second shot, one can infer that there is some sort of celebration going on. Further, being that it is a pinata, there is a good possibility that this celebration is for someone who is younger.

0:02-The camera focuses on a pink decorated cake. This is a slice of cake that somebody is holding on a plate with a spoon. From this, one can infer that somebody is eating the slice of cake at this party. Behind the focused image of the cake, there is a blurred pink sign stating, “Happy Birthday.” Now the audience is aware that this is a birthday party and more than likely for a child. The sign then focuses during this second and “Happy Birthday” is clear to the viewer.

0:03-There is much more going on in this shot. There are a total of five people in this shot. There is a woman sitting down on a chair, a young girl sitting on her lap, another man and woman talking in the background, and a solo woman who is also in the background. There’s an abundance of decorations, party hats, cake, and what appears to be juice. This might be a party for the girl sitting on the woman’s lap but that is not certain as of yet.

0:04-0:05- The same woman sitting on the chair and the girl who was on her lap are taking a selfie using an iphone. The shot displays the phone and the hands of the woman as she’s holding the phone and snapping a picture of the two of them. 

0:06-0:09- The beginning of this shot displays a man and a younger boy walking down the stairs. Inside there are blue and yellow balloons. Based off of the balloons, the different location, and different people, one can infer that this is a different birthday party, more than likely the boy in the shot. The boy is playing with a toy while the man speaks with an older woman inside the house. There appears to be no negativity between the man and the woman when they are talking. Both faces are smiling and cheerful. 

0:10-0:12- The shot begins with a young boy sitting in a dark kitchen in front of a cake with lit candles. There is a part of a caption that comes up stating “Something more than a birthday.” After this, the camera points at the other people in the room taking pictures of the boy in front of the cake. When the camera turns back to the boy, the caption is complete and states, “Something more than a birthday is happening here.”

0:13- This goes back to the family of the man and the boy. They are in the living room with people who seem to be family members. There are balloons in the background and a cake with lit candles on the table in front of them. 

0:14-0:16- There are people clapping and talking at the same time. Everything is positive in this shot until the boy covers his ears. Perhaps the environment is too loud? Right after that the faces on the man and the woman from the first scene displaying these three characters appeared to be worried and having a more serious manner. There comes another caption stating “Once you see it, you can help”

0:17-0:22- The man brings the boy a pair of headphones and puts them on. During this time, a caption comes up stating, “The sooner you recognize the signs of autism.” After the man puts the headphones on the boy, he smiles as well as the entire family. They fixed the issue and the positivity in the room became more apparent. Another caption comes up while the family are all hugging, smiling, and enjoying the party. The caption states, “The sooner you can make a difference.” This statement put together demonstrates the necessity of paying attention and understanding the symptoms of autism so you can do something about it. Putting that together, there was too much stimulation for the boy because he has autism, he covered his ears because there was too much noise, and the main fixed the situation. He was able to notice that the boy was uncomfortable so he got him headphones to make him more comfortable in a less noisy environment.

0:23-0:24- The boy is lying down, smiling and laughing with his headphones on. Since the man was able to notice those symptoms and help the boy, the boy felt much happier and at ease as a result.

0:24-0:25- The next shot moves to the first woman and little girl. They are blowing up balloons together, being goofy while happy and laughing. 

0:26- The next shot is a screen showing multiple graphics. One graphic is a statement that reads, “Start by answering a few simple questions at Underneath shows two graphics, one icon with a puzzle piece that reads :autism speaks: and another icon of a square with the words “ad council” inside of it. To the right of the screen shows a cell phone screen. The same “autism speaks” icon is on top. On the screen there is a question that states, “If you point at something across the room, does your child look at it? (FOR EXAMPLE, if you point at a toy or an animal, does your child look at the toy or animal?” Then there are two circles, one saying “yes” and the other saying “no.” That question is based on a specific symptom of autism. Based off of that screen, the ad is encouraging the audience to answer some questions on the website provided. This is for parents or any type of caregiver. By answering these questions, one may be able to notice their children sharing behaviors that are described on the website through the questions.

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6 Responses to Visual Rewrite-RowanRat

  1. davidbdale says:

    RowanRat, because you did not request Feedback, I will provide you a quick provisional grade and about 15 minutes worth of time to suggest ways you should revise your work to improve that grade.

    The next step would be for you to respond to that feedback. Then make revisions to this post and request a Regrade. If you wish further feedback on this post, you will have to ask specific questions.


  2. davidbdale says:

    From the first-second shot, could you also conclude that, because of the angle, we are witnessing the pinata from the point-of-view of a very short person, a child for example? Also, because we can SEE the pinata, which the person whose job it is to whack it with a stick, being blindfolded, cannot, that we are looking at it BEFORE it’s time to whack it? Maybe with expectation?


  3. davidbdale says:

    0:03. You haven’t said so, probably because it seems unnecessary to describe a child’s birthday party as anything other than joyous, but IS THE MOOD JOYOUS? Three seconds is long enough to establish mood. Is there any hint in the early shots that anything other than a happy day is in progress here?


  4. davidbdale says:

    0:09. By the time we’re almost 1/3 of the way through, what judgments are you making about why you’re being shown these two parties for kids at different locations? Your choices appear to be: These celebrations are similar, so the Author is showing me something universal that all kids and cultures share. Or: there are subtle differences here that demonstrate not everybody’s birthday party is the same. How effectively is this done? Are you intrigued enough to care? How did the Author manage to keep you interested?


  5. davidbdale says:

    My point throughout here is that we start making judgments from the first image. Your job is to describe not WHETHER we make judgments (we all always do), but whether the judgments the Author helps us make turn out to be effective rhetorically. In the few seconds that follow after we GET THE POINT of the ad, do we think back on that pinata and wonder how the autistic boy would have reacted to the screaming inherent in that scene? Would his parents ever expose him to that level of mayhem? Does our mind change in any way watching this video? In other words, was it effective?


  6. davidbdale says:

    I’ve used up my time, RowanRat. See your grade on Canvas. Follow the procedure in the first Reply.


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