Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- pomegranate


In the first few milliseconds, we are shown a building. It looks like it’s in the city. We cannot be too sure of which one, though. It looks like a very modernized building, with many windows and unique shape structure. It is not the only building around, there are many tall and short buildings behind and next to the building of main focus. The shot we are getting of this building is across the street, this is probably so we can see the entire building. There are cars on the streets, along with people, probably trying to commute somewhere. It is unclear what time of day it is, so we cannot assume they are on their way to work or school, or wherever. We also cannot tell what type of building we are being shown. We can assume anything, an office building, or a school, or a train station, or bus station, anything. The author shows us this to set the scene. So that viewers get an idea of where the story within this video is taking place.

Still within the same few milliseconds leading up to the first second, the camera suddenly switches to what we can assume to be inside one of the buildings. There are two people in the middle of the room in which the scene is set. There are books on the ground near the two people, and people on a bench reading in the back, and many other people holding books. The girls and boys are all wearing uniforms as well, so we can assume that this is taking place at a school. There is someone who looks to be on their phone next to the two people in the middle. It is unclear what he is doing though, whether he is recording the two people in the middle, or if he’s just on his phone. The author probably does this to show a realistic school setting. The author does this by having characters wear uniforms and have backpacks and books.


At the second second, we get a zoomed in picture of the two people in the middle of the room. There is now a crowd of people with their phones out and pointed to the people in the middle. This should indicate that something is going on. The one boy looks like hes standing above another boy. However, the boy that is beneath the one standing up looks like he has a grip on the boy who is standing above him. The boy who is standing above him has no grip at all. Everyone around is not trying to stop what is going on, they are just continuing to record and let whatever is happening continue to go on. In the same second, we continue on with the boy who was standing up, the boy beneath him had a tight grip on, be thrown from where he was standing and over the boy who was under him. The author does this to show a form of bullying. As by the title, we are told this is an ad about bullying, so we are lead to believe that the boy being thrown is in some way being bullied. Then the frame suddenly switches to a clock, and the seconds hand switches to twelve indicating a new minute. The author probably did this to show that class has just ended, and it is time for the students to go out in the hallway to switch classes.


At second four, we see that the boy who was being thrown earlier in the video is now on the inside of the bathroom door with his back pressed up against the door. It looks as if he is breathing heavy, and ran to try and get away from someone. Within the same second we see a backwards moving view of the hallway and all of the people in the hallway are staring towards the camera. The author probably does this to show that the boy feels like an outcast and wants to get away from people like the boy in the beginning who physically abuse him. The author probably shows the people staring to indicate that the boy feels almost like all the time everyone is staring at him and is judging him. Now, the camera flips to the boys eyes. His eyes widen for now he feels the sudden anxiety that everyone is staring at him. The author clearly knows how it feels when someone feels this way and wants to clearly show viewers that if they feel this way, it is not right.


We now find that the boys head is in a locker for he is avoiding all contact and conversation with anyone walking by or in the hall. He quickly closes the locker and runs still trying to avoid any conversation or confrontation. Suddenly the clip changes to a boy standing by a moving train. He is just standing there, facing the train, and watching it move, feeling the wind formed by the train move his clothes and cause a breeze. The boy is standing relatively close to the train, and we are unsure what he is going to do next. Will he stand back, will he make a move forward? We are left unknown. The author probably does this to let you think of your own outcome, making you wonder what he will really do next. The train comes pretty quick, and the boy still does not move away from the train. He is inches away, letting the train nearly take his life.


The train finally passes and we then switch to a view of the city. Anyone who is familiar with their cities knows that this is New York City being shown. There is a lightning bolt. This means it is a stormy night. The author probably did this to further set the scene and show what kind of night it is when the ad is taking place. The picture quickly changes and we see the boy who was being bullied reflection on a wall of glass, enclosing a Spider-Man suit. The author probably does this to show that the boy is probably Spider-Man. This is ironic because this boy is being bullied, and Spider-Man is someone who helps people, so why can’t this boy help himself.


We get another quick look at the real Spider-Man suit. Suddenly the camera flips and we see another version of Spider-Man, he seems to be upside down sticking to a wall, he turns his head and the camera switches. We then see two people sitting on the side of a moving train. On a bench, one older man and one younger. The boy who was bullied then shows up and we see him for a very short second. The author does this so you can try and guess who is the real Spider-Man and where the boy who is getting bullied falls into this. The train is probably because this is the only hideaway they have so that Spider-Man won’t get caught. This could also just be a place for the boy who was bullied to think.


We get a short look of the skyline of New York, and suddenly the second version of Spider-Man, we get a back view of him at first, and then suddenly a front view. The mask gets ripped half way off and sits on his forehead. We now come to find that the person in the other version of Spider-Man is the boy who has been being bullied. He looks as though he is out of breath. This is probably because he was running or trying to get away from someone or something. The author does this to show that the boy that has so much going on is trying to do the most for everyone else even though he has his own problems.


We see the real Spider-Man in this short time span. They are back by the moving train, like before. They are the only one’s there so the masks are off and they are free to be themselves. He looks as if he is talking. We can assume he is talking to the boy who is the other version of Spider-Man. It is unclear what they are talking about at first, but he has his finger up, so he must be saying one of something. The author probably does this to show that Spider-Man is giving the other Spider-Man advice on how to be the best version of Spider-Man he could be.


We are now back at the school and the bullied boy accidentally bumps into a girl. In the middle of the hallway. Everyone is off to the side and minding their own business and the boy in the middle bumps into the girl. The author probably does this to emphasize that they are the main point of attention, they are in the middle and we should be paying attention to what is going on between the two of them. She turns around, looking shocked or taken back. This is because she didn’t expect to be bumped into nor did she expect it to be him in particular.


In the next frame, we see the boy talking to someone who we can assume to be his father. They are on a couch in a room with many things on the table in front of them. There is a neon sin behind them and a music system to the right. If they are not in a traditional apartment, they could be in a bar or a studio room, it is hard to tell what kind of room they are in. The man has a hand on the boys shoulder. This makes it seem like he is giving very important life advice. He is wearing camo pants and a gray shirt. What can we assume out of this? Is he serving the country? Is this just his style? The boy looks at him with admiration almost. He looks as if he is either drawing or taking notes. They seem to be sitting pretty casual with each other so they must know and be comfortable with each other.

Suddenly, within the same second it fades to the girl laughing in the middle of class, it looks as if they are watching something, so she found it funny. Then it fades to the Spider boy hanging upside down in someones room, and gives the boy who he is next to a fist bump. The boy looks shocked yet almost happy that the boy is there. He is what looks like taken back and his eyes are wide. He is wearing a beanie and a graphic tee. Many will assume he is the stereotypical video gamer. They seem to be in what looks like the boy with beanies room.


We see the boy from earlier who was standing very close to the train, on the side of a building just sitting there. We are now able to assume that it is the boy who was being bullied, because he is form of Spider-Man so he has the ability to stick to walls and such. This is just to show that he is observing and looking over the city. However, this could also mean that he is thinking of something. Then we see his hand break glass, and we see that the hand has the spider outfit on, and the boy on the side of the building is indeed the boy who was being bullied. The camera flips to the boy jumping off of the building. He is in mid air and his arms are out to his sides. He is just letting the air carry him, that’s what this looks like. The author does this so that the audience can wonder what he is actually doing. Is he going to save himself? Is he done with all of the bullying and feeling like an outcast that he is going to end it all?


We see the boy continuing to fall, and he is flipping backwards, once again, just allowing the air to take him. Then the camera switches to the boy standing in front of the girl with his hand on her shoulder. They are back at school and it looks like they are in about the same spot they were when the boy bumped into the girl. It looks like he is saying something, but we are not sure what. He has a grin, that looks like a nervous grin, on his face. We can assume that he asked her something, and that his answer can decipher whether or not he is going to let the wind really take him when he jumped off that building. She looks down at his hand on her shoulder. We cannot tell if she is exactly uncomfortable or what. She says something back to him, and this is the moment of truth for him. The author does this to show that it just takes one person for a person to change their view point on just about anything.


The camera switches back to the same scene where the boy jumps from the side of the building. We see the top of another building that the boy is heading towards. We can tell that he is falling pretty fast because of the movement of his clothes in the wind and the speed in which the camera was following him. Then, we see a thin white thing shoot up the screen, something that looks like a web, like the one that Spider-Man shoots. Quickly we see the hands of the boy go up and he flips around gripping the web. It saves him, and the camera zooms in on the Spider logo on his chest. We can assume that the girl earlier said the right thing to him to make him want to shoot that web. The author does this to show that the boy only needed one friend to keep him from wanting to end it all, and the girl led him to shoot his web. The ad then ends and the information for the bullying ad council comes up.

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