Not Because-Justheretopass

1. Coats was fired for violating workplace policy, not because he was using a legal drug, marijuana, for a legitimate purpose for which he had a prescription. 

2. Employers are not allowed to fire someone based on mental health issues like anxiety. 

3. Marijuana is legal in Colorado, still most employees go out for a few beers after work instead. 

4. Coats was wrongfully fired for trying to treat his daily struggle. 

5.Using marijuana for spasms is not a valid reason to not hire someone. 

6. Coats’ usage of marijuana on his own time did not hurt anyone at his workplace. 

7.Omar Gonzalez’s plans were stopped because of the fast action of the Secret Service agents. 

8. How the breach occurred is under question, but the Secret Service isn’t compelled to explain its action. 

9. Julia Pierson’s chance of getting fired due to her incompetence is greater than the testimony she gave in Congress. 

10. Secret Service agents were not required to use deadly force against the intruder because he was carrying a knife with a 4-inch blade.

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1 Response to Not Because-Justheretopass

  1. davidbdale says:

    For the most part you’ve used highly effective and inventive approaches to eliminating the ambiguities of “not because,” JustHere. Very nice work. 10 though still says the SS might have been compelled to used force for a different reason.


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