Visual Rhetoric Rewrite-Aquarela

The Boxer – Minding Your Head

00:00-00:02: The video starts in a dark room, with a chair in the back, and we see a blurry window behind it. The camera starts to move slowly in the right direction, and we first see a huge dark column. A man appears in the ring between two boxing bags, behind four ribbons of the ring. He is apparently training, and by his moves, it is possibly good at this. There are a few frames on the wall, a widespread decoration plan in such places. We can’t see the pictures, but I assume that they might be training pictures since it looks like he is in a GYM.

As the place is not illuminated, and we only see a man silhouette in the background, the video possibly hints about its intentions. His being alone and training in front of a vacant chair tells us that he is training alone, and it is not a coincidence. Although it is prevalent to train with a boxing bag, people usually prefer training with others since they are in a place where everyone has the same purpose.

00:03-00:04: We see a middle-aged man looking at the camera. He is blond and has blue eyes. His lips are thin and red. His eyebrows are thin as well and not that salient. We observe two wrinkles on his forehead. He is in front of a white-grey wall with a light line on it. The camera is zoomed on his face only; we don’t know if he is standing or sitting. He is not smiling, just looking at the camera. We can say that he is possibly about to cry or just cried because of his blurry eyes.

00:05-00:06: He is sitting on a bench in the locker room. He is alone; there is one more bench in front of him, which is vacant. The bag on the floor and the cloth on the bench seem to belong to him. The room has typical green lockers; none of them is opened. The room’s door is beige, and it is closed as well. Right next to the door, we see a shelf full of boxing materials. The video remains not well illuminated, yet his shadow appears on the wall. The board, which is on the same side of the wall, seems to be inelaborate with three torn papers.

His position gives us the impression that he is unhappy and needs help.

00:07-00:08: The camera zooms in on his face and focuses on his eyes. He is not looking at the camera. We can see that he is sweaty, probably because of the training he had. The camera moves quickly for a second and we can observe his look, which is deep, and seems to be determined.

00:08-00:12: another man appears on the scene. The man who is older than him seems to be friendly. They are talking and laughing. The man puts his hand on his knee in a friendly gesture, trying to show some support.

00:12-00:13: He appears on the ring again. This time the scene is much more illuminated than before. He seems to be more energetic. As the room is more illuminated now, we can see a mirror on the wall and some posters. A few chairs are in the back, but no one is sitting there. He is still alone on the ring, but this time the door is open. We see the refugee signal on the door. It is on and shows where to exit in case of an emergency. I believe this is a way to say he can reach some help.

00:14-00:15: He keeps training.

00:16-00:18: The camera zooms in on his face again, he seems to be very focused on training.

00:18-00:22: The man who was with him in the locker room is with him on the ring. They are training together. They both seem to be happy. They are smiling and kidding with each other.

00:23-00:24: He is smiling and talking to someone. But we see only his face.

00:25:00:30: We see him with three men, they are talking. He seems to be very content with them. He is talking and the others are listening to him. They are all smiling.

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