Visual rhetoric rewrite- 612119d


The ad starts off with a cartoon man that has a yellow shirt with a mustace opening a door and since theres a dining room table and a door bell we can assume thats his house. We can assume it is his wife and child since the stick figures in the back have one tall one and one that’s a little smaller pointing out a size difference. We can see his facial expression change quite fast and it seems to surprise him at the door.

3-5 The camera cuts to a cartoon Wildfire that has angry eyes Rolling and burning down his neighborhood when the man opens the door.  The next scene the man opens the door again and this time a angry flash flood is rampaging through his neighborhood. The third time the man opens up the door a massive earthquake seems to be Breaking apart the road in front of the house and messing up his fence which leads us to believe the house could be next and his family could be in danger.

6-9 seconds

The dad or man seems to remain calm even with the natural disasters potentially destroying his home. He calmly puts his hand up and shut the door slowly.  While the earthquake seems to still be ravaging through the neighborhood once he puts his hand up it all stops.The earthquake doesnt seem to be mad and its eyes kinda look upset. Once he has the ability to shut the door completely environment goes quiet and everything goes back to the way it once was.

10 seconds-  What we can presume to be dad is sitting at the kitchen table with his daughter in the middle  because of her young looking age. What looks like his mother is sitting next to his daughter. I think its his mother because of her grey hair with glasses. They seem to be looking at a computer screen  with a bunch of survival Necessities on the table.  a few of them include a first aid kit, a map, a flashlight, a cell phone, a charger for that cell phone and food.

11-12 Seconds- It shows the computer mouse  hovering over a website The websiteThat the family clicked on is

13-15- We can assume that they clicked on the  website  and it loaded to a government website. Staying home saves lives is the main banner up on this website.  it also has a smaller gray box with a tab to learn more  which we can presume is about the covid-19 virus.  There’s two more mini banners on this website. alerts is one of them which we can presume you will  alert that could possibly save your life in the event of a natural disaster / pandemic.  The other is a toolkit which  could help you plan out in case of natural disaster / pandemic that is affecting your current situation.

16-18 The camera instantly pants back to the family at the kitchen table with all the supplies on the table. The family looks  prepared and confident after having access to this website. Then we see that there’s an apparent knock on the door by the lines coming out by the door on a consistent basis as a knock. 

18-21 They  set up a communication plan For the little girl with three names on it. The dad happens to be first on the calling list. The other is the grandmother from earlier,  followed by an out-of-state number just in case she gets separated from both of them and they don’t have access to their phone. They zip up an emergency bag and head towards the door as they are confident and prepared to face anything coming their way. They go over to the door and finally start to open it.

22-25 -We see the person who opens the door isn’t a natural disaster it is a pizza guy but he’s wearing his mask to prevent the family from being exposed to the covid-19 virus while also preventing himself from getting the virus. The dad looks relieved to see it just the pizza man,  why the daughter seems really excited that she’s getting pizza.  the entire family is wearing a mask as well to prevent them from getting the covid virus 19. 

25-30 seconds

 The last bit of it is more just telling you to make a plan again and stressing how important it is and where to go so you can make that plan. It gives the website information again, plus States what other organizations back it.  So at this point you know it’s an ad and why It is important.

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