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Authoritarian parents can help

Authoritarian parents are described as stern and the plain appositive of an alternative parent. An Authoritarian parent has multiple rules, and they ignore their child’s feelings and don’t care about their opinion. It may sound horrible to people hearing about Authoritarian parents for the first time in their lives, but don’t only dwell on the negative aspects; there are also positive aspects of an Authoritarian parent. The Authoritarian parent teaching style can create an influential, successful, wealthy person in the community. Most children who grew up with this style end up being doctors, lawyers, politicians, and more, so there are positive aspects, but it’s not easy. Jeff Nalin says, “But often, this comes at a cost.” “He claims.” “children whose behavior is largely dependent on a strict regimen of dos and don’ts will base their own self-worth on whether or not they have obeyed the rules put into place by their parents,” because the child might get punished.

Many individuals worldwide have grown up with Authoritarian parents, and many people say that type of parental style can mess up a child’s life; teaching children this way can lead to depression, social anxiety, and more. Growing up with this type of parenting, children will resent their parents when they’re older and hate them for not listening or helping emotionally throughout their childhood, but having an Authoritarian parent can help a lot throughout a kid’s childhood and prepare for the harsh relate of being an adult. Authoritarian parents can help children succeed in the field they’re going after; these parents will push children to be their better selves, but they’re a chance these children can also fail. The pressure they put on a child can break them.

One of the positive aspects of having Authoritarian parents is that children know good behavior. So says an expert Naline in Christin Perry’s “Authoritarian Parenting: The Pros and Cons, According to a Child Psychologist” article, “They are also highly attuned to the negative consequences that can stem from wrong behavior, so they will avoid stepping out of line.” Having good behavior has a chance of making many good habits that positively affect their life. Good behavior will help a child make routines. For example, every day, they wake up, clean their room, make their bed, and do their homework; also, children will respect other individuals when they’re talking to them. A child’s positive behavior continues to show can affect everyone around them, which’s a good thing. Another good reason for having Authoritarian parents is the want to do the right thing. So says family parenting in their “The Pros and Cons of Authoritarian Parenting” article “The authoritarian style of parenting will encourage a child to think about their behavior, before doing it. This means the child has a desire to do right and will be better at thinking through their actions before making a choice to do it”. This can make a child bolder in the future and help with their decision throughout their life.

Safety is another positive trait when learning from Authoritarian Parents; they would try to minimize danger in their life. The threat children might face throughout their childhood. Authoritarian Parents plan out a promising future for their kids, find a career where they will succeed, and teach them everything in that field to be one of the best when their child joins the working class. Another positive trait that Authoritarian Parents lead is fighting for the goal, the future. So says an expert “Naline,” in Christin Perry’s “Authoritarian Parenting: The Pros and Cons, According to a Child Psychologist” article, “Children raised by authoritarian parents adhere to detailed plans that include precise instructions.” Teaching this to their kids helps them grasp what steps they need to take throughout their lives to reach their destination.

I know that the Authoritarian parent’s style has many significant aspects that can help children, but some adverse effects can damage children mentally and physically. For a child to have a genuinely productive childhood and prepare them for the outside world, more than one parenting style is better. I believe combining Authoritarian parent’s styles and Authoritative parents will balance a child out and bring the most satisfaction on both ends. Authoritative parents talk to their children. So says the parenting for brain article. It’s like a “give-and-take” scenario with rules that can be adjusted. If their child breaks the rule, Authoritative parents don’t punish straight away but explain to them what they did was wrong and show them want to do. Authoritative parents should help their children with their decision so that they can become wiser. Authoritarian parents and Authoritative parents both want a level of control over their child’s behavior/activities. Authoritarian parents believe they are always right and never wrong, but Authoritative parents know they make mistakes and correct themselves. Authoritarian parents shouldn’t control their children. If they do this, their child will fight them; it can become a toxic environment, and children can end up resenting their parents and hating them for the rest of their lives, and no parents want that.

If a parent can combine these two teaching styles into their child, the environment will be better, less fighting, decrease depression, anxiety, help their self-esteem. They will build a stronger connection, and that’s what parents want with their child a bond. When children are in trouble, they’ll come to their parents for help and advice than anyone else because of their connection and are willing to listen and not only punish them; don’t pick one type of parenting style; balance them out. So says Kenda Cheery in her “Authoritative Parenting Characteristics and Effects,” “Try not to be too harsh nor too lenient; you can start by letting your child make more decisions, but also have regular discussions about those choices. With time, attention, and flexibility to your child’s needs”. Both these parenting styles have positive and negative effects, and it’s the parent’s choice to either pick one of them or combine them.


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