Getting skin diseases from wrestling

As many people may know that this year wrestling has been very different when it comes to COVID-19 because their has been outbreaks of COVID-19 when wrestling this season. COVID-19 testing should be a priority for wrestlers before wrestling practice and after wrestling practice to make sure they didn’t catch COVID-19. Even this year when wrestling the face masks have been a problem because a lot of the kids don’t like wrestling with face masks because they get fatigued much more when wrestling.

 Each wrestler can be affected differently about the spreading of herpes while wrestling because each wrestler might get it a different way. Wrestling in this day in age isn’t very safe because girls and boys aren’t having safe sex and then they wrestle against other boys that give other wrestlers herpes. If a wrestler doesn’t take care of your body you have a higher chance of getting herpes if the wrestler isn’t that careful. The wrestlers need to take a step and make sure they reducing the spread of skin disease to other wrestlers. Herpes is one of the diseases that is included with skin diseases from wrestling and close skin contact. This is seen throughout wrestlers who don’t take care of their bodies and make sure that they are periodically checked for any signs of herpes or to see if they have any other form of skin disease.

The studies that have been done so far on skin diseases in the sport of wrestling is that most importantly in wrestling have shown how not checking your skin effects other wrestlers as well. The flaw in their studies is showing how skin diseases truly affects a person because a wrestler could be living in incorrect way and not checking their skin before wrestling and after wrestling. They could be using the excuse of not checking their skin before wrestling or after wrestling because some kids want to look cool. The studies are inconclusive on their research of skin diseases in the sport of wrestling. This brings into question the effect the study as a whole is truthful on the finding that they have found. The study down in the New England Journal of Medicine was looking at the amount of wrestling camps that has outbreaks of herpes within the wrestlers. The studies state “ findings about outbreaks in a wrestling camp for high schoolers.”

Each wrestler has their own experiences with dealing with getting skin diseases from wrestling. Wrestling has always been viewed as a sport that you need to check your skin before and after wrestling. On the the other hand other wrestlers need to know that they have to do whatever it takes to be skin disease free. The extra push that they need to reach the next level of their wrestling. Wrestlers that have a great way of checking their skin before a wrestling match then they will radically reduce other wrestlers from getting skin diseases. The more you wrestle the more you may need to take a shower if you can do that you can reduce the spread of skin diseases. A wrestler who checks their skin will help other wrestlers from getting skin diseases in the future. In a study done by , Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report the study takes a look into how wrestling has high transmission when the wrestler is infected with COVID-19. According to the results of the study, they state, “Wrestlers who have COVID-19 , can increase the ability for other wrestlers to get COVID-19 and maybe it might start an outbreak.” When wrestlers can compete with a high level of self-confidence in their wrestling, their self-esteem will rise due to the wrestler being confident. Even teaching kids about the way to take care of your skin after your wrestling match. There are too many conclusions that a wrestler can reduce getting skin diseases by checking their skin. Lastly, the wrestlers have help out other wrestlers by educating them on skin diseases in the sport of wrestling.

In conclusion wrestling during this pandemic was really rough to wrestle during this pandemic because especially last spring there was virtual wrestling classes to stay in the groove. In conclusion wrestling during this pandemic was really rough to wrestle during this pandemic because especially last spring there was virtual wrestling classes to stay in the groove. Even kids who wanted to get back on the wrestling mat they couldn’t make it happen because of restrictions in the state in which they live in. On the other hand wrestling from home was different but we needed to make sure we were six feet away from our other wrestlers that we were practicing with.


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