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White Paper—Justheretopass

Becker, S. P., & Gregory, A. M. (2020). Editorial Perspective: Perils and promise for child and adolescent sleep and associated psychopathology during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 61(7), 757-759. doi:10.1111/jcpp.13278 Covid-19 could have negative impacts on … Continue reading

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Claims- Justheretopass

“In the wake of Vietnam, 38 percent of marriages failed within the first six months of a veteran’s return stateside; the divorce rate was twice as high for vets with PTSD as for those without.” This is a factual claim … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Justheretopass

The Difficult Understanding of Money  Most people’s goal in life is to be financially stable to the point where they don’t have to stress about certain things. How does one become financially stable though; Money is always the answer. Money … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- Justheretopass

Mental health during online school  Increased mental health risks during online school  The negative effects that online learning is placing on students  Students are not learning and retaining information during online school Gearing back towards traditional learning will help improve … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- Justheretopass

Does Using Paper Take CO2 out of the Environment? It seems counterintuitive that using paper takes CO2 out of the environment, however we keep cutting down trees.  16.7 million tons of carbon was sequestered in wood products and landfills, which … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- Justheretopass

The Nigerian government may be the reason why polio has never eradicated from the world. The inability of the government to properly inform the public about the vaccine contributes to this reason. The citizens of Nigeria feel unsafe taking the … Continue reading

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The universe- Justheretopass

I have always wondered and questioned, why does the universe exist? The christian in me says that God created everything from nothing. In the bible the first sentence was “God created the heavens and earth, the earth was a formless … Continue reading

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