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Age is More Than a Number

Loyal fans, and those followers that may stay true to a team for no apparent reason, will often support their quarterback under any circumstances. Painting one’s face blue and cheering shirtless in 20 degree weather is quite a noble act. This, however, does not change a team’s facts and statistics, nor does it define their quarterback. Take the LA Rams, for example. They made it to the playoffs in January 2019 and there are some that would say it was the quarterback, Jared Goff, that got them there. When they made it to the Superbowl, this gave those loyal fans even more bragging rights, but it is clear that Jared Goff is the worst NFC West quarterback to make it to a Super Bowl.

In Super Bowl 53, the Rams tied up the record for fewest points earned in a Super Bowl. They share this title with the Miami Dolphins from Super Bowl 6. It takes a pretty weak quarterback to make that happen. It was Jared Goff’s myriad of mistakes during the Super Bowl that caused such an embarrassing low score. For example, when Cooks was wide open, Goff throws the ball half a second too late and the pass is incomplete, Riley McAtee tells us in their article “Jared Goff Had the Worst Game of His Life on the Biggest Stage”, written only a day after the game on February 4th, 2019. Then he did some sort of head bob that landed him a false start. The most ironic part about the contest is how the game is played today with such high-powered offenses, and even with weapons like Brandin Cook, Todd Gurley, and Robert Woods, Goff still couldn’t deliver even a decent game from that side of the ball. A 41 year old Tom Brady even put up comparable statistics in the game when he was facing the better defense with guys like Aaron Donald and Aquib Talib. He has all the help he really needs, the Rams have provided Goff with a winning team, but he is the problem in the equation and provided in Super Bowl 53 he isn’t the man to step up for the job. There were so many mistakes made in that game, that even the biggest and most loyal Rams fan must succumb to the facts and admit that Goff is the worst NFC West quarterback to make it to a Super Bowl.

Some loyal fans may use Jared Goff’s young age to defend his underwhelming and embarrassing Super Bowl performance. He is 24 years old, which is a prime age for an athlete. This past Super Bowl was his chance to shine, and he failed miserably. There have been many quarterbacks in their mid twenties to make it to the Super Bowl and complete passes without making crucial mistakes. Take a look at Ben Roethlisberger’s Super Bowl win against the Seattle Seahawks in 2006. He was only 23 years old when he won his first of two Super Bowl rings. Tom Brady was only 24 years old in 2002 when the Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams. Now even though age doesn’t define how great a player can be and comparing them to great quarterbacks at a young age may sound ridiculous to some, it does give us the input that Goff will never be able to be considered as great as the quarterbacks listed simply because they beat him to the task. They were able to accomplish something that Goff couldn’t, and that’s prove yourself as an established, franchise quarterback who can make big time plays in big time situations such as the Super Bowl. The argument that Goff is too young to be judged is a topic often brought up when the slander of the 24 year-old comes up, but this can be a big red flag for teams with inexperienced quarterbacks behind a franchise ready to compete on the top levels of play. Looking back on guys like Manziel not being able to live up to the hype in Cleveland, Geno Smith’s stunt with the New York Jets that went terribly, Robert Griffin III in Washington D.C. getting injuries piled on. It’s a big risk paying a young quarterback big money when he’s only played in two post seasons and been carried by a stellar defense and rescued by the referees in crunch time, but hopefully the Rams don’t make this mistake by giving Goff an undeserving pay day. Paying Goff

Although his college career at Cal was considered amazing to some, and was able to land him a position as a first round draft pick, this did not carry through to his Super Bowl performance. Carl Stone tells us in his article “Top 50 College Quarterbacks Who Didn’t Pan out as Pros”, written on April 1, 2012, that Ryan Leaf, Vincent Young, Matt Leineart, and Johnny Manziel were other great college quarterbacks who failed to transition their talent at the NFL level. Although Goff has seemed to cement himself in the Rams offense, much like the quarterbacks listed above to their respected teams, only time will tell how the rest of his career pans out. Goff is still young, and may have a good career ahead of him, but the odds are that he will be less successful than most people believe. Manziel, for example, was able to break the starting lineup in Cleveland. After a short 2 year tenure, he was waived because of reckless behavior. Goff has shown no signs that his career will be plagued by off field activities, but his might be ruined due to poor play and not being able to step up during big times in big games.

Stating that Jared Goff is the worst NFC West quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl may seem like a stretch to some, but the counter argument that he’s too young is not a solid reason as to why he performed the way he did in Super Bowl 53. He failed his organization when they gave him the pieces he needed to compete and he didn’t capitalize. Goff is still the worst NFC West quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl.


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