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The Universe-RowanRat

Life as we know it is a product of an experiment by aliens. Their planet has been dying and they have no choice but to civilize elsewhere. They want to create a utopian society and in order to do so, … Continue reading

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Why does the Universe exist?-Metro111c

I thought Jim Holts explanation was far too complex for anyone in the audience to understand. Honestly just like a lot of people I was raised in a christian household and to worship god. Therefore I am lead to believe … Continue reading

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The Universe – carsonwentz1186

It is pretty clear that the universe exists for 3 reasons: sipping iced tea on the porch, Tom Brady winning the super bowl, and humans wasting their lives sitting on the couch watching Star Wars while earth slowly deteriorates around … Continue reading

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I believe the universe exists because God wanted to give others the experience that he had. Freedom, power, and the ability to adapt and change. We are here merely because God wanted us to be. The universe exists because God … Continue reading

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The Universe- honeysucklelilac

Quantum mechanics states that there is no such thing as empty space. It also tells us that nothing is unstable, and the jump from nothing to something was inevitable. There are particles that come into existence and can instantaneously fade … Continue reading

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The Universe- JohnWick66

Why does the Universe Exist? Well, simply put it, why should it matter to humanity? We are a species on a speck in the middle of a vast darkness that spans billions if not trillions of light years across, and if the … Continue reading

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The Universe- person345

Why Does the Universe Exist? We will never know why the universe exists. The universe could have been created due to the Big Bang coincidentally. There is also the possibility that God could have created the universe by questioning his … Continue reading

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The universe- Justheretopass

I have always wondered and questioned, why does the universe exist? The christian in me says that God created everything from nothing. In the bible the first sentence was “God created the heavens and earth, the earth was a formless … Continue reading

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The Universe- imgoingswimming

The question is why, how, and what created this universe? These three questions are almost unanswerable. Does this universe have a beginning, or have we just created this idea of a beginning? The universe has no reason for a start … Continue reading

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The Universe- Christianity19

God Creates The Universe Because a creator wanted it to exist. Most cosmologists now agree that the universe began some 13.7 billion years ago known as the Big Bang. In the beginning there was an explosion, and in three minutes, … Continue reading

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