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Open Strong – BabyGoat

1. The reason our bodies like to respond to music instantly may be hard to understand, but it may not be hard to understand why we like music. When we listen to music that we like, it pleases our sense … Continue reading

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Definition – BabyGoat

Sounds… No. Music… Yes! Music is a language that can connect people from all over. Even if we can’t quite understand the words of a foreigner, we can still hear them. Better yet, we can still feel their music. Music … Continue reading

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White Paper – BabyGoat

Hypothesis: Music aids better cognitive ability due to its ‘feel good’ ability Sources “Music therapy and neurological rehabilitation: Recognition and the performed body in an ecological niche.” In this writing, the writer, David Aldridge, explains why he think music therapy … Continue reading

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Claims – BabyGoat

“Brannan sent Katie to the school therapist, once. She hasn’t seen any other therapist, or a therapist trained to deal with PTSD—Brannan knows what a difference that makes, since the volunteer therapist she tried briefly herself spent more time asking … Continue reading

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