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Stone Money-Hailthegreat8

Crazy Paper This object is something people in the world value. It is something that has moved our society since it has been created. It is something that people need to survive in this world. The item I’m talking about … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-Hailthegreat8

1. Does an Authoritarian parent style affect a child more than an Uninvolved parenting style? 2. Signs of Permissive parent 3. Difference between Authoritarian and Authoritative parent style 4. Which parenting style demonstrates the best results in a child

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Notes you need to take notes it will help you Writing notes could be good practice for you We went over African Americans that are identified as Americans or African Americans You also discussed the point system for these assignments … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—hailthegreat8

Polio can be eradicated. The World Health Organization identifies three types of wild poliovirus; none can survive outside the human body. Research shows that if the poliovirus cannot find an unvaccinated person to infect, it will die out. The virus … Continue reading

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