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Heathcare specialist came out and said that mask wearing has no potential effect on our immune system and could potentially save you or someone you care about. By not wearing a mask you could affect someones life. 200,000 people in America have already died from covid-19 and many more will soon come if we dont take mask wearing seriously. If lives werent a good enough insensitive another would be the American economy, which some Economists predict will save up to 1 trillion dollars by preventing the next big shut down.

After Covid 19 swept the country in late March, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. After the march shut down a lot has been learned but many lifes have been affected since then. Government trust . The mask verse no mask issue is still somthing people are fiercely passionate about on both sides Which was caused by the fact that many people don’t trust the media and we’re feeling the harsh effects of that now since many Americans don’t know who to believe to which no help the president is telling us something different from health experts.

Covid-19 lockdowns happened in early March in some areas of the United States. schools, businesses, and restaurants we’re all closed down. We started hearing the term’s social distance and even heard the mention of masks. While the lockdown has concluded and another shut down won’t be likely there is another way we can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Mask-wearing. If the mask covers your nose and mouth, it will help prevent others from getting sick if you have the virus while also protecting yourself against people who do have the virus. Having everyone in the community wear a mask will help prevent a loophole in which the Coronavirus could enter our communities again it will limit the spread and potentially save a family member of yours. While a mask alone won’t end the pandemic, unless face mask we’re almost mandatory but pairing it along with socially distancing and hand washing has many benefits that could help prevent another shutdown and cause the economy to crash. According to one doctor study “Considering a fixed transmission rate, , 80% adoption of 20%, 50%, and 80% effective masks reduces cumulative relative (absolute) mortality by 1.8%”. This statistic more or less means If 80% of Americans wore a mask on average of the people that died, almost 2% of them would still be here which comes to a little over 4000 with our current numbers.America needs to listen to the doctors and since they are recommending we wear the mask is it our best intentions to start wearing them so we can get back to normal. Since doctors have concluded that wearing mask has no downside but has a possibility keep you safe it almost seems is non-issue.

Think back to march when everything was shut down and it seemed the world was almost ending. Everyone was being sent home from school and being told to stay at home even for work. Having another outbreak would cause tons of problems. Having restaurants, gym’s schools and other businesses shut down for the second time would hurt families. Anytime where they can’t afford to be hurt anymore. The US economy. Usually hinges on what top politicians say such as the president or higher ranking senators but in times of crisis coronavirus experts have to step in. If they keep giving out bad news not only will politicians be put under more pressure, laws will go up preventing people from going out, followed by the stock market taking a beating. When the financial crisis hit in 2007 One estimate had been taken and 10000 lives were lost because of it. People need to work to support their families there’s no other way around it and if we want to prevent long-term suffering we need to be able to keep it open even during this pandemic. Some experts suggest “a real risk of a vicious downward spiral of illness and impoverishment.” So, we need to do everything possible not to let that happen and right now, it seems like our best option is to listen to the doctors, and many Health experts that have agreed on mass safety. Life may not go back to normal as soon as we would like to. We need to do our part to help end this pandemic.

On top of this, during this time the split between Republican and Democrat has gone farther and further. put some high-ranking Republican officials unease about the virus and have often claimed it’s been exaggerated but claimed it hasn’t been dangerous. while this issue shows that the economy can’t shut down again maybe mask were the answer for right now to keep it going. The big issue in going on in the United States is what media Sources can you believe. people feel like they’re being lied to or have been betrayed by the media in the past and now refuse to listen to them because of that. Health officials have been stressing how important it’s been to wear masks but many people don’t to them since they believe this is fake news and it is to get the Republicans out of office. Having this disconnect is putting lives at risk . covid-19 is not going to be won or lost it’s a war, it will be won or lost in the lab with doctors and other led Health experts. However, this response will happen only if scientists and healthcare workers are heard.

Scientists and health experts have said wearing a mask has no downside and when it increases your chances of getting sick in any way. Even though there isn’t enough data to prove the point in small settings it has at least shown some effectiveness to prevent the spread of covid-19 and to that we can’t argue. while they may be annoying, it could save someone’s life and help the economy not shut down again which everyone can agree on.

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