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White Paper- Jeffbezos

Waking up to a 6am alarm clock, having over a 14 hour day ahead of them. This is the normal for most college athletes. Students across the country try to balance athletics, school work, their jobs, social life and family … Continue reading

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Thesis: College athletes are tested more physically and mentally then Professional athletes Professional athletes are tested more physically and mentally then college athletes  Pro athletes play the biggest and strongest guys in the world They may not be the biggest … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-JeffBezos

In the first 5 seconds of this commercial, you see a young man running around playing soccer. You see him sweating alot and breathing heavly, indicating that he is most likey tired from playing. I see that the lights are … Continue reading

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Safer Saws- Jeffbezos

Industry Spokesperson: The SawStop company has given the information regarding one of their products saying: “The saw weighs 79 pounds and retails for $1299”. This is can be a numerical claim because it states how much it costs and the weight … Continue reading

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Open Strong- Jeffbezos

Open Strong  Approximately 46.6 million people are living with mental illness in the United States. That’s 1 in 5 adults who will be living with a mental health condition at some point in their lives. This does not exclude our … Continue reading

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I would want you to make sure that I stay on topic, I have a tendency to bounce back and fourth between ideas Continue reading

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“Sometimes I can’t do the laundry,” Brannan explains, reclining on her couch. “And it’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m too tired to do the laundry,’ it’s like, ‘Um, I don’t understand how to turn the washing machine on.’ I am looking … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—jeffbezos

To get rid of Poliovirus we may need to take away personal rights. As wrong as that sounds, to get rid of this once and for all everyone needs to be vaccinated. No excuses. This may not seem as big … Continue reading

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