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Bibliography – capched

Annotated Bibliography Connie Fossi, W. S. (2020, February 20). Body Cameras Turned Off During Miami PD Arrest. NBC 6 South Florida. . A man named Samuel Scott had called police because his car was stolen. When police arrived at … Continue reading

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annotated bibliography-honeysucklelilac

Annotated Bibliography Bahareh Zamani, Gustav Sandin, Greg M. Peters, Life cycle assessment of clothing libraries: can collaborative consumption reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion?, Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 162, 2017, Pages 1368-1375, ISSN 0959-6526 Background: This article discusses … Continue reading

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Young, L., Motz, V., Markey, E., Young, S., & Beaschler, R. (2017). Recommendations for Best Disinfectant Practices to Reduce the Spread of Infection via Wrestling Mats. Journal of Athletic Training, 52(2), 82–88. Background: This article is about the best recommendations … Continue reading

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Bibliography- CompIIstudent Jones, D. A. (2004). Why Americans Don’t Trust the Media. Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, 9(2), 60-75. doi:10.1177/1081180×04263461 Background: This is a journal post from 2004 about how Americans no longer trust the media, as a study was taken down to … Continue reading

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Source 1 Additional informationNotes on contributorsMichael ViegaMichael Viega. (n.d.). What’s in a song? Combining analytical and arts-based analysis for songs created by songwriters with neurodisabilities. Retrieved March 06, 2021, from Background: This is an article that includes a deep … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography – mrmba1

Berchicci, Marika. “Benefits of Physical Exercise on the Aging Brain: The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex.” 2013. Content: This study done by the Department of Human Movement at the University of Rome discusses and discovers that increased physical activity in … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- Thecommoncase

National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2021, March 03). Opioids. Retrieved March 07, 2021, from Background: The National Institute on Drug Abuse summarizes the chemical makeup of opioids and explains how they affect the human body. It lists the different … Continue reading

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Source 1:  Brooks, David . 2019. “The Cruelty of Call-Out Culture.” New York Times, January 14. Background: This is an opinion article. The author of the article recalls a podcast that told the story of Emily, a member of a hard core punk … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography – carsonwentz1186

Albanese, L. (2020). Members of Super Bowl champion GIANTS Remember 1990 fondly. Retrieved April 12, 2021 Background: This article reflects on the reactions to the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl in the 1990 season with a mid round … Continue reading

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Bibliography- Icedcoffeeislife

Hanton, S., & Connaughton, D. (2020). Perceived control of anxiety and its relationship to self-confidence and performance. Retrieved 2021, from Background: This article is focusing on the relationship between anxiety and self-confidence in swimmers. The study was conducted to … Continue reading

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