Safer Saw-Jets1313

  1. The manufacturers of this product are Steve Gass, Bosch. Customers of this product would be people that work in factories, or in a wood-cutting business. The industry spokesperson seemed to be Steve Gass as him and the narrator did most of the talking about the product.
  2. This machine will improve wood workers experience because it contains a safety feature that stops the blade from cutting wood if it senses a persons finger, allowing the saw to be much safer for the people that use them.
  3. the claim being made is that if your finger is wet and salty (which it naturally is) then the saw will stop running to protect your finger from being cut.
  4. the claim made about this saw is extremely accurate as it is tested by the manufacturer, however, it only works if your finger is wet, so if you aren’s sweating or drenched in water this might not be helpful. The quality of this machine doesnt seem to be great because although it stops when it sensed a wet salty finger, it breaks the entire machine if it does need to stop. This machine claims to be reasonable and efficient however, economically, this doesnt seem like the best design because repurchasing the machine would probably be very expensive. The claim that the machine is safe is good because it is but the video shows the manufacturer dernching his finger in water before going near the saw, this leads the viewer to not be persuaded by the claim because we dont know if it works if your finger isnt wet.
  5. I agree that this saw is safer because it will stop, however, it is not cost efficient because the machine breaks if your finger does get close to the saw. Also, your finger needs to be wet and salty which is not practical. So no, I do not agree with the claim that this machinewill protect your fingers for those reasons.
  6. Quote the constituent
  7. Paraphrase or explain what claim is made if necessary, or simply repeat the quote if not.
  8. Identify what type of claim is being made.
  9. In a few sentences, evaluate the accuracy, quality, reasonableness, and persuasiveness of the claim, and any support that is offered for the claim.
  10. You may also choose to refute the claim, again in a few sentences, if you disagree with it.


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