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On the Other Paw… 

The American Kennel Club, the registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States, is who determines what each breed’s standards are. It is crazy to believe that this well known club purposely picks negative traits, or ones that are damaging to the body. So what determines if a trait is negative or not, or if a trait is detrimental or not? According to the Nest, some detrimental traits that affect dogs can be aggressiveness, hip problems, deafness, and epilepsy. It is counterintuitive to think how the company that judges and makes these regulations for what these breeds must possess, are trying to intentionally hurt the breed. 

Next, artificial insemination may not be as bad for breeds as we think. Artificial insemination does manage to raise pregnancy odds, and produce a fruitful pregnancy. Artificial insemination can also allow breeders to produce semen from sires all around the world, and keep chilled or frozen. It can open many new possibilities for a bitch who cannot mate naturally, aggressive, or with medical conditions. Some more benefits include: decrease in stress levels for both animals, no need to travel or have trauma from mating, worldwide access of semen, semen collected and stored from deceased, can allow for semen to be evaluated more closely for fertility problems and mutations and abnormalities, prevent STDs, and the frozen samples can be collected and stored for long times and can remain fertile. 

Even if these dog breeds are unhealthy, they are still a few of the most popular dogs. According to AKC’s website, the French BullDog is ranked the 4th most popular dog in 2019, the Bulldog number 5th, Boston Terrier is the 21st, and the Pug 31st out of 193 recorded purebred breeds. So if these dogs are truly prone to diseases and have some of the most expensive vet bills to take care of according to vet records, why are they still heavily supported amongst families? The same can be said for the breed like the Golden Retriever, who is ranked the 3rd most popular breed. The Golden Retriever are likely to suffer from hip problems, more specifically, 74% of goldens are predisposed to hip dysplasia, a skeletal condition popular in large breeds which causes the hip joints (the ball and socket) to not develop properly, making these joints rub and grind compared to sliding together smoothly. Despite this condition, the Golden is known as the perfect family dog, and is bred for that. It seems unfair to point out the flaws of these dogs, instead of considering since these dogs are highly adopted, their disease cases may be skewed since other breeds do not have the same opportunities to be diagnosed and publicized due to them not being considered popular. Basically, since they are some of the most popular breeds, they are gonna have more data compared to less popular breeds. 

Regardless of popularity, there is a market for all sorts of remedies for dogs. For example, dogs with extra face rolls can use things like wrinkle wipes, balms, soaps and many other products specifically targeted to soothe and treat the infections that can happen in the face wrinkles. Another product on the market is goggles, or also coined “Doggles” which are goggles for dogs that stop eye injuries. Lots of products are made to be used regularly and hopefully started before any infections or injuries have occured. Some of the conditions are due to the owners negligence, and could have been prevented. Before a dog is bought, all owners should do research in the trends of these dogs whether it being behavioral or diseases the breed can tend to have. These products are not hard to find and can be purchased online or in person at companies like Chewy, Petsmart, Petco, and even Amazon. Also, these dogs do not require grooming services, so where you may purchase more in products for these breeds, you may break even due to not having to make grooming appointments.  

These breeds are also perfect for full time and busy families. The breeds require low maintenance and do not require lots of exercise, and are in the category of non-sporting dogs in shows. You can see this demonstrated in City areas, where the bulldog and Frenchie are commonly seen. These dogs do not need large areas of grass to run around in, and are perfect for apartments since they are all considered smaller breeds. Regardless of all the negativity that these breeds are known for, they are lots of good aspects that shouldnt be forgotten.

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