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Summaries-RowanRat It seems counterintuitive that people declare euthenasia unethical to children. In Belgium, the extension of euthenasia to children was voted upon, resulting in 50 supports and 17 against the bill. Pro-lifers, who are generally catholic, disagree with the extension … Continue reading

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Stone Money-rowanstudent24

The Money Perspective The more I read about the topic of money, the more it made me really think about what money really means to different people. Money around the world can have a different meaning for everyone. Some people … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- rowanstudent24

Animal Abuse Animal Abuse in a household The effect of abuse that animals receive or see can effect them. Animal Abuse is more common in dysfunctional households. Dysfunctional households tend to have people in them that don’t know how to … Continue reading

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Practice Opening-rowanstudent24

This virus will never truly be eradicated because of the rumors of the vaccine being a political stunt and that it contains contaminates that would harm people. One contaminate that are rumored to be in the vaccine is “birth defect-causing … Continue reading

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