26 Class WED APR 21

A Riddle about Riddles


1. Last Call for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness.

2. Invitation to post at Rate My Professor

3. Your Professor-for-Life

4. Class Discussion


The CDC will meet today to decide how to distribute COVID-19 vaccines as they become available. Among the factors that will influence their decisions are the types of vaccine available, the effectiveness and dangers of different types, and the types of people who will get the vaccine in what order.

Many decisions will depend on good Definition and Causal Arguments. Name some that must be addressed before sound decisions can be made.

Where would you start? Who would get the vaccine first, second, third? Who would pay for the vaccines? Who should be allowed to demand early treatment? Who should be allowed to refuse? 

3. A Final appeal for Brevity, Richness, and Clarity.

Many of my beloved students are putting arguments into the Feedback Please category asking for advice on sources and assessments of the quality of their arguments. I’m happy to help with both of those requests, and my Feedback queue is currently empty, so I should be able to respond promptly.

Three questions I’m never asked, but which every student could benefit from asking, are,

  1. Are my claims as clear and brief as they could be?
  2. Do I make as many content-rich statements as I could in every sentence?
  3. Are my claims burdened by jargon and “academic” language? 

Follow the link to examples of Feedback regarding clear claims.

14 Responses to 26 Class WED APR 21

  1. oaktree1234 says:

    12/1 Notes
    Riddle about riddles
    Covid-19 vaccine- must be kept at 90 degrees bellow freezing
    who would you give it to first? first responders? people with underlying conditions?
    Writing tip- don’t use big words just to sound “smart”


  2. runnerd4 says:

    If you over argue a point your readers already agree with, you could lose them
    It’s like overexplaining a joke

    instructor evaluation and rate my professor
    professor for life

    Hospital Workers with underlying health conditions should probably be first to get the vaccine
    Shouldn’t be forced to take it because herd immunity doesn’t require 100% of people to take the vaccine

    Can still ask for feedback please!
    Brevity, richness, and clarity
    Make sure my claims are not burdened by jargon and academic language. Readers need to know what you are talking about
    Don’t try to sound smarter
    Unclutter my claims to persuade easier


  3. cardinal7218 says:

    -Do a ratemyprofessor review
    -Professor Hodges will always be a resource for writing help or recommendations even when we’re done with the class
    -COVID vaccines are coming, but a lot of things will need to be defined and categorized. There are lots of causal arguments and logic chains to be considered as well.
    -Who would be first? What’s the ranking of people who should get the vaccine?
    -Should hospitals turn people away who won’t get the vaccine?
    -If a motorcycle driver refuses a helmet, they can only hurt themselves. But refusing the vaccine could kill others.
    -Either way, people will likely die….we just have to choose who? So are we playing God a bit is that what you’re saying Professor Hodges

    -Brief, clear claims are key
    -Content rich sentences- say enough to cover three sentences in one sentence
    -Don’t imitate academic papers and weigh the paper down with “more thoughtfulness”
    -Clarity, brevity, richness
    -Don’t try to sound smarter, just be smarter. Easy
    -There’s a difference between academic and smart


  4. clementine102 says:

    -My Notes-
    – A Riddle About Riddles –
    – What is red and is shaped like a bucket?
    – A red bucket.
    – Do rate my professor and course evaluations (Done)
    – Class Discussion –
    – CDC is deciding today how they will distribute the COVID-19 vaccine
    – They also have to decide who they are able to give it to you
    – I think they should give it to health care workers first and second, high risk people.


  5. profs22 says:

    Course evaluations
    Rate my professor
    CDC covid vaccines-how do we decide who gets vaccines first and are they affordable
    Do not make arguments sound too academic
    Post arguments into feedback please category and drop a reply


  6. rowanstudent24 says:

    12/1 Notes:
    – Make sure your course evaluation is done.
    – Post at rate my professor and share your experiences of how the class was to you
    – Professor Hodges is your professor for life and is more than happy to help out with any writing in the future. Thank you Professor!
    – The elderly, people who have a poor immune system and first responders (more specifically hospital workers) should get the virus first. The vaccines should be free to the public or really cheap just because the virus has gotten so bad. Anyone should be allowed to refuse the virus if they don’t trust it yet.
    – Try not to clutter your writing with academic writing. It can really make your reader confused.


  7. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes- 12/1/20
    -funny because it isn’t what is expected
    COVID 19
    -who should get it? how will it be passed out? Should it be mandatory?
    -ask questions to create an argument
    Can still ask for feedback
    -brevity, richness, clarity
    – don’t sound to academic and machine like
    Submit portfolio by tomorrow!!
    -still can edit after submitted
    -might be graded all the way to conference date


  8. 612119d says:

    Class Notes- 12/1/20
    -Knock Knock Jokes
    Covid Shot
    create an argument
    ask for feedback
    Submit portfolio by tomorrow!!
    still can edit after submitted


  9. gooferious says:

    12/1/2020 Notes:
    – Portfolio Check on Thursday
    – Professor for life option open to us for future help (thank you for this!)
    – CDC will meet today to discuss COVID vaccines
    – We should attempt to reduce jargon and “academese”


  10. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -join meeting on thursday (in order from which you joined room) & pick time for grade conference
    -a riddle about riddles
    -audiences expectations
    -lifetime guarantee
    -covid19 vaccine – who gets the vaccine first ? many classifications of risk
    -three questions never asked
    -looking for boldness


  11. l8tersk8ter says:

    – The point: several ways to deliver a message, likely one best way
    – Decisions about vaccines will come from causal and definition arguments
    – Who should get it? Who’s the front line? What happens if they don’t get it?
    – Need logical and fair plan
    Questions to ask
    – Are claims clear and content rich and worded correctly
    – Brevity and clarity, don’t fill with extra wording that doesn’t need to be there, be simple and say what you’re trying to say


  12. sonnypetro29 says:


    -Riddle-Knock knock
    -Rate my professor
    – how will the CDC choose who gets the vaccine first and how they should get it.
    – questions that should be asked but never do in feedback please
    – in class exercise
    – Thursday portfolio meeting


  13. comicdub says:

    12/01/20 Notes:
    – Go do course evaluations and rate my professor
    – Brevity and clarity are important aspects of writing
    – In class exercise on brevity and clarity link
    – Thursday: Portfolio double checks


  14. shadowswife says:


    – Teacher evaluation surveys (again)
    – Rate My Professor (again)
    – Favorite Joke:
    * Why did the tomato turn red? Because he saw the salad dressing.

    Class Discussions:
    – If you over argue a point that the readers already agree with, you risk making them lose interest.
    – COVID-19 vaccines are not approved, yet, but the CDC will have a tough decision to make on how to distribute them.
    * The CDC will decide where the first couple thousand of vaccines will go.
    – If a vaccine receives approval on an emergency basis, it’s not going to be distributed to the entire population.
    – The FDA determines who gets a vaccine or new drug on an emergency basis.
    – There are different types of vaccines to decide from.
    – Children might be given the vaccine last because the vaccines that are available were tested on adults.
    – Several decisions will be based on good definition arguments and string causal arguments.
    – Who would give the vaccine first, second, and third?
    * High risk people
    + People with underlying health conditions
    * First responders
    + Hospital and nursing staff
    + Police officers and firefighters
    * Senior citizens
    * First come first server.
    – Who would pay for these vaccines?
    * Tax payers would make the vaccines cheaper.
    – Who should demand early treatment for COVID-19?
    – Brevity, richness, and clarity
    – Make sure your claims are clear.
    – Claims should not have jargon and academic language.
    – Don’t try to sound smarter.


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