07 Class TUE SEP 22

Blog Mechanics Review

  • Class Cancellation Procedure
  • Mandatory Conferences
  • Navigation Tips
  • Nomenclature (Naming Posts)
  • Categories (and Uncategorized)
  • Feedback Please

Wanna See a Good One?

A Note about the Process.

  1. The purpose of assigning a Hypothesis very early in the semester was not to put you behind or thwart your progress, it was to get the ball rolling.
  2. You identified a topic. It wasn’t well-defined or as sharp as it would need to be to support an academic argument, but it was SOMETHING meaningful that prompted you to begin to explore source material.
  3. From here, the process is cumulative and flexible. Instead of wasting your time “brainstorming” about your vague notion, you start to read in your area of interest. From here, the process is cumulative and flexible. Instead of wasting your time “brainstorming” about your vague notion, you start to read in your area of interest. From here, the process is cumulative and flexible. Instead of wasting your time “brainstorming” about your vague notion, you start to read in your area of interest.
  4. AS YOU GATHER AND INVESTIGATE SOURCES, your vague notion begins to crystallize. You start to have ideas, find angles, develop theories, encounter surprising details you can’t wait to share!
  5. You gather the best of those sources into your White Paper and cluster them around WHATEVER HAPPENS TO BE YOUR BEST WORKING HYPOTHESIS.
  6. As the semester continues, you do more research, abandon early ideas, refine your thinking, place new sources into conversation with old sources, and DEVELOP A THESIS YOU CAN PROVE.
  7. AT NO POINT IN THE PROCESS is there a place where you can get stuck thinking, “I have to solve this problem before I can continue.” Moving forward is the solution.
  8. You write early drafts of short arguments along the way. First a Definition/Categorical argument. Then a Causal Argument. Finally, a Rebuttal argument, all based on your developing thesis.
  9. Each of these arguments can be revised as many times as you wish, always for grade improvement.
  10. Eventually, the entire project coalesces into a single 3000-word, well-researched, carefully argued Research Position Paper that proves a single thesis.

Today’s New Material


  • Identifying Claims (The Claims Task) 


  • Claims Task
  • The Claims Task assignment page includes a fairly comprehensive list of Claim Types and a very useful model of Student Work to guide you in formatting your work for this assignment.

Sample Claims Analysis:
Consider these claims, some obvious, others hidden

When Caleb was finally screened for the severity of his TBI, Brannan says he got the second-worst score in the whole 18-county Gulf Coast VA system, which serves more than 50,000 veterans.

— “finally screened” means that according to Brannan or the author or both, Caleb should have been screened long before. It suggests that the VA was negligent in delaying his testing.
— “the severity of his TBI” clearly contains the claim that he in fact has some degree of TBI. The fact that he hadn’t until then been screened for it means nobody knew for sure that he did, but the author makes that claim.
— “Brannan says” means that the author has not independently verified Caleb’s score or where it ranked against all other screenings.
— “the second-worst score in the whole 18-county Gulf Coast VA system” is offered as Brannan’s claim that her husband is suffering more than almost anyone. Considering her vested interest in promoting this perspective, we have to be at least a little suspicious of the ranking.
— “which serves more than 50,000 veterans” gives the impression that Caleb was hurt worse than 50,000 other veterans. But let’s be clear. Many of these 50,000 will not have served in combat at all. Many will not have had active engagement with enemy troops on the battlefield. Many of those who did see active fighting will not have been near explosive devices. So we’re not comparing him to 50,000 TBI sufferers.

25 Responses to 07 Class TUE SEP 22

  1. Jessicariccio says:

    Check on the rowan website or for text messages regarding cancellation of in person class

    Make sure to name posts and categorize them as the assignment and your username

    Feedback please category for feedback

    The purpose of starting the hypothesis is to identify your topic and continue to revise it to make it well-defined

    Instead of wasting time brainstorming you start to read in your area of interest

    As investigation continues you start to form idea and theories and may encounter the opposite of what you hypothesis originally stated

    Continually develop the thesis and argument

    Can always be revised and improved

    The final product is a well-researched final draft that proves the thesis

    There can be multiple claims within a suggestion

    The claim “lets harvest the organs of death row inmates” can arise many arguments and rebuttals

    There are many underlying claims that are unspoken that you must dig deeper to interpret

  2. cfriery says:

    September 22nd Notes:

    Housekeeping –
    Class Cancellation Procedure – Basically if the class is canceled then you’ll text us, BUT make sure to CHECK rowan’s website first. Zoom class will still be held regardless of whether or not in-person is canceled.

    Defend My Hypothesis Appointment/Teleconference – September 23rd (tomorrow) @ 7:00 am
    My Notes – Defend Hypothesis. Feedback Please was really helpful THANK YOU. I just need some guidance on how to word my “final draft” of my hypothesis so that the concept I’m brewing is what I want it to be.

    Stone Money – cardinal (READ THAT)

    Hypothesis Process:

    A lot of students stated that their topics had personal relevance to them.
    Open a white paper (probably next week) about your topic. NO THINKING!
    That vague notion starts to become clearer as you start to gather sources and develop theories. The best working hypothesis is what you use.
    Develop a thesis you can prove.
    Moving forward is the solution, you can’t get stuck. Move with your hypothesis. Allow your research to change your mind.
    ASK FOR HELP! THAT”S WHAT HE’S (Professor Hodges <3) IS THERE FOR!
    You write early drafts of short arguments along the way. First a Definition/Categorical argument. Then a Causal Argument. Then a Rebuttal argument, all based on developing your thesis.
    Each of these arguments can be revised as many times as you want
    Then *BOOM* Research Paper time!

    White Paper ASSIGNED on THURSDAY (start looking for sources)

    Claims Analysis:

    Sharing a valued judgment. Claims can vary between people and their opinions.
    Let's Harvest the Organ of Death Row Inmates
    Let's – Let us do something (it is it's OWN claim)
    Harvest – analogy claim (harvest means collecting something when it is ready to be collected)
    An analogy that makes it seem less like we're stealing organs from death row inmates and more like we're doing something that's "all positive". Harvest is a nicer word.
    Death Row Inmates – Narrows the proposal.

    Reaction: I think the quality and logic of the argument is quite good. If a death row immate wants to donate their organs then they should, but TAKING their organs is NOT okay. This also brings up the debate about capital punishment. Is it right or wrong? Should we be allowed to take someone's life through captial punishment anyways? There was also in a criticizism of capital punishment within the video that we AREN'T doing this.

    Model of Claims Analysis:

    After your explanation of the first sentence in the video, and your notes on the claims I definitely noticed that even with the "warning" about claims. My focus WAS swayed STILL because I didn't even THINK about the issue/argument/moral dilemma about capital punishment!

    There are SO MANY claims for ONE sentence.

    Homework: Is PTSD Contagious? DUE THURSDAY (Spend 2 hours on this assignment) ANALYZE CLAIMS IN JUST ONE PARAGRAPH. Assigned Paragraph: 2nd paragraph (you told me it was interesting so I'm holding you to it!)

  3. oaktree1234 says:

    Blog Mechanics
    -class cancelation procedure: text professor before using any other method of communication
    -mandatory meetings must be made
    -naming posts: title and post name are not the same

    Example of good stone money essay: cardinal, “Funny Money”

    A Note about the Process
    -don’t brainstorm, just start reading and taking notes
    -remember this process is flexible and cumulative
    -don’t stop if you encounter an issue, tell professor or find a way around it
    -there should be a drastic difference between the first draft and final

    Today’s New Material
    -claims analysis: many different types of claims
    lets harvest the organs of death row inmates- first claim is “lets” proposal claim
    “harvest” is an analogy claim to try and make what your’e doing sound better
    organs from 1 inmate can save 12 people, issue is ethical or not?
    -what is the author claiming with each of their sentences or even words?

    Task: Is PTSD contagious?
    1 hour reading/listening
    1 hour analyzing claims- one paragraph will be assigned to each student
    *paragraph starting with “sometimes i can’t do the laundry”*

  4. rowanstudent24 says:

    9/22 Notes:
    – Write about something you really care about for your research paper. Having a persona connection to the topic can really help. Don’t waste time brain storming, just read and write.
    – There are lots of different kinds of claims.
    – Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates. The word “let’s” is a claim cause you are proposing us to do something. Harvest is a claim by analogy. Harvesting is all positive. It is an argument by analogy.
    -Initial reaction to Video: I think this is unethical just because these inmates have families and it’s not right to do that without their consent. We have no right to kill them.
    – Paragraph for take home assignment starts with “Whatever is happening to caleb, it’s as old as war itself.”

  5. runnerd4 says:

    Class cancellation: we will receive a text. Go to campus website first. We will still have class on zoom if in person class is cancelled
    Remember the mandatory conferences. Next one by October 27th.
    Also remember the proper way to title posts on the blog with task name and username. Remember categories as well.
    A good example of the draft is Cardinal’s.
    Rewrite is not due until the end of the semester.

    read and take notes.
    purposeful summaries
    When your brainstorm, all you do is think the same ideas over and over again.
    You bring stuff into white paper starting with hypothesis, then as you research you put link in white pages and create a purposeful summary. Keep moving on. Do not stop to think, keep researching. If there is a serious problem, ask for help. Difference between 1st draft and final draft is very important in portfolio. Whatever your paper can prove is your final thesis. White page assignment on Thursday.

    Claims Task:
    “Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates”
    Claim one “let’s”. Turns the whole argument into a proposal
    Claim two: Harvest is an analogy claim. Makes it seem less like stealing the organs. Rhetorically suggesting that this is all positive.
    Seems pretty unethical, but in a way logical. This piece also in a way criticizes capital punishment.
    It is crazy that there are so many claims in these works, even in each sentence.

    Task: Is PTSD contagious
    Spend 2 hours on this assignment. Spend 1 hour reading/listening. Spend no more than one hour writing the analysis on a specific paragraph. Name claim type and explain. My paragraph starts with “Secondary traumatic stress…”

  6. thecommoncase says:

    -if you aren’t sure if classes if will in person due to weather, text Hodges
    -Don’t bold, underline, or make title/references bigger

    The Process
    -As your reading and researching, start writing
    -no brainstorming
    -gather information in the white paper
    -Don’t get hung up on anything, simply move on if you cannot solve a small issue (finding sources)
    -writing different types of argument essays and then add them together in the end
    -first draft and final draft will be in white paper
    -there are different types of claims (factual, persuasive, value., etc)
    -beginning a sentence with “let’s” is a proposal claim
    -narrowing claims to discuss things like a specific group of people is an argument
    -multiple claims can be made in one sentence
    -focus on every word when analyzing claims (there is always more than one)

  7. clementine102 says:

    -My Notes-
    – If class is cancelled, Professor Hodges will send out a text if class is no longer in person but it will still be virtual.
    – Mandatory Conference reminder! Make an appointment.
    — A Note about the Process —
    – As you gather information, you need to form your own opinion on it.
    – Move with your hypothesis: Grow with your new information
    – You should always be improving on what you write so your ideas get more clear as you write
    –Claims Analysis–
    –Lets Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates–
    — Very provocative claim but it is also recommending something
    – “LETS” is a claim because it means “allow us to do this” which is a proposal
    – A second claim is HARVEST because it means to collect when it needs to be collected which is an analogy because we didn’t actually help them “grow”. Harvest has a positive connotation and to the death row inmates a negative connotation.
    – Watching the vide, I thought that this idea is a little unethical because they do not have consent to do this.

  8. cardinal7218 says:

    -Class cancellation: see if Rowan announced something first, then if it’s getting close to class and there’s no news, text
    -Make sure you appropriately title essay
    -Hypothesis: don’t brainstorm, research and take notes
    -We develop a thesis as we go. Allow your research to change your mind
    -Don’t get stuck. The way you solve a problem is by moving forward
    -We draft 3 1000 word essays and put them together for the final draft
    -The difference between your early and final drafts has to be significant
    -Important to recognize claims for types of claims they are
    -Don’t confuse facts and claims
    -“Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates”- now there’s a claim. It’s going to suggest something
    -“Let’s” is the first claim. “How about we agree to do this?” It’s a proposal
    -Harvest is the second claim, analogy claim. You harvest things that you grow yourself. You definitely don’t harvest organs, so it’s an analogy. It’s a nicer way of saying “cop some organs.” Rhetorically suggesting that this is a positive action
    -“Death row inmates”- proposes that we’re not just taking anyone’s organs. We assume that death row inmates have already given up their rights, I mean we’ve decided to kill them as it is so why not take their organs
    -Why focus on the 12 people a year who die from capital punishment instead of the thousands on thousands of non-criminals a year who die and didn’t check a box to donate organs? Why not make organ donation mandatory? What’s the point of focusing on death row inmates?

  9. gooferious says:

    09/22/2020 Notes:
    – If class is ever cancelled, we should check the school’s website and assume we are still meeting on Zoom as scheduled
    – When researching about our topic, we should take key points that we didn’t know about to include into our paper
    – First act of academic writing is by indicating what is important regarding your topic for research
    – In video shown in class, the first claim was the word “let’s”; it is trying to persuade.
    – On death row, in my opinion I believe these inmates should be given the choice to do some last good on their part before death
    – Language used to communicate claims is important

  10. dayzur says:


    -If class is canceled due to weather, or something of that sort, we meet on Zoom.
    -Mandatory conferences, Under syllabus pro tab -> mandatory conferences
    -You shouldn’t just be finding sources and writing opinions on it just because it fits the hypothesis
    -Look for material that surprises you or truly interests you
    -As you find these sources and gain different views, you can blend your hypothesis into them and change it around
    -Purposeful summaries are good for writing, engaging in argument with original text
    -Translating info into your own words instead of just dumping data on reader
    -Conducting your own resources is possible, can conduct a series of interviews, or conduct a survey
    -Don’t get stuck on problems thinking you cannot continue, don’t halt progress
    -Essay will become 3 short arguments, 1000 words, a definition, casual, and finally a rebuttal argument
    -At the end of 10 weeks and the arguments are written and revised, all that needs to be done is to be combined
    -Analyzing claims
    -Claim: Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates
    -“Let’s” is a proposal, that is a claim
    -“We must” another example of proposal
    -Analogy claim: Harvest, means: not use the word the way we usually would
    -Typically you do not harvest organs, yet you do harvest crops
    -Claim: you can save about a dozen people with one persons body they wont be using anymore
    -Class believes this to be a good and bad thing depending on different circumstances
    -Good: Saving a dozen people, with consent to use the organs
    -Bad: ethically wrong

  11. 612119d says:

    Class Cancellation – if is canceled then you’ll text us, check rowan’s website. Zoom class will be held regardless of whether

    Defend My Hypothesis Appointment/Teleconference
    Make an appointment.
    read and take notes.
    Lets Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates
    Lets is the first cliam
    Harvest is the second claim.
    Death row imates should 100 percent have the option to donate there organs`

  12. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -there will never be another snow day again (everyone log into zoom)
    -mandatory meetings
    -make sure title stone wall appropriately
    -Hypothesis should be accumulative (find stuff that surprises) and shift or tweak if need be
    -combine into 3000 word research paper
    -critical reading -author persuades
    -harvest of death row inmates- “lets” is first claim
    -harvest- positive connotation
    -on paper in theory sounds great but morally may not be right since people not on death row also have the choice not to, but if they want to I don’t see why its a bad idea going out contributing something positive before they are executed.
    -read the videos claims
    -ptsd task due thursday

  13. comicdub says:

    9/22/20 Notes
    -If a class had to be cancelled Zoom is an option so class still goes on
    -If campus is closed, it will be on a front page notice of the rowan website, or a text from Professor
    -Professor conferences are mandatory and the first has to be before the 24th if you have not already done so
    -Naming posts should all follow the outlined naming conventions for each assignment
    -Cardinals Stone Money essay is a very good example of a first draft
    -It is wise to pick a hypothesis that has a deep personal connection to yourself, it will make it easier to write as well as meaningful
    -If your not learning from what you are reading when researching, then you are not on the right track
    -Gather all of our sources into whitepaper possibly on Thursday
    -If you do a good purposeful summary, you’ve already started to make progress on your paper because you already put the information into your own words
    -If you get stuck on something, immediately let the professor know, don’t just sit and wait
    -Show development from your early draft and your revised one
    -Claims analysis is an important critical reading skill
    -Use vivid graphics in paper to make your point
    -Let’s: is a proposal claim, suggesting that we do something
    -Harvest: is an analogy claim, not using the word the way we usually use it by using a comparison
    -Language you use to communicate ideas are claims

  14. l8tersk8ter says:

    Blog Mechanics Review
    – No weather cancellation, will be all online if needed, look at Rowan website and look out for text from professor
    – 3 Mandatory Conferences to get a passing grade
    – Naming Posts, name at very top should be assignment and username this is what will be shown in the side bar, titles go with text not at the very top
    – Make sure to put in correct categories (usually assignment and authors name)
    – Utilize “feedback please” with category and reply to own post with specifics
    Note About the Process
    – A meaningful, personal exercise, position that gives you a voice
    – Cumulative process, keep gathering info, no need to brainstorm just read and gather sources
    – Be willing and eager to change hypothesis
    – Never halt process
    Claims Analysis (Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates)
    – The very first claim is “Let’s” it’s a proposal to do something, proposal claim
    – Next claim, analogy claim, “harvest” word not used as ordinarily done, harvesting is going to gather crop that you own and produced, organs are not something we grow or own or have the right to take without payment or permission
    – Category of people chosen that can persuade people towards, better to take from death row inmates than school children
    – We can rightly take whatever we want from these inmates because they sacrificed their rights by committing crimes and being convicted, right?

  15. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class notes-9/22
    Class cancelations—zoom
    Update conference times
    How to name everything correctly
    Feedback category for extra help
    Hypothesis overview
    • Make it mean something
    • Learn as you go
    • Toss out vague ideas
    • First person research
    Claims Assignment
    • Let’s harvest organs
    • ” harvest” = analogy claim
    • “Let’s” = proposal claim
    • Is it morally right to harvest inmates’ organs?
    • Class says yes
    • Many claims in a short text are made
    Homework- Claims analysis on certain paragraphs
    “At home after school” paragraph

  16. wafflesrgud22 says:


    -Reviewed how to sign up for conference before thursday
    -“A Note about the Process”
    -Possibly choose a topic for hypothesis that means a lot to me and NOT just mindlessly write about it… “get something off chest”
    -Critical claims assignment
    -Visual rhetoric assignment (in the future )
    -Video: “Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates”
    -They don’t really have rights left at all and are going to die anyways
    -I think it is a good idea but not sure if people would be willing to accept it
    -Then the execution is not painful as most are (Class Discussion)
    -Lots of claims in the short video.. More than i remember hearing
    –ASSIGNMENT: listen to podcast and write claims paragraph due WED MIDNIGHT
    My paragraph: “It’s to help kids like that ….volunteers” (“Is PTSD Contagious?” ) https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/01/ptsd-epidemic-military-vets-families/

  17. sunshine2818 says:

    Class 9/22
    IN case of cancelation will happen anyway because of zoom
    Meeting with professor will be held zoom
    – After done write a memo in the google doc
    Read cardinal essay (funny money)
    If need help from professor ASK in white paper

    The claims argument assignment
    – Let’s harvest the organs of the death row inmates
    – Lets is the first claim
    – In a proposal form
    – “It is clear we will benefit from”
    Harvest is an analogy word
    Applying what we know and understand to something else
    Assignment try to find as many claims as you can
    – So far
    – Consider
    – Maybe
    Assignment is PTSD contagious
    One paragraph
    Mine – so she doesn’t, if she not saving phones or blogging
    Assignments due Wed night

  18. sonnypetro29 says:

    notes 9/22
    -Housekeeping: class cancellation, see if rowan has sent anything if not text Professor Hodges.
    -Go over how to title your post correctly and make sure they’re in the right place.
    -Go over the hypothesis, start early, and get the ball rolling.
    – Ask Professor Hodges for help if you get stuck.

    -Should we harvest death row inmates organs?
    -Reaction to the video shown.
    – Go over claim analysis

    PTSD task

  19. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    9/22 Notes
    -Class Cancellations: if for any reason the campus closes, first go to the website to see if there is a cancellation. If there is, we will have class online.
    -Professor conference- remember to type in the Agenda what was accomplished
    -Stone Money Essay- use as an example for a really good one: cardinal

    A Note about the Hypothesis:
    -identifying a topic with deep and personal meaning to us
    -process is cumulative and flexible; keep gathering information – react to the material you gather means you are on the right track
    -you can do first person research: interviews, surveys
    -if you are stuck and can’t gather data for the topic, ask for help as soon as possible
    -early, draft, and final
    – *refer back to this agenda and look at the overview of the research paper*
    -we can include visuals, graphics, illustrations to help with our argument

    Finding and Analyzing Claims:
    -“Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates”
    -one big argument with a bunch of claims
    -proposal claim “Let’s” – enlisting you in something, suggesting something we should do
    -harvest is an analogy
    -did we have anything to do with the production of the organ?
    -if we wanted the organs of the owner, we need permission
    -in saying harvest, it is a positive connotation.
    -yank the organs of death row inmates- we choose a category of benefactors so we can convince people it’s okay to take what isn’t ours from death row inmates since they are criminals and they lost all their rights.
    -claims and how they manipulate, the language used
    -unfortunate side effect of hanging and executions
    -death row inmates request for their organs can be donated but they are always denied
    -all organs of death row inmates have stayed with the original owner, consider the loss.
    -someone died waiting for that killers heart
    -Mayan protocol of ancient mind vivisecting their human sacrifices
    -it’s not morally correct

    Reading “Is PTSD Contagious?”
    “By this point you might be wondering… “

  20. shadowswife says:


    Writing Essays:
    – Sophisticated language and vocabulary in writing are not necessary.
    * It’s best to speak clearly and briefly in an organized way.
    – Once again, don’t brainstorm. Just start reading.
    * Take notes as you read.
    – Your best working hypothesis is what you will start out with for the paper.
    – If you can’t find a source that’s needed, move on and find something else.
    – Video: Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates
    * “Let’s” is a kind of proposal claim.
    * “Harvest” is a claim of analogy.
    + Harvesting is supposed to mean collecting something that we have raised.
    + However, the way this word was used in a way so it won’t look sound a proposal to take
    someone’s organs without consent.
    * Many claimed that this proposal is unethical for a couple of reasons:
    + Stealing organs from inmates who have no rights to their life anymore.
    + Not many people would want organs from a criminal.

  21. Nimadhury says:

    1. Mandatory Conferences
    a. Summarize the meeting in the google doc once we had it

    2. Cancellation Procedures
    a. Class will always be held through zoom regardless

    3. Good model of Stone Money essay
    a. Cardinal user
    b. Pacing and time good
    c. Final draft will be graded at the end of the semester with our portfolio

    4. Hypothesis
    a. A lot of value in having a personal investment in a topic
    b. Just start reading
    c. Being info into our white paper along with bibliographic information
    d. Just move on… don’t waste time brainstorming
    e. White paper will be mostly empty for now

    5. Claiming Analysis
    a. Recognize facts vs. claims
    b. Most likely it’s a claim
    c. Claims can be
    i. Persuasive
    d. EX: “let’s harvest”
    i. Recommendation
    ii. Highly charged words
    iii. Title
    iv. Makes a suggestion of what to do
    e. First claim
    i. Let’s: do something together
    ii. Allow us to do this
    Harvesting positive connotation

  22. mhmokaysure says:

    September 22 Notes

    Most people have shown a personal connection in relation to the topics they have chosen, encouraging better research.
    The process is continuous, meaning that we keep on gathering information and keep on researching, focusing on things that we are shocked by.
    Decide what is important about a source and translate it into your own language, and by doing so and indicating where the information came from you have started to write.
    Constantly change and replace ideas, but never halt and get stuck in your writing. IF YOU NEED HELP ASK.
    We’re going to be writing short arguments, each of them being 1000 words, and then later rewrite them according to feedback.

    – Claims Analysis
    Important critical reading skill, meaning that authors use language to persuade us, by using a series of claims.
    “Let’s” is the first claim, as it is a proposal.
    “Harvest” is the second claim, is an analogy as harvesting means to gather something that we produced.
    Death Row inmates lose all of their rights, preventing them from making a decision to do some good before their demise
    Ethical dilemma in this scenario is the fact that they are still humans, and citizens of the US, although they are barred from making one right decision if they choose to do so.

  23. rowanstudent says:

    notes from 9/22
    teleconference if you did not schedule already. (after meeting give feedback of discussion)
    How to find other mandatory teleconferences and how and where to sign up.
    Naming tasks- edit, title of assignment-username, uncheck box, (612 stone money)
    Asking for feedback/ where to find example.
    About the process- it is cumulative, not learning or taking it in is a waste of our time.
    Claims analysis: critical reading, listen for claims in short script imagery and media will help solidify an argument.
    Different ways of stating proposals.
    Proposal vs Claim

  24. Nancet says:

    Sept.22 Notes
    -Blog Mechanics Review
    -Class cancellation procedure
    -Mandatory conferences
    -Navigation tips
    (Naming posts)
    – Nomenclature (and uncategorical)
    -Feedback Please

    -Follow this link to cardinals, Stone Money Essay

  25. 09/22 Overview
    Blog Mechanics Review
    Rowan Class cancellation procedure
    Mandatory conferences
    Navigation tips
    -Naming posts
    -Feedback Please
    -Follow this link to cardinals forStone Money Essay

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