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A Note about the Process.

  1. The purpose of assigning a Hypothesis very early in the semester was not to put you behind or thwart your progress, it was to get the ball rolling.
  2. You identified a topic. It wasn’t well-defined or as sharp as it would need to be to support an academic argument, but it was SOMETHING meaningful that prompted you to begin to explore source material.
  3. From here, the process is cumulative and flexible. Instead of wasting your time “brainstorming” about your vague notion, you start to read in your area of interest. From here, the process is cumulative and flexible. Instead of wasting your time “brainstorming” about your vague notion, you start to read in your area of interest.From here, the process is cumulative and flexible. Instead of wasting your time “brainstorming” about your vague notion, you start to read in your area of interest.
  4. AS YOU GATHER AND INVESTIGATE SOURCES, your vague notion begins to crystallize. You start to have ideas, find angles, develop theories, encounter surprising details you can’t wait to share!
  5. You gather the best of those sources into your White Paper and cluster them around WHATEVER HAPPENS TO BE YOUR BEST WORKING HYPOTHESIS.
  6. As the semester continues, you do more research, abandon early ideas, refine your thinking, place new sources into conversation with old sources, and DEVELOP A THESIS YOU CAN PROVE.
  7. AT NO POINT IN THE PROCESS is there a place where you can get stuck thinking, “I have to solve this problem before I can continue.” Moving forward is the solution.
  8. You write early drafts of short arguments along the way. First a Definition/Categorical argument. Then a Causal Argument. Finally, a Rebuttal argument, all based on your developing thesis.
  9. Each of these arguments can be revised as many times as you wish, always for grade improvement.
  10. Eventually, the entire project coalesces into a single 3000-word, well-researched, carefully argued Research Position Paper that proves a single thesis.

Today’s New Material



  • Claims Task
  • The Claims Task assignment page includes a fairly comprehensive list of Claim Types and a very useful model of Student Work to guide you in formatting your work for this assignment.

Sample Analysis:
Consider these claims, some obvious, others hidden

When Caleb was finally screened for the severity of his TBI, Brannan says he got the second-worst score in the whole 18-county Gulf Coast VA system, which serves more than 50,000 veterans.

— “finally screened” means that according to Brannan or the author or both, Caleb should have been screened long before. It suggests that the VA was negligent in delaying his testing.
— “the severity of his TBI” clearly contains the claim that he in fact has some degree of TBI. The fact that he hadn’t until then been screened for it means nobody knew for sure that he did, but the author makes that claim.
— “Brannan says” means that the author has not independently verified Caleb’s score or where it ranked against all other screenings.
— “the second-worst score in the whole 18-county Gulf Coast VA system” is offered as Brannan’s claim that her husband is suffering more than almost anyone. Considering her vested interest in promoting this perspective, we have to be at least a little suspicious of the ranking.
— “which serves more than 50,000 veterans” gives the impression that Caleb was hurt worse than 50,000 other veterans. But let’s be clear. Many of these 50,000 will not have served in combat at all. Many will not have had active engagement with enemy troops on the battlefield. Many of those who did see active fighting will not have been near explosive devices. So we’re not comparing him to 50,000 TBI sufferers.

20 Responses to 07 Class WED FEB 13

  1. halizzlee says:

    if you need an urgent reply text, emails to Rowan account get lost.
    portfolio : early drafts and revised drafts of 2 shorts arguments and a long paper.
    research, follow leads, solution is always doing more research.
    arguments have claims
    many different types of claims including factual, ethical, moral, evaluative, causal, or proposal.

    • halizzlee says:

      2800 inmates, harvesting organs of death row inmates would ultimately impossible since their organs are sour from poison or electrocution.
      mayans used organ harvesting as a method of execution.

  2. biggarz7 says:

    More to the blog then we think we know
    Categories/Nomenclature are both good ways to communicate with the professor
    Feedback please category is for when you want quick comments about whatever it is you are posting in that category
    When you start to research evidence for your already created hypothesis it can show if you may have to change your hypothesis since your research proves it can’t be argued
    There are 9 basic claims one can have
    A lot of things that don’t seem to be arguments or claims are indeed different types of claims
    Claims can be picked apart to show many other different claims
    You can pull small phrases instead of multiple sentences or paragraphs
    This will make it easier to narrow down the claims
    Claim Assignment “Let’s harvest…”
    First claim “Let’s” meaning it is a proposal claim suggesting we should do something
    Second claim “Harvest” meaning it is an analogy to give a less harsh meaning to taking the organs out of a death row inmate

  3. mysterylimbo says:

    How to construct a hypothesis (Review)
    Claims definition, analogy, categorical, factual, evaluative, ethical or moral, quantitative, causal, and a proposal.
    “Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates.”
    ‘Let’s’ is a suggestion/proposal claim, ‘Harvest’ Analogy claim
    KIlling inmates is an ethical claim.

  4. chavanillo says:

    Mandatory conference

    Always post in the blog and click the feedback please to get feedback

    Is a opportunity to follow the research. Exploring by sources to find out what is the truth. Reading is always a act go writing a text. Investigating sources will help you get more clear on your hypothesis.

    Always find evidence that is prove never stick into one opinion. Your opinion. This research paper is going to be in pro folio. Its a 3000 word paper.

    Research part is reading the printed version or a broadcast. limit yourself to a hour to specify claim of the article. List of claim types.

    A factual claim is all arguments. How is it important and why is it important.

    Caleb s one of the 50000 veterans from the 18-county Gulf coast VA system. Caleb was the second worst score un the whole 18*county gulf coast VA system. Brannan’s claims that her husband is suffering more then anyone. “the severity of his TBI” He has some degree in TBI. Considering her vested interest in promoting this perspective, we have to be at least a little suspicious of the ranking. The impression that Caleb was hurt worse than 50000 other veterans. 50000 doesn’t matter is the 1 or 2 that did the worst.

    Screen means according to Brannan, Caleb should have screened long before.


    Definition claim= “PTSD is a psychological disorder”
    Analogy claim
    Categorical claim: naming several symtomps
    Factual claim
    Evaluative claim= Severe
    Ethical and moral claim
    Casual claim
    recommendation claim

    block quote, evaluation, numerical claim,
    definition, factual, theoretical claim.

    Mother jones article
    podcast Mac don’t have to lessen the whole thing. On what the argument is and just use the material.

    Lets harvest the organs of death rows inmates:

    Suggesting when it says “Lets” with 2 words you could find claim
    Harvest is producing how we are gong to harvest the organs of the death row inmates,
    Analogy claim

    purposeful claim

    Inmates they are gong to die they know when the person die to harvest them. Harvest means you take it your not.

    It would’ve been easier if they could of just took the organs with our permission saving a bunch of lives.

    the unfurtune side effect demanding. hanging or poison thing is that the person dies.

    His organs go sour before they could be transplanted: considered a unfurtune it side effect.

    death role inmates: they where jeans and stripe shirts and that they are always guys. death role row inmates repeatedly ask to donate their organs. 2 is more than one.

    their request always is denied. Judge refuses. The author of the video want me to conclude that judge will refuse the request.

    execution of electrocution. Heart and kidney

    by the time you cut down the from the gallows or pronounce the injection lifow. Is not that they can’t be use is that we might cut bring him back to life.

    organs has stay with there original owners. someone died waiting for the heart.

    Is not a fair claim, because didn’t donated the heart so the organ died with the owner.

    the point is that the heart was the reason why he died he could of safe all those lines. Even baby’s. 12 kids were kill because of the death row.

    math says that we have to encourage people to apply for donation.

    Using the mien protocol process ancient people, wee kill alive. removal of organs with itself when go for exsecution.

    take out heart while in comma and never wake up .

    Being killed while alive but in comma so crazy in my point.

    They have no right but is easier for them together sick people who are dying.

    Federal government

  5. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    – If you want feedback on your hypothesis, you can put your hypothesis in the feedback please category
    – when naming a post, make sure to name it the assignment-username
    – hypothesis follows some initial research
    -research makes you make a prediction to lead you to a hypothesis
    – we are not trying to force fact to meet hypothesis
    – goal= follow evidence where it leads, and shape hypothesis to meet facts
    – if you cannot defend your hypothesis anymore, that is success
    – it is okay to change our minds after conducting research
    – if you are trying to find evidence to prove something that you cannot prove, this means you’re stuck
    -more research=solution
    – TASK: Is PTSD contagious?
    – limited to an hour to evaluate claims
    – track your time
    – Factual claims= SAYS that it is factual
    – until we test it to create a hypothesis
    -evaluative claims= value in doing this, recommend doing it (ex: follow the Instagram)
    – is Caleb being compared to 50,000 veterans; he is being compared to the test
    – seems that 50,000 veterans are being tested
    – doesn’t say everyone is being tested
    – he might be being compared to a smaller number of veterans
    – “finally screened”= claim that the test took a while; longer than it should have
    – “severity of his TBI”= claim that there is some TBI
    – “Brennan says”= claim that author doesn’t know if Caleb scored second worst in the system; the author is passing on second hand information
    – “second-worst score”= claim that Caleb is suffering more than anybody (out of 50,000 makes his case seem VERY important
    – “50,000 veterans” = does every veteran being tested go to combat?
    – causal claims= anything that has causation or result language
    -recommendations /proposals= suggestions or commands
    – when identifying claims in the task, you can use the same words professor has used or find your way to describe the claims that you find
    – “Lets harvest the organs of death row inmates”
    – Suggested claim in the first word ‘Lets”
    – lets harvest is a proposal
    – visual claims suggest how things are, or who they are done by
    – for example: visual of judge claims that the legal system denies the inmates request

  6. g903254 says:

    Advice will be given to those who ask.
    It’s sort of backwards that you choose a hypothesis before you do any research. Follow the research. Change the hypothesis to the facts not the reverse. Failure to defend a preconceived notion is success in further finding the truth. Cognitive dissonance makes it much harder to let go of your preconceived notions. Don’t try to prove something that can’t be proven. Moving forward and following better leads combined with more research will help find the correct hypothesis.
    Writing smaller non-portfolio papers help with developing your final thesis. Spend at the most an hour and a half of work on the claims task.


    a simple error can make a claim incorrect. A fact is not a fact until proven. Until then it is just a “Factual Claim.”

    “When Caleb was ‘finally screened'” this is a claim that it took too long to happen for a diagnosis.

    “the severity of his TBI” this claims that he had it to some degree, but there wasn’t conclusive evidence until the diagnosis was reached solidifying this claim.

    “Brannan says” the author doesn’t have the actual score. They are just passing on second hand information. “second-worst . . . out of 50,000” this is a claim that Caleb suffered nearly the most, but there isn’t any actual data to back this up just a claim made by Brennan.

    many different types of claims. Definitional, analogous, categorical, factual, evaluative, and Recommendation or proposal claims all make up the different types of claims that are made.

    “Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates”– Claims exercise

    “Let’s” a proposal claim to start the overall claim.
    “Harvest” an analogous claim to change the tone from something malevolent of removing organs from people while there still alive to harvest when they die.
    “Death Row Inmates” categorical claim. Narrowing who we are harvesting organs from everyone to just focusing on death row inmates.

    Claim death row inmate– they repeatedly ask to donate organs. They are male.

    they repeatedly ask to donate organs. Just two people repeatedly ask to donate organs would prove this claim.

    Requests are always denied. a visual claim is that a judge deny’s it, but there isn’t any proof to back it up. It could be doctors, a council, etc.

    By the time we cut someone down or pronounce the injection lethal. A very dishonest claim if untrue. Extremely easy to argue in bad faith and manipulate an audience.

    Someone died because the organ wasn’t donated. A very disingenuous claim. “Think of The Children” Fallacy.

    “Math” says we should allow these donations.

    The Mayans? An analogy claim.

    The removal of organs would be the method of execution.

    “Under anesthesia of course”

    Would be easier to get people to sign donor cards.

  7. wazoo1234 says:

    We are not trying to force facts to meet hypothesis, follow evidence and shape hypothesis to meet actual facts. Must have an open mind… look at both sides of argument. Reading is an act of arguing.
    consider possibility things do not seem as they do at first sight. Devote time to a single sentence and break down every part. most sentences contain many claims.

    definition claim:” when you say ptsd is a psychological disorder
    Analogy claim
    Factoral claim
    Evaluative claim
    Ethical or moral claim.
    Proposal claim
    trauma claim
    causal claim

  8. pomegranate4800 says:

    – For organization, it is good to put the name of the assignment and then your name so each assignment is easier to find and identify.
    – Hypothesis is something that follows initial research.
    – Makes you research something that could be or might be true.
    – Goal is to follow evidence where it leads to the hypothesis.
    – If you cannot find your hypothesis you have reached “success” because we must now change our minds, and its not easy to just change your mind.
    – Everything you read on your topic will contribute to your understanding.
    – Being stuck is when you want something to be true but you cannot find anything to support it.
    – There are arguments that can become factual claims or proposal claims.
    Sample Analysis Notes:
    – Caleb, 1 of more than 50,000 veterans in the VA system, got the second-worst score on this TBI screening.
    – “finally screened” meaning his screening took a while, and to someone it could mean that it should have happened sooner.
    – “The severity of his TBI” making it clear he has TBI, a traumatic brain injury.
    – “Brannan says” means the author is not sure, so she uses her secondary information.
    – “Second worse score” means he was suffering worse than almost anyone.
    – “50,000 veterans” it serves more than 50,000 veterans. Not all have been to combat. Not all need to be tested. It is not really said how many people Caleb is up against when you consider that not all 50,000 veterans went through what Caleb went through.
    Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates Notes:
    – Death row inmates have asked to have there organs donated, but they are always denied.
    – This is because by the organs will have grown sour after execution before they could be harvested.

  9. nousernamefound1 says:

    Blog Mechanics-
    The deadline for the first mandatory conference is today the 13th. Its important to name your Post, (ex. Stone Money-username). Whenever you need help fast on a specific topic, click the feed back category before publishing.

    Hypothesis- The point for picking the hypothesis so early was to get the ball rolling. Yes, it will be stressful. This is why you must gather sources into your White Paper, which will cluster around your hypothesis. You want to continue to work at your hypothesis, so that you will never become stuck. You Must Move Forward!

    Sample Analysis- We call it a fact, but its really not. Its a factual claim, when we test it then it will become a fact.
    *50,000 veterans were tested and he got the second worst in the VA system. The claims didn’t say that everybody was tested, so he can’t be compared to 50,000 of the veterans. The combination of numbers don’t mean what we perceive them to be in this situation. The author of the sentence doesn’t know for sure, whether he scored second to worse. Author didn’t take into consideration that every veteran doesn’t go to combat. They really is no evaluative importance in the claims made by the author.

    *Read over Claims Post*

    Definition Claim, Analogy Claim, Categorical Claim, Factual Claim, Evaluative Claim, Ethical or Moral Claim, Quantitative, Numerical, or Comparative Claim, Causal Claim, and Recommendation of Proposal Claims can be all found in a single article.

    “Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates”
    Recommendation of Proposal Claim: “Lets”
    Analogy Claim: “Harvest”
    Claim- Inmates wear jeans and strip shirts.
    Death row inmates ask to have their organs donated.
    Request are always denied. Visual claim is that the judge denies the request.
    They heart will thump and puff for the last time. If this isn’t true this claim can be very manipulative.
    Somebody died waiting for the heart. 2 died waiting for his kidney and lungs.
    Quantitative Claim: “Math”
    “Remove organs and I’ll never wake up”

  10. nyaj32 says:

    Assigning a hypothesis and doing summaries and working at this pace is all apart of the process that we are taking part of to lead us to success.
    If you cannot adjust your hypothesis after reading more, then you are stuck and need to make an adjustment.
    Many articles we read are not specific enough. The person’s claim above shows us just that. Caleb was ranked second to last on his test. But, the did not say how he was not tested among other TBI sufferers. He has a brain injury yet he was tested along with everyone else so obviously he will have a lower score.
    The homework should take a little over an hour. This consists of watching the video and then writing our claims.

  11. nugget1114 says:

    Snow Day/ class cancellation procedure
    the process of your hypothesis and when you might need to change it.
    PTSD claims project Due FEB 20
    are the social media accounts on the board arguments?
    Finding claims in part of an article.
    Claim types
    Death Row inmates finding claims

  12. yourfavoriteanon says:

    – You don’t have to write a new post to submit an edit unless specified
    – Having the hypothesis given to us early helps us think about it early
    – The final paper is made through different revised drafts put together at the end of the semester
    – Any writing can be seen as an argument because you can rebuttal until proven right
    – Identifying claims in writing helps form an argument as well as stay immersed in the writing
    – Claims could be put into different categories to sort the differences

  13. nina525 says:

    When making a post, put under the category of “feedback please” to receive comments
    Hypothesis is the process of following the research and not to chase evidence to fit out hypothesis
    Follow the evidence where it leads
    Can revise element of portfolio as many times as needed
    How to identify arguments, how to find claims and weather the are arguments or not
    50,000 veteran were not tested but 50,000 people were tested
    Defining something is a definition claim for example defining what PTSD is
    Numerical claims
    Clausal claims
    Different types of claims will help the reader better understand what their dealing with
    Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates
    “Let’s” is a proposal claim suggesting we do something
    “Harvest” is a rhetorical argument that changes the idea that organs will be taken from death row inmates
    Harvest the inmates of people who we know are going to die
    Death row inmates organs go “sour” if they are injected or some other form of killing
    The claim is showing that we should find a different way of killing inmates
    Many death row inmates have asked to have their organs harvested or donated is a claim but many is just a given estimate that more than 1 inmate has requested to have their organs donated
    Recommendation: removing the organs of inmates as a form of death row

  14. daphneblake25 says:

    -if you would like feedback, you can put your work in the feedback please category
    -not trying to force facts to our hypothesis
    -reading is always an act of arguing
    -arguments found in writing on board
    -proposal: follow me on twitter; no one might not want to
    -factual: it is a fact that if you follow them there is a link there
    -the claim with Caleb and his TBI could be exaggerated based on the actual number of veterans that served in the system
    -definition claim: this is…
    -analogy claim: this is like…
    -categorical claim: this fits in with…
    -factual claim: this can be proved by…
    -evaluation claim: this is supported by…
    -ethical or moral claim: this is deserved by…
    -Quantitative, Numerical, or Comparative Claim: this is measured by…
    -casual claim: this causes or is caused by…
    -recommendation or proposal clause: this should be done because…

  15. rowanstudent2 says:

    Blog Mechanics
    Class Cancellation Procedure
    -text is the best communication to know if class is cancelled
    -look at that day’s agenda
    -still write notes about the class
    -do any tasks given
    Nomenclature (Naming Posts)
    -make sure to put the title that you have to put in the heading then a dash then username
    -the actual title is part of the body
    -put assignments in the right categories, usually the same as heading title
    -if you want feedback, check off the feedback please box

    A Note About Process
    -as the semester goes on, you do more research and abandon early ideas
    -you eventually create a thesis that you can prove
    -each argument can be revised as many times
    -the ultimate goal is to use previous drafts and good sources and create a well-researched single 3000 word paper

    Sample Analysis: Claim
    -a factual claim is an argument that can be tested
    -“When Caleb was finally screened for the severity of his TBI, Brannan says he got the second-worst score in the whole 18-county Golf Coast VA system, which serves more than 50,000 veterans.”
    -“finally screened”, “the severity of his TBI”, “Brannan says”, “the second-worst score in the whole 18-county Gulf Coast VA system”, “which serves more than 50,000 veterans”
    -break down all the small component claims

    Different Types of Claims
    -Definition Claim: saying something is something
    -Analogy Claim: comparing something to something similar
    -Categorical Claim: putting things in a category
    -Factual Claim: circumstances or conditions exist beyond doubt
    -Evaluative Claim: involves judgement of the characteristics of an item or situation
    -Ethical or Moral Claim: places a judgement on a social situation
    -Quantitative, Numerical, or Comparative Claim: may be factual or evaluative
    -Causal Claim: assertions of cause and effect
    -Recommendation or Proposal Claim: convince an audience to adopt a course of action

    Today’s New Material
    “Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates” Video
    -“Let’s” is a proposal claim
    -“Harvest” is an analogy claim, changes a brutal word into a more benevolent word
    -the whole sentence is a proposal
    -the unfortunate side effect of hanging or poisoning a man, his organs could go sour before it’s transplanted
    -death row inmates have repeatedly asked to donate their organs, but their requests are always denied
    -a visual claim shows that they ask a judge to donate death row inmates’ organs
    -represents that it must be passed through an authoritative person
    -makes a claim that the heart and lung will huff and puff for the last time, but doesn’t mean they can’t be used
    -shows a comparison of how one inmate is less than many lives that could have been saved if he just donated his organs, which is an unfair claim
    -demonstrated many claims through visual representations

  16. nj908 says:

    Rescheduled conferences
    Make sure titles are called as instructed
    rebuttal is a paper that counters an argument
    listen to the podcast “Is ptsd contagious”
    “Let’s harvest” is a rhetorical claim

  17. doorknob9 says:

    Texting is a good way to communicate for snow days. Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates. Inmates are different from you and me because they know when they’re going to die but we don’t. It’s mandated they die on a particular date. We’re going to take the inmates organs when they die. Organs can go sour before they can be transplanted if poisoned. Death row inmates have repeatedly asked to donate their organs. Their requests are always denied.

  18. jets1313 says:

    – make conference before Feb. 14th
    – don’t need to make new posts can click the edit button to update post
    – feedback please category.. mark this in your post to receive feed back
    – when making a post highlight quote and mark it and it will automatically make it into a block quote for you
    -read or listen to podcast of is PTSD contagious and identify claims: due Feb. 20th
    – start with paragraph 21

    – hypothesis goal is to follow the evidence where it leads to shape the hypothesis to meet the actual facts
    – being stuck is when you can’t find evidence because it does not exist
    – this is a sign that you should alter your hypothesis

    – listen to podcast and identify claims
    – arguments are full of claims
    – Multiple types of claims
    – definition claim:
    – categorical claim:
    – factual claim:
    -Analogy Claim:
    – Ethical or moral claim:
    – evaluative claim: often involves judgment and evaluates the strength and weak of a situation
    – causal claim: are assertions of cause and effect, consequences, preconditions, or predictions of what will occur in certain circumstances.
    – recommendation claim: is a request
    – Quantitative, Numerical, or Comparative Claim: may be factual or evaluative depending on the reliability of the measurements

    samle anylaysis
    – Filled with claims
    – Has TBI
    – “Brannon says” is a claim
    – Finally screened, means he should f been screened long before
    – second worst score of 50,000 veterans….but we don’t know how many these veterans were tested

  19. july02222 says:

    Being assigned the semester long project, or hypothesis was only to help us
    The earlier you start thinking about something, the more information you can gather
    Text is the best way to reach the professor on snow days
    Still check the agenda and take notes, and complete the tasks
    When handing something in, if you want feedback check off feedback please to receive quick feedback
    Must have a conference by tomorrow, reschedule conference
    Inmates in death row ask to donate their organs and they are told no every time
    Instead of saying no due to the fact that after the inmate is injected his organs will be no good, they should consider giving them anesthesia and simply just taking out their organs which would kill them, AND save a dozen other people

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